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Holster - MD-2 Medium Sticky Holster - Sticky Holsters - Ambidextrous - 1


Manufacturer - Sticky Holsters
Model # - MD-2
Hand - Ambidextrous
Manufacturer Sticky Holsters
Manufacturer SKU MD-2
Hand Ambidextrous
Type Pocket Holster
Firearm Compatibility S&W M&P Shield 9
UPC Barcode 858426004047
Color Black
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Looking for a holster that you can wear without clipping it to your belt? With this handy little Sticky Holster, your pistol can go discreetly wherever you do so long as you’re wearing pants. (If you do not have pants, we would not advise how you can still carry a concealed weapon.)

This holster is ambidextrous, so it’ll still be helpful whether you draw and shoot left or right handed. Its outer surface is, fittingly, sticky, so it’ll stay securely in your pocket, waistband, or ankle wrap while you’re out and about, and it won’t come out to bother you if you ever have to draw your pistol fast. Sticky Holsters’ unique design lets your body heat mold the holster to your weapon -- wear this around for a few days, and it will fit like it was made for your pistol!

This holster is great for smaller 9mm weapons, and it will fit a Glock G42 if it’s got a front-mounted laser as well.
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