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Holster - LG-6 Short Sticky Holster - Sticky Holsters - Ambidextrous - 1


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Manufacturer - Sticky Holsters
Model # - LG-6
Hand - Ambidextrous
Manufacturer Sticky Holsters
Manufacturer SKU LG-6S
Hand Ambidextrous
Type Pocket Holster
Firearm Compatibility Walther PPQ, SIG P228, Walther P99, Glock 30, Sig P229, Sig P239, Springfield XD Compact
UPC Barcode 858426004153
Color Black
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Once you’ve started to carry a concealed weapon, it won’t be long before you feel naked without it. That you impulsively add “and gun” to the “wallet, keys, phone” check you perform before leaving the house really sums up the mentality. If you’re going somewhere where you’d like to be a little more subtle about carrying a weapon, or you’ve got to tuck your shirt in for a more formal occasion, then you’ll really appreciate having invested in this holster by Sticky Holsters. It slips perfectly into the pocket, where it won’t bother you with an obtrusive clip or otherwise catch on anything. The holster’s design further means that it will stay securely within your waistband where it will keep your pistol ready for you at a moment’s notice, and it works in conjunction with its manufacturer’s B.U.G. Pad so you may wear your pistol on your tactical vest as well.

This holster is designed to hold larger framed semi-automatic pistols. Its exterior is textured with a low profile rubber surface so it won’t slip around, and also so it won’t come out if you have to draw your pistol in self-defense. This is a rugged holster that will withstand years of regular wear and tear, and it will quickly conform to your weapon’s shape as you use it. A great way to keep your pistol tucked away without lint and sand getting in its barrel!
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