Everybody loves a good bullpup style rifle. Well, maybe not everybody, but a lot of people enjoy them, like our friends Joe and Sootch, who helped me out with filming the IWI Tavor for this week’s Fight it with Fire Friday. We agreed that scented candles that smell like dessert (especially when said dessert is not actually available for consumption) are inherently deceptive and un-American. So we shot some. Enjoy.

What Should We Fight with Fire Next?

Our Fight it with Fire Friday video series is going to get a major facelift soon. And by “facelift”, I mean that we want to

blow stuff up

with a metric crap-ton of Tannerite. But what should we destroy? You tell us, and we’ll blow it the heck up. Just… keep it legal.

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  • Clarence Schulte

    What does it cost? And where can I get one?

    • Rolf Hawkins

      I got mine for $2100 last year at a gun show in VA, but I’ve been seeing them now for as “low” as $1700. Gun shows are your best bet, as most gun stores sell out very quick and the restock time is still somewhat lengthy.

    • Joe Ondish

      I got the 16″ Flat top model for right at $2,000 when they first came out. I was on the list for an IDF version and someone was looking to sell this one. I took my name off the waiting list for the IDF version because it kept being delayed and picked up the Flat top. I’m much happier with the flat top and stuck the Aimpoint Pro on it. I’ve since added a flip to side vortex magnifier as well!

  • Terry Green

    Why do I think I cannot buy this weapon in California?

    • Christopher Gilbert

      I was just thinking the same thing.

  • Mark Barton

    I like it alot

  • Bob Brandenburg

    I got a kick out of this one.

  • Mark Barton

    price depends on how u get r what u get with $1700 to 2500 n 223 and its coming out n a 9mm to no price on it yet

  • Matthew Fink

    Well the White House said they won’t build a giant death star so I say you build a death star and blow it to hell in cinematic slow motion style. you can decide on the weapon.

  • Billy Hendrixson

    A CHI of you shooting the Hoover Dam!!! Where would the water go????

  • Matt Matula

    My type of weapon

  • Jim Burwell


    Just got my 18″ Tavor Sunday. Waiting on ammo!