Even if you’re not much of a fan of Kel-Tec, there’s a good chance you’ve seen, or at least heard of their folding pistol caliber carbine, the Sub-2000. With an MSRP of $409, the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 is an inexpensive alternative to AR-15s and pricier “tactical” rifles for someone on a budget. But if you’ve looked around for one lately, you may have noticed that the Sub-2000 is pretty tough to come by. And if you do happen to find one for sale, the price will most likely be closer to $500 for the .40 S&W version, and 100 bucks more for 9mm.

Before we start trying to figure out why a funny looking rifle from a company with a dubious reputation is in such high demand, here’s a quick overview of the Sub-2000 to get you up to speed:

What’s the Appeal of the Kel-Tec Sub-2000?

Okay, so it’s probably pretty obvious from the video that I’m not the biggest fan of the Sub-2000. To be honest, I don’t actually hate the rifle, and I hold no ill will toward Kel-Tec, even if I think the Sub-2000 has some pretty obvious faults. I actually think some of the modified Sub-2000 rifles out there are pretty cool, especially when paired with the Red Lion Precision rotating forend.

The owner of this Kel-Tec Sub-2000 added accessory rails to the sides and bottom of the foreend. These modifications are common since the stock rifle has no provision for mounting accessories.
The owner of this Kel-Tec Sub-2000 added accessory rails to the sides and bottom of the foreend. These modifications are common since the stock rifle offers few provisions for mounting accessories.

But once you pay for all the extra do-dads to upgrade the Sub-2000 so that it has the same features and usability that most self-defense carbines give you out of the box (accessory rails, usable sights, stock cheekpiece, optics mounting solution, etc), you’ve kind of negated the low price point advantage to some extent. Since people seem so willing to pay well over MSRP for this rifle, it can’t be the low retail price that’s attracting people to the Sub-2000. So I did some poking around to see if I could find out from fans of the Sub-2000 what the mystery is behind this rifle that’s keeping demand so high, and I think it boils down to four main reasons:

1. The Price

Okay, forget all that stuff about the price not being the big selling point. Despite high demand driving up prices on the secondary market, the Sub-2000 still occupies an important niche in the market.

Kel-Tec Sub-2000 folded
When folded, the Sub-2000 is only 7″ tall and 16″ long.

There aren’t a ton of options available for semi-auto pistol caliber carbines, especially if you stick with current production models. The ~$250 Hi-Point 995 Carbine is at the low end of the price spectrum, but it might actually be even uglier than the Sub-2000 and… well, it’s a Hi-Point. On the other end, there are high-dollar offerings like the Kriss Vector and FN PS90 that cost more than a fully equipped top-shelf AR-15, or the Colt AR9651 which basically is an AR-15, with the price tag to match. Somewhere in the middle is the Beretta CX4 in the $700 range. There are a few other obscure options from smaller companies, and some out of production carbines, but that’s just about all there is from the major manufacturers.

This is Not Tactical
The Sub-2000 is light and quick handling at only 4 lbs. Bolting on cheap and bulky accessories kills the best part of this rifle and makes the Sub-2000 cry tactical matte black tears of sadness.

Even with an inflated aftermarket price, the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 offers an attractive mid-range option that’s been left vacant ever since Marlin ended production of their Camp Carbine in the late 90s and Ruger stopped making the Police Carbine in the last decade. With a price tag anywhere from $350-600, it’s high enough that buyers feel like they’re out of the sketchy “bargain basement” territory, but low enough to be more affordable than even a budget-level AR-15.

2. Common Magazines

For reasons known only to Gaston Glock himself, there is still no official Glock carbine on the market, despite plenty of demand. In the absence of a Glock-made carbine, Kel-Tec has given Glock pistol owners another use for their scores of affordable magazines with the Sub-2000. And if you’re not a Glock fan, fear not. A second version of the Sub-2000 is available that can be adapted to accept either the plentiful Smith & Wesson 59-series magazines, Beretta 92/96 series, or Sig P226 mags. And if you’re willing to tinker around and experiment, I’m sure there are plenty of other magazine types out there that will fit into the mag well of a Sub-2000.

Kel-Tec Sub-2000 safety
The Sub-2000 features a cross-bolt style safety button.

By taking advantage of the magazines that customers already have for their handguns, the Sub-2000 side-steps one of the largest contributors to the overall cost of ownership of a new rifle. Instead of waiting for Glock to put out their own carbine, it makes sense that some people would be willing to pay a few bucks over retail for a Sub-2000 that will use mags from their pistol of choice.

