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Holster - SM-2 Small Sticky Holster - Sticky Holsters - Ambidextrous - 1


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Manufacturer - Sticky Holsters
Model # - SM-2
Hand - Ambidextrous FREE SHIPPING
Manufacturer Sticky Holsters
Manufacturer SKU SM-2
Hand Ambidextrous
Type Pocket Holster
Firearm Compatibility SIG P238
UPC Barcode 858426004016
Color Black
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Know that feeling you get when you realize you’ve left home without your wallet? The sudden panicky wave that sets over you? Anyone who carries a concealed weapon feels the same way when they’re out and about and realize their pistol is still in their dresser. That’s why you should make sure you never leave home without your handgun with this quality holster by Sticky Holsters.

This holster is designed to fit a great variety of 380 ACP pistols with barrels 2.5 inches or shorter in length, and is engineered to quickly take on the contours of any weapon that is placed in it to create a tight fit that feels like it’s custom. This holster’s rubbery exterior will keep it firmly rooted in your pocket, waistband, or ankle wrap no matter what you do, and its rugged lightweight construction will keep your weapon safe and its bore unobstructed by lint, sand, and other debris that’s known to find its way into clothing.
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