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Cardboard Targets - IPSC/USPSA Metric Silhouettes - 25 Count

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Quantity - 25 Targets
Manufacturer - Target Barn
Material - Corrugated 1/8 Inch Cardboard
Target Style - IPSC/USPSA Metric Silhouette

Additional Information

Manufacturer Target Barn
Manufacturer SKU IPSC
Target Type Cardboard
Quantity 25
Length 30
Width 18
UPC Barcode IPSCcardbrd25
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These targets are produced by Target Barn to the exact specification of the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) rule book dimensions. They are sanctioned for both types of matches but are also very useful for personal defense training due to the size and clearly defined scoring zones.

Target Barn, an Ohio company, has been in business for over thirty years and is the best recognized supplier of targets to training academies, sport shooting events, and federal organizations in the United States. They are licensed to produce targets in patterns owned by the USPSA, the IPSC, and the National Rifle Association (NRA) and use nothing but new sheets of corrugated cardboard in order to avoid flimsy and overly fragile targets.

The targets are 30 inches tall and 18 inches wide which reflects the torso of the average adult male. They feature the official match A, B, C, and D scoring zones which are clearly separated by perforation for easy scoring. The A-Zone on the chest measures 6 inches tall by 12 inches wide and makes a great target zone for tactical classes and self-defense practice sessions. Many professional schools will use the upper half of this section as a a representation for vital organs while the upper A-Zone is considered a "brain box" for incapacitating shots.
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