Coming on the heels of their success with the single action P238 in .380 ACP, Sig Sauer released the 9mm P938 back in 2012.

Then, at SHOT Show this year, we saw that Sig had a .22 LR version of the P938 in the works, and a few months ago they revealed that there would also be rimfire conversion kits available for existing 9mm P938 pistols. I’ve been getting in some range time with the P938 recently, and we were able to pick up one of the conversion kits when Sig quietly released them a few weeks ago.

With a few trips to the range with the pistol under my belt, I was able to to put together the video review of the Sig Sauer P938 with 22 LR conversion kit that you’ll see below below.

Sig Sauer P938 Image Gallery

Sig Sauer P938 9mm
The 9mm P938 comes standard with one 6-round flush fit magazine. 7-round mags with an extended baseplate are also available from Sig.
Sig Sauer P938 22LR
The slide for the .22 LR conversion kit is made from annodized aluminum, and perfectly matches the finish of the original frame.
The rimfire conversion kit is available with a 3.3″ barrel and night sights, or the “target” version (pictured) with a 4.1″ barrel and adjustable 3-dot sights.
Unlike the 9mm version, the .22 kit uses a barrel bushing and guide rod plug.
The .22 LR barrel has a stainless finish. Several versions of the P938-22 are also available as complete pistols, including threaded barrel variants.
Sig Sauer P938 .22 LR
The 10-round magazine for the rimfire kit is made almost completely from polymer, except for the spring.
Sig Sauer P938 9mm
Pro Tip: Rusty diamond plate might not be the best surface on which to rest the finish of your P938. Don’t ask how I know.


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16 Responses to “Review: Sig Sauer P938 with .22 LR Conversion Kit”

  1. Greg Brown

    Will Sig be offering a conversion kit with threaded (1/2×28) barrel? Would dearly love to have one of those.

  2. Jason Stiff

    Will Sig be offering a conversion for the P238

  3. LG Chris

    Not sure. I wish they did, though. They have threaded versions of their 22 kits for the DA/SA pistols, so I would bet if the existing P938 kits sell well, they will offer a threaded version. For now, if you want a threaded P938-22, you'll have to buy the complete pistol, or have the conversion kit barrel threaded by a smith.

  4. LG Chris

    I haven't heard anything either way. My guess is that if they were going to do it, they would have started with the P238 instead of the P938 since there are more of them floating around out there, but I could be wrong.

  5. Geary McCleery

    Enjoyed it very much as always the articles published at Lucky Gunner.

  6. Tony Yonan Sardroud

    I like it .but how much is it?

  7. LG Chris

    MSRP is $302 for the standard conversion kit and $352 for the target version. The standalone P938-22 has an MSRP of $656 for the Rosewood version, but I've seen it listed for sale online for as low as $550.

  8. Steven Nunez

    Just bought the threaded barrel version. after 50+ rounds, the gun will not fire and the firing pin is not even contacting the brass. I think something just went wrong with the firing pin safety. Very disappointed considering the brand name and cost of the gun. Will be contacting sig.

  9. LG Chris

    Yeah, that sucks. I'm sure Sig Sauer can take care of that for you. There always seem to be some teething issues with the first batch of any new guns, so hopefully yours is an exception. Give us an update when you hear back from Sig. I'd also love to know how it sounds if you have a chance to run it with a suppressor.

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  12. Scott Sprague

    What are the reason's to have a treaded barrel on a 22 long rifle cartridge other than it becoming a silencer? I'm not dishing on the question but wanted to ask if there was any other reason for a 22 threaded barrel. It isn't the right choice as for a protective style gun needing a silencer or is that the reason people would want a threaded barrel. Thank You

  13. Don Russell

    since the .22 barrel is so much longer than the 9mm barrel, it's fine if you counterbore the .22 barrel and tap it for a female thread, have a male thread projecting off of the rear of the silencer tube.

  14. William Moersen

    I had all the classic problems with my p938 jamming ejecting and trigger pull way to heavy…Got with Sig told them what was wrong with P-938 s The Feed Ramp's our to steep….Sig took my P_938 and ground down and polished the feed ramp that fixed the feeding and ejecting problem's!!! Now for that Trigger one thing Sig a Plastic trigger? Really? $800.00 Gun!!! Well I have put a order in for a 6061 Alum trigger…That's on the way!!! Sig said there is nothing they do for the trigger's on the P_938 So I Polished every point of contact on the whole trigger…I MICRO filed the hammer and sear were they meet!!! Then Polished them!!! My trigger pull is down to 4.5 to 5.0 pounds now and feels more like a Glock or XD No Springs were replaced or cut!!! After all work I had to have done to my BRAND NEW P_938 I now can say it's one of the best Guns I got!!! So con's Newer Gun has some bug's big turn off to the avg person looking to buy a Gun!!! Pro's all problem's our fixable and once you have your P_938 FIXED RIGHT Its my first pick to Take with me when going out of House!!!

  15. William Moersen

    Ps If Alum trigger reduce's trigger pull more will update that when I get it!!! So Yes the factory Plastic trigger is in my Gun on this posting below and I did lightly micro file the edge's on the front of the trigger to make it feel smother but noticed that trigger move's a bit from side to side!!! The New Alum Trigger I ordered from W Engineering Improved trigger movement with lateral reduced play (precision pivot) Reduced overtravel Reduced trigger guard clearance and with a little Gun oil on contact point's should make my already smooth trigger even smoother can't wait to get it!! Also my P_938 came with TGL laser I had a problem with too!!! It would turn it self off after every shot…Sig took it back and our sending me a new one any one else have this problem with the TGL from Sig for the 238/938?


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