SHOT show overview

Last week, a few of us from the Lucky Gunner team went to SHOT Show in Las Vegas. That means product demos, meetings, presentations, and trolling the show floor for the latest toys. You’ll eventually be seeing the fruits of our labor in the form of new stuff you can buy from us. But for the time being, we’re featuring a series of product previews, overviews, first impressions, and interviews with industry reps about a few of the new products we found most interesting. We’re starting with this quick video about SHOT show itself, giving you a glimpse of the Epic Organized Madness that happens when 67,000 gun nuts descend on Vegas for a week.

Were you at SHOT Show this year?

If so, what did you think of it compared to previous years? Did anything stand out to you as the most promising new product of 2014?

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