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Arcturus by M.J. Mollenhour - 1 Hardback Copy

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Quantity - 1
Binding - Hardcover
Type - Fiction
Genre - Terrorism Thriller
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The author, M.J. Mollenhour, a Knoxville, Tennessee attorney, draws from his gritty experiences as an Army Ranger and Rifle Platoon Leader with Charlie Company, 1st of the 506th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division, to create this, the first novel in the Jack McDonald series.


Spies, pirates, traitors and terrorists.
Oh, yes, and guns. Lots of guns.

What more do you want in a summertime beach read?

But, look around.
Right now.

Someone in your field of fire may not be who he seems.

America is about to explode across its landscape.

Join ex-Ranger Jack McDonald, board the luxury yacht Arcturus, and sail into a swirling, fast-paced plot of espionage, piracy, betrayal, and Islamic terrorism. Experience the chilling, real-life, “it-could-happen” sense captured in Arcturus.

Jack commanded Charlie Company, 1st Battalion of the 506th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division. The 28-year-old Captain McDonald defended his Lieutenants’ honor against an egomaniacal senior officer, but he paid the price—his career as a professional soldier. Combat-hardened from leading Rangers against Abu Sayaff terrorists in Philippine jungles, Jack is now out of the action, despondent and adrift.

Gordon Noone conspires to get Jack back into the action. He hires Jack as “executive protection” on the Arcturus—but plays his cards close to the vest.

Donna LaRue, Gordon’s alluring niece, rises to her own restless conscience call. Donna’s courageous compassion compels her to appeal to Gordon to launch the Arcturus’s secret mission, insisting that she join Gordon and Jack.

All three share the voyage but sail into their different—and partially concealed—respective purposes. But then, they encounter Saya-dar.

Saya-dar—The Shade—the terrorist master planner, prepared for this day decades ago. He found willing brothers, and infiltrated them into the United States. His teams are in place and he is poised on the edge of the Caribbean—poised to strike America.

Now, he has called into action the truck drivers, professors, merchants, teachers, and soccer coaches you see on sunny Saturdays. They are making their way to the wooded, rural lots, and safe warehouses maintained by his agents over the years.

Between Saya-dar and America stands ex-Ranger Jack McDonald and the Arcturus.

Arcturus is one day out of Miami, rounding the edge of the Bahamas’ remote “Out Islands.” The action is about to start. Don’t miss out. Buy Arcturus and join the crew.

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Condition New
Book Type Fiction
Book Binding Hardback


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Customer Reviews

Garand Fans Will Enjoy This Review by BoiseBob
Any fan of Gen. Patton's "greatest battle implement ever devised" will enjoy reading about the M1 Garand being used in modern-day action against terrorists. She's still a worthy weapon in capable hands. (Posted on 12/10/10)
"Arcturus" is edge-of-your-seat reading! Review by chootem gator
This is great reading, especially for anyone who admires the military and enjoys shooting. The good guys get to use their skills throughout these pages. When's the sequel going to be published?! (Posted on 12/10/10)

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