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Holster - MD-4 GEN 1 Medium Sticky Holster - Sticky Holsters - Ambidextrous - 1


Manufacturer - Sticky Holsters
Model # - MD-4 GEN 1
Hand - Ambidextrous
Manufacturer Sticky Holsters
Manufacturer SKU MD-4 Gen1
Hand Ambidextrous
Type Pocket Holster
Firearm Compatibility Glock 26, Glock 27, Glock 28, Glock 29, Glock 33, Glock 36
UPC Barcode 858426004733
Color Black
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Would you like to holster your sub-compact medium frame double stack pistol in your pocket without worrying about it getting snagged or pocket lint jamming it up? If you’ve got this holster by Sticky Holsters, then you’ll be able to confidently. At less than three ounces this holster is remarkably light, but still so durable that daily wear and tear will do nothing to its rugged construction.

A Sticky Holster really deserves its name -- this holster’s rubbery texture will keep it in place in your pocket, and also prevent it from popping out if you quickly draw your weapon. The Sticky Holster’s place is by no means limited to inside the pocket, either! Its gripping surface will see to it that it won’t shift around in your waistband if you prefer to carry your pistol there, and it works particularly nicely with its manufacturer’s AnkleBiter wrap as well. Without a clip or loop that could inconvenience you, this holster is extremely versatile.

This holster reliably stores a variety of pistols, including the Glock G26, Ruger SR9c, and Taurus G2, and over the course of time will gradually mold itself to tightly conform to your weapon’s contours.
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