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LuckyGunner's 2011 Memorial Day Blogger Shoot Registration

This is the official registration form for LuckyGunner.com's 2011 Memorial Day Weekend Blogger Shoot in Knoxville, TN. Featuring tons of Class III weapons, free ammo from MagTech and S&B, and free hands-on training from RangeMaster, this is an event you don't want to miss!

Please be aware that if you filled out the pre-registration form previously, you are still NOT registered. That's right, you need to actually register below to confirm that you will be attending because we had more pre-registrants than we expected and we have to confirm who will be attending.  That's why pre-registrants are getting notified about this registration form FIRST as SPACE IS LIMITED and we need some additional info from you (like t-shirt size).

How to register?
Fill out the form below.  Note that this form is different than the pre-registration form.  This is the final registration for the event and you MUST fill it out.  Pre-registering did not secure you a spot at the final event (only filling out this form will).

To attend the Memorial Day Blogger Shoot, you must register below and agree to the following rules:

  1. Rule #1: Each individual planning to attend the event must register. If there are two individuals from the same blog who will be attending, they must register separately.
  2. Rule #2:  You must be a firearm industry blogger, podcaster, or other (online) media folk (online magazines, press releases, radio shows, forums, informational websites, etc) to register. Otherwise, your registration will not be approved.
  3. Rule #3: This is a private event by invitation only, no exceptions. In other words, we reserve the right to invite anyone we want and decline any registrations we want. After all, we are paying for this thing and lots of heavy explosives will be present!

Now, if you agree to those rules, then fill out the form below. If you have additional questions, scroll down this page to the FAQ section before filling out the form. Either way, we hope to see ya at the Shoot!

What you should do next

Now that you've registered, be sure to do the following:

  1. #1:  Proudly display the participant-only badge below on your blog for this can't miss, invite-only event!
  2. #2:  Read the FAQs at the bottom of this page if you haven't already.
  3. #3: Get your hotel & travel lined up. We recommend staying close to the range and other gun bloggers by staying at either of these two hotels.

For Invited Participants Only

Embed the badge below to show your blog's visitors about your participation in this exciting blogger shoot!


Current co-sponsors


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  When is the event?
A:  Officially, the event will last from 8:30am on Saturday May 28th until 8:30pm Sunday May 29th. 

Q:  How much is the event?
A:  The event is free for LuckyGunner.com blogger participants (i.e. if you register here and are approved).  We will also have free ammo available in the main calibers (more info on this below).  The hotel rooms are not free.  Your travel to the event is not free.  Your meals (except the ones specified below) are not free. And no, we won't pay for your speeding tickets en route to Knoxville either.

Q:  What should I do about hotel reservations?
A:  We recommend that you book them immediately for the following three nights:

- Check-in = Friday the 27th
- Check-out = Monday the 30th 

We also recommend that you book them through T3Travel.com, the official housing partner for the event, by clicking here as we've negotiated some special room blocks for this event.  If you only want to stay/pay for two nights, we recommend that you check-in on Friday the 27th and check-out on Sunday the 29th.  You do not want to miss a single minute of Saturday (starting early in the morning), trust us.

Q:  Are we required to use T3Travel.com or those check-in and check-out dates?
A:  No.  And no, LuckyGunner.com doesn't get a kickback if you do use T3Travel.com (unfortunately).  But, it will put you in the same hotel(s) as your buddies and it will put you close to the event.  If you want to book your own hotel elsewhere, we recommend that it be close to these two hotels in Lenoir City (and no, we aren't going to publish where the shooting is going to happen at this time).  If you don't book a room at either of these hotels, don't whine to us about how far the drive is or if you get lost.  We tried to warn you.

