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9mm - 115 Grain FMJ - Red Army Standard - 1000 Rounds


(30.0¢ per round)

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Quantity - 50 rounds per box; 20 boxes per case
Manufacturer - Red Army Standard
Bullets - 115 grain full metal jacket (FMJ)
Casings - Berdan-primed steel
Manufacturer Red Army Standard
Condition New
Bullet Weight 115 Grain
Bullet Type Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
Ammo Casing Steel
Quantity 1,000
Ammo Caliber 9mm Luger (9x19)
Manufacturer SKU AM3091
Primer Type Berdan
Attracts Magnet Yes
UPC Barcode R010120205587
Cost Per Round 30.0¢ per round
Use Type
Range Training
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The earth’s crust is composed of approximately 0.007 percent copper. In iron’s case, that percentage is a full five. Those figures alone ought to be enough to explain why brass shell casings, which are two thirds copper, cost so much more to produce than steel ones.

This 9mm cartridge by Red Army Standard is made at the Tula Cartridge Plant in Russia, and will let you take advantage of iron’s far greater abundance than that of copper. The Russian-made round’s steel casing is treated with a thin layer of polymer that enhances its lubricity for more efficient feeding and extraction in a semi-automatic weapon, but doesn’t burn off to create extra residues in the chamber.

This round is capped off with a 115 grain full metal jacket projectile. The “vanilla” in terms of bullets, an FMJ’s cost-effective design doesn’t provide expanding terminal performance for self-defense but does promote smooth feeding and a cleaner bore during a shooting session.

This round’s Berdan primer is non-corrosive, so you can confidently store this big case of ammo for several years. (Handloaders take note: Steel plus Berdan equals no fun at the reloading bench.)
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