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Calling All LuckyProducers - Show Us What You've Got!

LuckyGunner.com is doing something HUGE... we are rolling out unique, informative, entertaining ammo videos on each of our product pages - SITE WIDE!  

Check out this first draft:  http://www.luckygunner.com/9mm-115-gr-fmj-sellier-and-bellot-1000-rounds

We are looking for an up and coming star producer to help us create our very own Lucky Gunner Video Pre- Roll!  

Do you think you can make the cut?


Pre-Roll Specs:

  • Five seconds or less in duration
  • The purpose is to add Lucky Gunner branding to each video.  You can include Heidi, Lucky, Yellow, Green, Clovers... anything that makes you think "LuckyGunner.com"
  • Should be sharp, clean, and impressive
  • One winner will be chosen at the sole discretion of the Lucky Gunner team -  the winning pre-roll will appear at the beginning of various Lucky Gunner videos going forward.  Plus, in addition to bragging rights, the winner will receive a $500.00 prize (or a $550.00 LG Gift Card)!
  • LuckyGunner, LLC will own the rights to the content created by the winner
  • Each entrant should upload their pre-roll to their own YouTube channel and then fill out the below entry form


The FPS Russia YouTube Channel has a SWEET pre-roll if you need an example to get your creative juices flowing!  Check out the 5 second pre-roll (you have to wait for the ad to end): FPS Russia Pre-Roll 

Once you're ready to submit your entry, fill out the below form.  Good Luck!

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