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Small Rifle Primers - Remington 6-1/2 - 5,000

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Quantity - 5,000 primers to a case (50 trays of 100)
Primer Type - Small Rifle 6-1/2
Manufacturer - Remington

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Primer Type Small Rifle
Manufacturer Remington
Quantity 5,000
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Remington primers are the same reliable primers found in Remington's award-winning ammunition. Remington's primer cups are controlled to four decimal places and are extensively tested to ensure that they offer reliable ignition.

Remington uses a tripod anvil design which creates a larger "sweet spot" with maximum sensitivity. This helps ensure ignition even with off center firing pin strikes.

To ensure complete quality, Remington visually inspects 100% of each lot that they produce!

This is not loaded ammunition.
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