Some things just need to be shot. And fortunately, we have plenty of tools for shooting. Why should gun review videos be limited to demonstrations of their effectiveness on stationary paper and cardboard targets? Fight it with Fire Friday is a video series intended to address this problem. We give you a quick overview of a unique or interesting firearm and its features, and then put it to good use by shooting stuff we don’t like. All in a safe, responsible, and legal way, of course.

Our first featured firearm is the Smith and Wesson 386 Night Guard 7-shot .357 revolver. It’s a shame that Smith and Wesson discontinued these a few years back because they’re still perfectly adequate for night guard… ing. I’ve personally used one to successfully prevent an attempted hostile takeover of my home by possessed toy aliens. No foolin’! Details of the drama in the video.

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  • Jonathan Lunn

    Haha so funny

  • Jon Register

    Did the job!!

  • Marshal Truckie

    Nice how about a video on 32 Seecamp LWS-32 and what movies it was in.

    • LG Chris

      That’s an… interesting choice. I don’t meet too many Seecamp fans. I guess you like Con Air?

    • Marshal Truckie

      LG Chris Yes We have a special place in Larry’s heart FDNY Fire Marshal’s

  • Louise Arnold

    Jacketed soft point..Did the job that was one ugly @%#&.

  • Joe Ondish

    I still want to know where that stuffed animal came from…so I know where to avoid. That thing is CREEPY!

    • LG Chris

      The video was no exaggeration; I literally just found it in my kids’ toybox one day and they freaked out when I squeezed it. I immediately knew what had to be done… As far as I know, they beamed directly from space to my house without my knowledge. Stay alert, people.

  • Aric Long

    That thing was creepy as hell, Im glad that you quickly realized what need to be done with it.

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