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Small Rifle Primers - APS Strips - CCI - 5,000

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Quantity - 5,000 primers to a case (5 boxes with 40 strips of 25 each)
Primer Type - Small Rifle (#400)
Manufacturer - CCI
Part # - 0080

Additional Information

Primer Type Small Rifle
Manufacturer CCI
Manufacturer SKU 00080
Quantity 5,000
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Looking for CCI Primers?

Look no further!

CCI primers have earned their reputation due to rigid testing standards and the implementation of improvement processes. CCI primers incorporate modern non-corrosive and non-mercuric initiator mixes.

These primers come pre-loaded in APS strips that work great with APS-ready RCBS equipment. These strips will help keep your primers clean and oil fee because you don't have to individually handle them.

This is not loaded ammunition.
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