It’s that time of year to bring your loved ones close, sit by the fire, and pop in a copy of everyone’s favorite holiday-themed action movie: Die Hard.  Not only is it the best action movie ever made, but at the time of its release, Die Hard displayed some of the most cutting edge small arms in existence, some of which would still seem exotic to the average viewer today. A Steyr AUG in 1988? The future is now!

Of course, playing “Spot the Gun” is only half the appeal of watching action movies. We all know the real reason gun geeks like us get the warm fuzzies from watching Die Hard around the holidays. While everyone else in the family eagerly waits to hear Bruce Willis utter his famous “yippee ki yays” and what have you, we look for the moment when we can point out that the bad guys’ HK MP5A3 submachine guns are, in fact, highly modified HK94s made to look like MP5s. I can’t believe nobody else noticed! Nothing beats the smug holiday cheer of being a bonafide firearms know-it-all.

All kidding aside, it really is surprising how many films that take place around Christmas also feature lots of guns. Besides Die Hard (and Die Hard 2), there’s Lethal Weapon, First Blood, and Behind Enemy Lines, just to name a few. Even the family-friendly Home Alone has a fantastic scene featuring a mobster and his Tommy Gun (“Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.”) And we can’t leave out A Christmas Story. Ralphie’s Red Ryder BB gun may not count as a true firearm, but the movie gets bonus points for celebrating the American boyhood fascination with firearms.

This list is far from complete. So pay extra close attention this season while you watch your family’s favorite holiday movies in a poultry and carbohydrate-induced stupor, and come back here to the comments and let us know about your favorite guns in Christmas movies.

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  • Wayne Greene

    i just saw the the other day that was awful. i dont even remeber the name but it was a newer movie set in the battle of the bulge. it started off with the american unit using french MAS’s that ping like m1s and the sniper using a g-43. he was fresh from the states. i couldn’t even tell what the germans were using, but it wasn’t k98s. i couldn’t watch it.

    • LG Chris

      I wish you could remember the name of it. Sometimes watching the movies that get it all wrong is the most fun.

      • i get 85 bucks hourly working onlìne from home, i never believed that ít was real but my good friend is making ten thousand dollars every month by workìng thís job and she showed me how. Get extra informatíon by following link on my profile

    • Wayne Greene

      i’m into realism. i loved kelly’s heros because they made an effort to make a tiger tank instead of walker dressed up in black crosses. nevermind the sniper was using a mosin nagant. they did try to hide it. i will try to see if i can find the name. it was on ifc or sundance.

    • Wayne Greene

      LG Chris…. i think it was called the wereth eleven. i’m pretty sure. the discription and title rings a bell. give it a try. it wont take long to see the mistakes.

    • Wayne Greene

      no wait. scratch that…. try grace and danger.
      the wereth eleven was about black guys and this movie wasn’t.

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