3. The Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Folds!

In last Tuesday’s post, I talked about the usefulness of takedown rifles. The Sub-2000 technically isn’t a takedown, but the ability to fold it in half offers many of the same advantages. It also doesn’t hurt that folding and unfolding the carbine is extremely quick and easy to do.

Sub-2000 unlock
The trigger guard is pulled down and forward in order to unlock and fold the front half of the rifle.

I’ve been aware of the Sub-2000 for years, but I didn’t really “get” the appeal of this feature until I handled one in person. When folded, it’s super compact. It could fit in my laptop bag, even with the laptop already in there. I have no reason to actually do this, but if I had one of these rifles, I’d be trying to find an excuse to, just because I could. Say what you want about the Sub-2000’s looks, or Kel-Tec’s reputation, there’s no other pistol caliber carbine on the market that can do this.

Sub-2000 folding
The round thingy in the heel of the stock fits in the hole thingy on the front sight block, locking the carbine in the folded position until the release lever is activated.

4. Production Lag

The final and most obvious reason for the inflated prices of the Sub-2000 is simple supply and demand. Kel-Tec just isn’t making the Sub-2000 fast enough to keep up with the demand from customers. The same can be said for their PMR-30 pistol or KSG shotgun and several of their other products. This article does a great job of explaining the why behind Kel-Tec’s constant lag in output. It basically comes down to the fact that the folks running Kel-Tec refuse to go into debt in order to increase their production capacity. Because today’s demand for their products could vanish the moment they take out a big loan, they’ve decided to wait until they have the cash on hand before doing any major expansions. They have been building more facilities and hiring more staff, but this policy slows expansion plans dramatically, further contributing to the lack of supply of their more popular products.

Kel-Tec Sub-2000 charging handle
The Sub-2000’s charging handle is on the bottom of the tube portion of the stock. This is the opposite of user-friendly.

So there you have it; there’s no conspiracy or secret plot to artificially drive up the market price on the Sub-2000. It’s just the result of simple economic principles at work. I’m not saying you should buy one… I’m not even saying you should like it, but the Sub-2000 is a truly unique little carbine. After spending some time with one, I definitely understand the appeal, and if I didn’t already own a 9mm carbine (Beretta CX4), I have to admit that I might be tempted to join the scores of buyers paying 25% over retail.

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  • David Monroe

    Have a .40sw version and am a big fan. Accurate and I like the crossover magazines and caliber for pistol and carbine.

  • Gerald Clauson

    I have the Glock 9mm. Once your used to them, the stock sights are fine, and Kel-tec gives excellent customer service. Just as another gun company knocked by the author, Hi-point. I have a hi-point carbine, one of the first, and it has never had a failure due to the weapon. Ever

  • Sean Cronin

    I won the version that takes Beretta mags. Which was great,as I have a CX4. And 92fs. I barely shoot the Keltec. But it does work. I kept it in the trunk of my car for ages.

  • Brad McClain

    Love mine. It’s the .40 and it fits in a backpack.

  • Shawn Sullivan

    I have this rifle and it is a lot of fun! There are a few practical reasons to own one. First, if you need a carbine that is highly compact ( ie bugout bag or storage in a vehicle). Second if you are teaching someone to use a semiauto rifle and they are afraid or recoil adverse this is a great teaching tool.

    • John Barton

      In general, Kel-Tec gear is all-around good. They’ve a variety of carbines and some nice .223’s.

    • Aaron Frank

      John Barton I’ve seen their shotguns break within 12 shots…more than once

  • David Van Gessel

    Where can I get one?

  • Nathaniel Thoburn Fitch

    How can you stand the CX4 when you have a beard? I found it to be a total beard-eater.

    • LG Chris

      It is indeed a beard eater. I have a DeSantis buttstock mag pouch on mine that covers all the beard eating parts. Unfortunately, I think that item has been discontinued.

  • Evan Macdonald

    I also have a glock 17 version. Paid 200 bux I think or 250 for it from a buddy and I’m very happy with it. Never had a single issue, added some rails, a light and a battle blade and it never leaves my trunk.

  • Matthew Redmill

    A fun gun,I have beretta config,adds 200 fps to you’re 9mm

  • Chuck Eskenazi

    I have the 9mm version with all the bells and whistle and love it, fun to shoot and a great bug out gun.

  • Michael Armstrong

    I paid 350 for it in glock 9mm.

    • Dan Myers

      I’ll give you 400 for it.

