Female shooter fires an AR-15 rifle.

What is Lucky Gunner Labs?

The online ammo shop Lucky Gunner started because a group of shooters came together and thought they could make the ammo buying experience better on the web. Aside from only offering in-stock rounds and fast shipping, a big part of creating the best ammo shopping experience out there was helping fellow shooters learn more about what we put through our guns and learning as much about the sport we’re so passionate about.

At Lucky Gunner Labs, we try to tackle the most difficult topics facing shooters today. From the age-old question of what difference brass vs. steel cased ammunition makes on your rifle and your shooting performance to the differences between brands and models of eye protection.

While it’s not always possible, we try to take a scientific approach to just about everything we do here at Lucky Gunner Labs. While it’s not the cheapest, fastest, or easiest method – we think it’s the best. Because of that, we aim to produce exhaustive pieces with definitive information you won’t find anywhere else. We don’t always get the answers we set out to find, but you can trust the information here is unbiased and a accurate report of what we found in the field. After all, what good is information if you can’t trust it?

It’s awesome to have you here at Lucky Gunner Labs and we hope you’re able to find something that helps you make the most of your next trip to the range. Have an idea for something our labs team should take aim at? Let us know, drop us a line here and tell us your idea. If we can swing it, you might just see it pop up here as part of our next big test.