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How To Turn A Pair Of Jeans Into The Perfect Home Concealed Handgun Location

If you've ever thought about how to properly hide a home defense handgun in your bedroom, this DIY guide from one of our customers here at LuckyGunner.com is pretty ingenious.   He has taken a pair of old blue jeans and sewn them in such a way as to create a closet holster that allows a loaded handgun to be hidden in the middle of the blue jeans while ensuring the blue jeans remain hanging on a hanger.  We call it a "Closet Jeans Holster".  It's the perfect closet concealed carry location for your home - and below this customer of ours shows you how you can create the same for your home.

jeans holster example

Items Needed To Create Your Own Closet Jeans Holster:

  • Needle & thread
  • 1 old pair of jeans
  • 1 sturdy clothes hanger
  • 1 handgun
  • 2 magazines (optional)

jeans holster example 2

Steps To Follow To Create Your Own Closet Jeans Holster:

  • Step 1: Sew the jeans together immediately beneath the clothes hanger.  This ensures the jeans won't slide one way or another when you place the handgun inside its new closet holster.
  • Step 2: Sew the jeans together along the right-side of the jeans.  This ensures the handgun won't fall forward out of the jeans.
  • Step 3: Sew the jeans together into an upside-down "V" across top of the back pocket of the jeans.  This ensures that the handgun sits up with the handle at an easily-accessible angle.
  • Step 4 (optional): Cut two holes at a slight diagonal in what is now the top of the outside pocket of the jeans (as seen in orange).  This enables you to slide two extra magazines into the outside back pocket of the jeans.
  • Step 5 (optional): Sew two lines at what is now the bottom of the outside pocket of the jeans.  It is a good idea to place the magazines you want to store in this manner on top of the jeans when you're sewing these two lines so that you know how far down the pockets these lines need to be.  This enables any loaded magazines you want to keep in the outside pocket of the jeans in place for quick access.

closet jeans holster 3

Once you've created this Closet Jeans Holster, you'll be able to easily conceal a handgun in your closet along with two spare magazines.  

Editor's Note: Follow this guide strictly at your own discretion.  We do not recommend this sort of concealment in a home where a concealed yet easily accessible handgun poses a danger to the inhabitants, such as a home with children.  And last but not least, be sure to tell your spouse about this hiding spot!

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