    • Michael Armstrong

      I’ve got 250 in mods on it 550 600 is what I’d have to take for it. Send me a FR if interested I’ll send pics

    • Cos Massimino

      Where did you get it for 350

    • Cos Massimino

      Michael Armstrong Also could you send me pictures of yours that is for sale. And also point out all the options you added.

    • Moyo Mitchell

      I paid $400 for mine when I bought it. Took a year to get from the manufacturer.

    • Kenny Stone

      Cos Massimino Whittaker Guns has the 9mm & 40cal for $339

  • John Krzos


    I have the one that takes .40 Glock mags, great compliment to my Glock 22’s. It is presently in my BOB. I love it. A friend has one in 9MM and regularly puts them in the black at 100 yards.

  • Thomas P. Salley

    I have had mine for 13 years. It goes places nothing else will while giving me an accurate 125 + yard reach. Mine stays in a laptop bag as a trunk gun and can easily be toted around town incognito. My 9mm Glock magazine collection works well with it and when loaded with the 31 rounders makes a great bullet hose. Its just the ticket to use at most indoor ranges that prohibit rifle calibers and makes a fine three gun carbine for those matches with limited ranges. At about 2000 rounds my carbine did need a pin repaired. The factory took care of it as my early model did not have an updated heat treated hammer pin. Since then a real pleasure to own and shoot.

  • Bart Katz

    I have one of the original SUB 9’s. I take it with me on trips as it is discreetly carried in as standard attache case. Never had a problem with any Kel-tec products.

  • Jason Evans

    I paid $500 for my sub 2000 9mm. I did get 2 15 and 2 30 round clips with a case and 3 boxes of ammo. Its the first firearm I’ve ever owned. I’m very pleased with it.

    • Nam Marine

      Those are called “Magazines” NOT clips.

  • Kent Keller II

    I love my Sub2k 9mm Glock. Best bang for the buck. Just hard to find. Get on Gun Broker if you have to. They are under $500 right now. Last year during the craze they were $900+

  • Melody M. Everett-Neddo

    ooohhh I want one!!

    • Melody M. Everett-Neddo

      my birthday is this week if anyone wants to put this on their gift list?? LOL JK

      • undeRGRound

        😉 Maybe! 😉

  • Curtis Johnson

    I have one in the 40 cal version. Perfect saddlebag carbine! Love it. Made a mount under the barrel for a laser so I can run and gun if needed. Plus I carved out the bottom of the stock so I can transport an additional15 round Glock magazine in the front stock. This means I can carry 30 rounds in one package with the carbine folded. Kel Tec also makes a butt stock mag holder but I think it’s ugly. Plus I have a Sten Gun pouch with 3 – 30 round magazines for backup if the two 15 round mags aren’t enough in a SHTF situation. Be happy to post some pictures of the spare mag if anyone is interested.

    • Johnny k

      I want to see

    • Leif

      I want to see too!

    • Curtis_15

      Sorry it took so long to respond.
      Here’s mine. You can see I whittled out the bottom of the fore stock, rather than buy a rotating one, so I could add another 15 rnd magazine. This gives me 30 rounds for a fight my way out of an “out of control” riot, should I accidentally drive into one.

      I cut the magazine hole, with a hand file, just large enough for the magazine to fit in snugly, and it is retained by the magazine spring pushing on the loaded ammo. (It is removed without a lot of fuss!)
      The small plastic strap is a “Just in Case” secondary retention device. Don’t want to accidently bounce the magazine out of it’s hole if things get rough fighting off the Zombies. The plastic strap can be pushed to the top of the magazine and will stretch easily as I withdraw the magazine, or unbuckled if I have the time.
      You’ll notice the laser mount that I filed out of piece of aluminum bar stock to hold the laser sideways. This keeps the profile as narrow as possible. The “ON” switch is velcroed to the side of the stock to be activated by my finger.
      I see no need for a scope or other aiming devices on this tool as this is primarily an in the cab self defense tool.
      I do keep a small tactical LED flashlight in my briefcase should I need light. I prefer not to announce what direction my barrel is pointed should I be clearing my home or dark places.
      I did these mods so I could keep it in my briefcase, with my laptop if I want, to prevent me being another Reginald Denny. Poor guy never had a chance. And if I’m suspecting trouble, I toss in the 3 magazine Sten Gun pouch designed for 3-30 round magazines. All in a nice compact package.

