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Bullets - 9mm - 124 Grain Plated FP - Berry's - 1000

1 Bulk 9mm Bullets For Sale - 124 Grain Plated Flat Point Bullets in Stock by Berry's - 1000 Count are in stock



Quantity - 1,000 (loose packed)
Manufacturer - Berry's
Bullet - 124 grain Plated Flat Point (FP)
Diameter- .356

Additional Information

Manufacturer Berry's
Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
Bullet Weight 124 Grain
Bullet Diameter .356 Inches
Quantity 1,000
Bullet Type Plated Flat Point
Manufacturer SKU 19584
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Berry's plated bullets are a great choice in reloading supplies. These 9mm (.356") 124 grain flat point bullets are produced with high quality standards and hi-tech manufacturing processes. Berry's starts with a swaged lead core, which then is electrically charged to attract the copper plating. Plated bullets are much cheaper to produce than jacketed bullets, and because of the process that Berry's uses to plate the bullets, they are just as accurate as regular jacketed bullets. Reloading offers a huge savings to the high volume shooter, and these bullet will save even more of your hard earned dollars.

Note: Plated Bullets are not recommended for velocities over 1200 feet-per-second

**This is not loaded ammunition.**
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