Q:  Will you really enforce the "invitation-only", or is that a "wink-wink" and we can really bring our buddies along?
A:  Yes, we will have to enforce it strictly for the range/shooting portion of the weekend.  Space is very limited (we had over 75 people pre-register and we expected 25-30) and if you aren't wearing the custom LuckyGunner.com t-shirt we're giving you, you won't make it past the guard gate (yes, there will be a guard gate) - no exceptions, seriously.  Unforuntately, we fully expect to overbook the registrations and will have to notify some people of their registration cancellation - so just make sure you register fast and tell your blogger buddies to the do the same!

Q:  So we can't bring our spouse, significant other, or buddies to the range?
A:  Yes and no.  We welcome you to bring them to beautiful Knoxville, but unfortunately only people that strictly qualify for Rule #2 above will be admitted to the shooting range.  Unfortunately, there simply isn't room to open this up to more folks.  We expected about 25 people to register, but 75 people have already pre-registered (and several more verbal promises). Therefore, in the interest of safety and comfort, we must strictly limit the shooting range attendance to only those individuals who have had their registration approved.  If the event gets over-registered, we will be sure to promptly contact the folks whose registration we have to cancel so they can make other Memorial Day plans.  We may open this up Sunday afternoon & evening for a "friends & family" event (and more details on that will follow soon), but for now assume that people who do not strictly qualify under Rule #2 above will not be allowed admittance to the range, sorry!

Q:  Do I have to sign a release, waiver, or terms and conditions?
A:  Yes, you will have to sign some legalese prior to entering the property for the event.  We will make this available online prior to the event so you can read it beforehand (and choose not to attend if you don't like it).  It basically makes sure that we're protected if you decide to do something less than intelligent.

Q:  Can I bring my own weapon/firearm?
A:  Yes, with certain restrictions.  The biggest restriction is no 50 BMG weapons of any kind.  Sorry, but the property owner doesn't permit them.  If you plan on bringing anything else that isn't "normal" (AR15, glocks, 1911s, etc) please email us and make sure it is OK first.

Q:  What ammo will you providing for free?
A:  We will be providing a healthy helping of 40 S&W, 9mm, 45 ACP, 223/5.56, 308, 8mm, and 7.62x39 . . . .and smaller quanities of several other popular calibers like 38 special, 380, 30 carbine, 30-06, etc.  If you are bringing your own weapon and it doesn't shoot 40 S&W, 9mm, 45 ACP, 223/5.56, 308, 8mm, or 7.62x39 then we recommend making sure you bring enough ammo for yourself to shoot for the weekend.  We simply can't bring every caliber to the event but we do plan to have a deep bench of the big volume calibers.  Make sure you fill out the last blank in the form above with all the calibers you intend to shoot - if there is enough people bringing an oddball caliber we will bring along some free ammo for everyone's benefit.

Q:  Will there be any food or drinks provided?
A:  Yes, but in limited quantities.  Please be prepared to feed yourselves with the following exceptions: 

- We'll provide lunch on Saturday & Sunday at the range
- We'll provide breakfast Sunday morning before we head out to the range 

The rest of the meals will be on your own dime - details regarding dinner to follow later but it will be affordable (for those of you on bologna budgets).

Q:  Who plans on attending?
A:  We aren't going to start naming names (since everyone will want to be on the list), but trust us - some of the biggest names in the online gun space will be at this event.  You will get to meet the owners and operators of some of the largest gun blogs and other web properties in the industry - it's a party you don't want to miss!  If you don't come, you will be really mad at yourself once you hear the details from those who attended - trust us.

Q: How do I register for the free training from Tom Givens of RangeMaster?
A:  We will be announcing more details and instructions on how to register for Tom's training soon.  Just make sure you use the proper email address in the form above to stay in the loop.

Q:  Will there be more details forthcoming?
A:  Yes.  We'll announce the final, official itinerary as the event approaches.  We also plan to provide the legalese for everyone's review, checklists for what to bring, instructions for training registration, etc.  Again, just make sure you use the right email address to register since that is where we'll send the announcements.


Do you have suggestions or questions regarding the event?  Email us at bloggershoot@luckygunner.com.

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Examples of class III weapons at the shoot
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