  • Seth Leighton

    i have 2 and the su9 its heavier but it rocks never had ftf maybe 5 in 1000 rd on both the 40 glocks i live maine in wood s alot spec spring up north bear and more dangerous mother mosse

  • Brian Earle

    Many don’t know that Kel Tec fell behind on orders a couple years ago as well because they were being sabotaged from within by an anti gunner who was messing up paper work and destroying orders and files. This had to add to their back log and have a domino effect lasting a long time. I asked why they didn’t prosecute the “women” who did this. They felt it would be in their best interest to take the high road and just fire her! Anything pertaining to fire arms is federally controlled and I think feel I wouldn’t have been so nice! As of a few weeks ago they are back ordered 55k units.

  • David Sanders

    The reasons I have one 1) it fits in a briefcase or a backpack, 2) it fits in a briefcase or a backpack… and did I mention it fits in a briefcase or a backpack???

    • Lee Fobes

      my pistol fits in my pocket.

      • Brandon

        And when you pull your pistol out of your pocket can you unfold it and fire it from the shoulder? Comparing a compact rifle to a pocket pistol is a tad ridiculous.

        • Chris Brown

          Your arms are your stock.

    • Roy Adamson

      It fits nicely in the saddle bags of a motorcycle.

  • Seth Leighton

    these things are msrp for 300 that S WHATS JOKE PAY 500 FOR THEM

    • Timothy Curtis

      msrp is $409

      • undeRGRound

        I paid $285 at my #2 LGS, because they were newly opened and trying to get business!
        They had another one just like mine (40 S&W in Beretta 96 mags), same price, I should have SNAGGED IT! 🙁

        • Aaron Charles Harthun

          you got a great. deal

  • Stephen Bozich

    A company doesn’t have to go into debt to increase their production capabilities, so I don’t even know why you’d include that here.

    • Kyler Burton

      “A company” might not. But Kel-Tec might. Explain to everyone how Kel-tec should run their business, please.

  • Aaron Frank

    saw one of these for sale at my local range yesterday…$450 new with a lifetime warranty from the range.

  • Cos Massimino

    I picked up a sub 2000 and would like to see a pic. of how you carved ? out stock for added mag. if you can.

  • Richard Durivage

    Aside from the folding feature and the Glock magazine to me it looks more like a warmed over British Sten gun of WWll

  • Vinny Badagliacca

    Coolest little backpack for shtf your bug out or exploring and hunting. This thing is no toy. If you put a 33 Rd mag in it, a mini pro light and later combo, you have major firepower for home protection. Downside is all the mods you need. If the made picatinny rails on this little gun, it would sell milllions

  • John Comeau

    ordered a 9mm in Jan.2014 from a dealer in N.H.. it will be one year soon does anyone know the actual wait time???

  • George Vilardi

    If you are a LEO it retired LEO. Kel Tec will build one for you. May take up to 8 months or so. Re sale may be a violation.

    • Alfonso

      How can I get them to make me one?

    • Responsible carrier

      I bartered for a sub 2k built for a Leo, it took 15 months to come, resale is a violation of an agreement kel tec has Leos agree to. They sell to leo’s for $299. I bartered for mine so technically its not violating the agreement

  • Bill Steinhagen

    I have one I want to sell.

    • Phil Cotham Sr.

      I want it 325 203 3895

  • Andrew Vanskiver

    I got the hard chrome s & w 9 mm for 330 at a gun sale at a legion. Love the thing

  • wooohoooo

    Gen two being made and apparently they will double the production speed. Gonna sell my gen 1 for a gen 2.

    • spurstraps

      can I buy your gen 1?

    • Thomas Karlmann

      What was changed for the Gen 2?

  • Where can I purchase a Sub 2000 Gen-2 ?

    • fartsandwich

      Not on a discussion chain, for an article almost a year old…

    • 1200BLUE


  • gunguy

    Keltec has been around the block – anybody heard of intratec they made the kg99 ab10 same as Keltec but they get a bad rap for being affordable but there also some of the best firearms if you know about guns

    Ab10,kg99 – got bad raps for school shootings and and other shootouts the company shut down in 94 after a lot of lawsuits

    PF9 – Trayvon Martin was shot with this gun, the gun owners Fault doesn’t even deserve to get a mention.

