Select the Best Shooter and Scribe

For the past month, has asked you for entries into our first ever Shooter and Scribe writing competition. Roughly 30 days and 300 submissions later, our team has selected the following finalists that are vying for a total prize pool worth more than $1,500. We've seen well written manifestos in support of certain firearms, condemnations of particular calibers, and even in-depth scientific analysis of what goes on inside the chamber of a gun. Just as we expected, shooters showed a wealth of knowledge across a myriad of topics. We hope the Lucky Gunner community enjoyed reading the submissions. Now, it's up to you - our Lucky Gunners - to decide what entry is worthy of the $1,000 grand prize. First place will get a $1,000 Lucky Gunner gift certificate, 2nd place earns a $500 gift card, and the 3rd place winner will receive an awesome Blackhawk! accessory gift package. Continued