The idea behind the Lucky Gunner Lounge is pretty simple: we love shooting. That’s why we got into the business of selling ammo and other shooting supplies at We have a lot of fun helping fellow shooters find the right ammunition and we wanted to create a place to talk about more than just the latest stuff we have in-stock, so we set up the Lounge. Our goal is to create a hub for education, entertainment, and discussion on the shooting topics you care about. No politics. No angry rants. No brand-loyalty agenda. Just a place to watch and read fun stuff about guns, and maybe learn a thing or two in the process.


And we mean that about “shooting topics you care about”. Want to see a new gun reviewed? Have a shooting related question you’ve always wanted to ask but were afraid you’d start a blog comment flame war? Give us a shot at it. We might not be able to cover every request, and you might not even agree with what we have to say about your favorite topic, but we’re listening. So take a look through the archive and then hit the contact button to get in touch.