    They make very nice guns it’s just guys don’t read manuals ao they jam and or kids get a hold of these guns because there cheap and there parents bought them and didn’t know how to lock there guns up or hide them, or just dumb owners who don’t know how to keep there guns up at the right time

    Keltec’s are great guns I’d trust my life with same one

  • JoeKirkup

    I’ve had a Sub2000 for many years now. Paid $345 for it new at a local gun shop. Recently I put the new KelTec rail forehand stock on it. I mounted a Burris 4X scope on a Burris quick detach mount. On the bottom I put a combo laser and flash light which can stay there even when you fold it. It’s not as accurate as my AR15 (obviously), but it will consistently do six inch groups at 100 yards. I was a grunt in Nam, carried that M16 and 300 rounds of ammo through the freakin’ jungle for 12 long months. This would have been much better, lighter, lighter ammo and at least when you pull the trigger it always goes boom. For those of you who care, I carried an XM16E1 in Nam. Everyone else had an A1, but mine came from a dead CIA adviser.
    The reason I got the KelTec in the first place is that, after 911, I decided to keep a long gun with me at all times. The AR fit fine in my CTS, but then I traded it for a Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep has only one place to hide a rifle and it’s only about 18″ long. The Sub2000 is perfect.
    I wish you young guys all the best. If you want to keep your freedom you’re gonna have to fight for it.

    • JoeKirkup

      Oh, after mounting the Burris I cut the front site down so all there was left was the receiver for the detent ball on the stock.

    • Nam Marine

      SEMPER-FI my friend. Keep your powder dry and watch your 6 !

    • Thomas Karlmann

      Color me confused! From the above pictures, it would appear that the sights you have added would prevent the sub2000 from folding! Please explain how you have achieved this, thanks!!

  • JTG

    Finally got my hands on new sub 2000 S&W 59 9mm. Unboxed cleaned and lubed with beretta oil then shot 130 round Federal 115gr FMJ to break in. Had 1-2 malfunctions per mag FFF and FFE (most commonly). Took home and cleaned again and extra CLP oil to extractor and bolt assembly. Left it for 2 night with bolt locked open. Felt this might compress recoil spring a little bit. Took to the range again 3 days later and shot 20 Federal Hydrashock 124gr and 50 Remington 115gr FMJ without one malfunction. Hope it’s broken in. Didn’t need to do a fluff and buff to bolt like some sites suggested. Very accurate at 25 yards from factory with no sight adjustments. 2 inch group on 12 yards with Federal Hydrashock 124 grain freehand. 115 gr opened up to 4 inches. Good cheap case for it is Plano 71800 soft pistol case. Cheaper then Kel-Tecs, has external pocket, and lockable.

  • XPO117

    I have a Sub-2000 I bought used configured for the Beretta 92. It’s pretty easy to swap out the mag adapter and I have it configured now for a 226 in 9mm. Doing some experimenting, the 226 adapter also allows the Sub-2000 to accept Jericho 941 mags, which means it’s possible to accept CZ double-stack mags (which I haven;t tried though.)

    I love this rifle. I’ve added some things to it as well, and it performs beautifully even off-hand.

  • Chris

    is it true that the sub 2000 can be fitted with glock mags? the one i’m interested in only has 1-beretta mag. im not sure if this is a good deal.

    • There are essentially 2 versions of the Sub-2000: the Glock mag version and the “other” version. The “other” version can be easily modified to take a number of different magazines like S&W 59 series and others. The Glock mag version will only take Glock mags.

      • undeRGRound

        This is TRUE. I have the Beretta/S&W/Sig version, and tried a 9mm Glock mag in it, too wide! The grips are different for the two styles. My Beretta version is SWEEET, no need to wait for a Glock Suby! Or, buy any Suby you can get, and keep waiting for the Glock!
        Here’s mine with Longshot Mfg. rail set, and an 8″ bottom rail custom made for me! ASK Jerry @ Longshot for the custom 8″ bottom rail!
        Several pics, set up several different ways. I have set the arrangement as a Princeton Tec Switch Rail light (.8oz), a Mako PTK hand stop (.2 oz) and an Amazon reflex sight, just under 4oz! Total accessories weigh in at just under 5.0 oz 😀 Sightmark QD used for pix, that one is just under 8 oz alone! wow

        • Aaron Charles Harthun

          was you able to co Witness the iron sights and the Red dot?

          also Ine heard there is a Gen 1 and Gen 2,,,,, If this is correct how could you know? I found a sub 2000 in a 40 S.W.at my local firearm dealer and it was the only one there priced at $399,99 so I traded my Ruger SR 40 and got it without paying any money! today is October 3rd-2015. since today is saturday and on my background check I got a delay I WAS SO READY TO GO SHOOT Today but I should get it monday.!!!! 🙂

  • Mark Oddi

    I got the sub 2000 Glock 9mm version. Terrific gun. It is extremely light, very accurate, has almost no kick at all, fairly quiet, fun and even easy to clean. 9mm is the way to go since ammo costs almost half as much as the 40 and you can sure go through ammo if you want to!

