Belt Holsters

Today’s Make Up Your Mind Monday is a quick overview of some of the different types of holsters commonly used for concealed carry. There is a lot to cover on this topic, so this is a two-parter. Part one is about the most popular forms of belt/waistband carry, and next week will cover some of others, like shoulder holsters, ankle holsters, and off-body carry.

Belt Holster Carry Positions

For a lot of us, this stuff might seem pretty basic, and that would be a pretty fair assessment. But just take a look at the rapidly growing number of concealed carry permit holders across the nation and it’s apparent that there are plenty of people that are trying to figure out how to effectively and comfortably carry a concealed handgun for the very first time. It can be intimidating, not to mention an enormous pain, to find the right method of carry that works for you.

In addition to the newbies, there are a lot of guys who have been carrying on a regular basis for years, but have never considered any method of carry other than the one they started with. It might be working “fine” for them, but there might also be room for improvement.

There is a whole cottage industry of independent holster makers that is easily supported by the large number of carry permit holders out there, and that has led to a new age of innovation and experimentation. It’s very likely that there are new types of holsters and techniques that weren’t around when you decided to go heeled for the first time. Check out today’s options and try to keep an open mind.

Get a Good Belt

Gun Belts
A good holster is useless without a sturdy gun belt.

In the video, I mentioned that no carry method is going to work very well unless you use a good gun belt. The typical department store leather belt is just not going to cut it. A “limp” belt will not distribute the weight of the gun evenly and will make even the best holster seem uncomfortable. I plan to cover the “why” with greater depth in a future article, but I thought it would be a disservice to not at least mention it now in case anyone wants to jump right in and start trying out different holsters. For a leather belt, look for something like the “Ultimate Gun Belt” from A Better Belt or a belt from a company that already makes quality leather holsters like Crossbreed. If you like synthetic/nylon type belts, try the reinforced Blackhawk Instructor’s belt, or for a more “premium” option, the Ranger Belt from Ares Tactical.

Most people who carry on a regular basis end up using some kind of belt holster, but not everyone. If waistband carry doesn’t appeal to you, then check back next week for part 2 for alternate carry methods.

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