The Springfield Armory XD-S 4.0 9mm is one of the new carry guns that I got a chance to shoot during range day at this year’s SHOT Show. It’s identical in every way to the original 9mm XD-S, except it has a 4-inch barrel and slide as opposed to the 3.3-inch of the original. At SHOT, I thought it seemed like a pretty interesting gun, so we got our hands on one to do a more in-depth review.

For this review, I used 115 grain 9mm Speer Lawman and 124 grain Federal HST ammo, both of which functioned flawlessly in the XD-S 4.0.

Deleted Scenes

Here are a couple photos and some additional thoughts on the XD-S 4.0 that didn’t make it into the final cut of the video.

Springfield Armory XD-S 4.0

Springfield Armory XD-S 4.0

Grip Safety

One of the big complaints I have had with the XD series is the way the grip safety functions. If it’s not completely engaged, the slide cannot be fully retracted, even manually. That means you can’t clear the gun if there’s some kind of malfunction that’s preventing the grip safety from working. You also can’t perform a standard “tap rack” malfunction clearance unless you maintain a good firing grip. Neither of those are likely scenarios, but I’ve still always considered this a serious design flaw. Fortunately, Springfield Armory did not include this “feature” on the XD-S. There’s still a grip safety, but it no longer prevents movement of the slide when it’s not engaged.





The XD Briefcase

A distinctive feature of the XD series has always been the inclusion of an oversized plastic briefcase that includes a paddle style holster and magazine carrier. I have mixed feelings about this “feature”. On one hand, it kind of makes sense, at least for the full size guns. The holster and mag carrier are both far too bulky and flimsy to be used for everyday concealed carry. I’m sure people do it, but you wouldn’t have to spend much to find some far better options for either accessory. On the other hand, they aren’t bad for casual use at the range, and would even work for anyone just starting out in the action shooting sports.

But for a small carry gun like the XD-S, you’re going to have to get a concealment holster anyway, so the plastic paddle holster is unnecessary. It’s not so much that I object to the inclusion of the holster per se, it’s the $599 MSRP that I find somewhat offensive. The gun itself has some interesting features, but there’s nothing about it that should warrant a price tag $150 higher than almost every other polymer single stack on the market. The included accessories come across like a half-hearted attempt lessen the sting of the comparatively high cost. Here’s a suggestion for Springfield; dump the holster and mag carrier, include night sights, and two additional magazines, and then I’ll feel less grouchy about the asking price.


Springfield Armory XD-S 4.0



What’s Your Take?

Do you carry an XD-S in 9mm or .45ACP? How does it compare to other guns you’ve carried in the past? Anyone hoping Springfield Armory will release a 4.0 version of the .45ACP XD-S?

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14 Responses to “Review: Springfield Armory XD-S 4.0”

  1. Erik Sundberg

    I had the xds 45 and I wasn't happy with it. So i sold it. I now own the xds 9mm 4.0. Defiantly prefer the 9mm 4.0…

  2. Philip G Kuriger

    I prefer 45acp over 9mm any day.

  3. Craig Vt

    I have an XDs in .45ACP. I'm very happy with it.

  4. Glenn Hall

    I carry the 3.3 .45 xds – love it

  5. Chuck Shelton

    I'll have to look into a Springfield, got my CCW recently

  6. Glenn Hall

    Chuck Shelton good for you Chuck, there are so many great handguns out there these days, then there's that old debate about revolvers vs. automatics

  7. Mike Lindsey

    I have a 4" XDM, I like it but would not consider it for CCW. Just too big. Give me a 3" inch to carry. I shoot them equally as good at the range.

  8. David Cole

    The XDS 4.0, 9mm fits my sisters hands perfectly. The double stack thickness of my XD9 was to much, but she liked the grip angle over other choices. For people with small hands, the XDS maybe the correct choice.

  9. Heidi At Lucky Gunner

    Chuck Shelton – Congrats on the CCW!

  10. Robert Dunaway

    My wife chose between the XD 3" in the .40 and 9mm. She preferred the .40 .

  11. Christine Burgess Wozny

    Good choice. I also prefer the .40 to the 9mm.

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  13. Brian Mumford

    I went with a 3.3". The 4.0 gets in the way of my Yoga.


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