  • Steve Graves

    Best bug out weapon on the market bar none, if you can Find/ afford a “Auction site gun” only place you will find one, BUY it, amazing, get the glock 9mm version. You will love it & have fun practicing as you go. Enjoy & shoot safe.

  • Nam Marine

    I want a 9mm sub 2000 for a Glock 17 magazine. GOOD LUCK finding one !
    Thank goodness I already have a Ruger Mini-14 tactical until I can find a Kel-Tec.

  • Fred Bar

    Still waiting to get my hands on a SUB 2000 (SW59 compatible magazine)….I am on some waiting lists and still waiting after almost a couple of years!

    • undeRGRound

      Dood, you can get ANY of the non-Glocky versions and make them ANY OTHER!!!
      I have had a chance at 2 Beretta Versions (bought the first one) and it can be converted
      to any non-Glock Sub 2000 with a mag catch conversion from KelTec, which I have heard is under $10!!! Now check out my LongShot Mfg, Sub2000 Rails!

      • undeRGRound

        The Beretta has high cap mags available as well, 30+ rounds in 9mm and 20+ rounds in 40 S&W… Mine functions flawlessly with the ProMag stick mags, in the 40 S&W Beretta 96 compatible mags. In fact, the Promags ran better than the stock mag that came with it! 😀

        • Thomas Karlmann

          I am seeing the photos, but something is not clicking. Are you re-mounting your red-dot sight every time you fold & unfold the S2K or does something rotate that I can’t see? Confused!

          • undeRGRound

            That is actually 2 different configurations…
            Traditional, (sight needs removed for folding)
            and “Gangsta” with red dot on the side.
            I am going “Gangsta” and running a smaller
            Red Dot, with a tiny (under 1 oz!) Princeton Tech
            tactical light, and lightweight finger hook “hand stop”

          • Thomas Karlmann

            Well, congratulations! you are the second person I have viewed who has failed to illustrate How This Works. The Other Guy went on talking on YT for 10-20 minutes of Bla, bla, bla; but never showed folding his scope-mounted K2000 either. Well, SOME DAY I’ll find out how those work, but I guess it won’t be today though, will it?

          • undeRGRound

            It’s called “English”…

            I have 2 different setups shown, ONE requires sight removal to FOLD,
            the SECOND has a side mounted optic.
            NO ROTATION!
            That would be the RED LION fore end. I do not have that.

            If that does not answer it, I don’t know what to tell ya!

  • town22

    I have a gen 2, just added the operating handle cover and bolt cover. All from tactical cool products.

  • Izi Ningishzidda

    My first gun! <3 this guy. It's just COOL. A transformer gun! I purchased it for playing at the range. I used to carry it in my purse because it was hilarious as a joke to pull out when hanging out with other gun nut friends. "I have an assault rifle in my purse!" "Excuse me, you what?" "No, really!" (For horrified onlookers you really have to understand we all trusted each other and were all military/police wives) I bought it for $325 sold for $500!

  • phil Anninos

    I have both the 9mm and the 40 both in Glock. I love it. They are fun to shoot. Very little recoil if any and with extended magazines can really pour it on. My favorite gun in my collection.

  • undeRGRound

    You need to define your idea of “Co-Witness”
    Standard co-witness is is usually defined as 1/3 Co-Witness
    and means the “irons” (plastic, front and rear for the S2K) are below the dot. Standard Practice, easily done, riser may be needed!
    “Absolute Co-Witness” is aligning the dot with the “irons” and I do not recommend this unless you have folding sights. This also only works when you align with the front and rear, whereas a “holographic” style sight (most red dots are, somewhat holo) is “aligned with target” regardless of eye position. 1/3 co-witness is usually best.

    PS: My pictures above had the Sightmark installed only for the pix :-/
    Didn’t even check co-witness, as I plan on the optic to be side mounted, and I am using a smaller reflex sight.

  • Mark Quimy

    I have the Gen 2 Sub2000 (Glock 19 mag version) and it’s an awesome little truck gun. I have a flashlight, QD sling mount and a hand-stop installed as well as a red dot. For now the red dot is mounted on top, which prevents me from closing it all the way but it still fits in the bag I keep it in. I have a Magpul M-Lok 45 degree offset mount on order. Once it gets in I’ll move the red dot to the right side on the offset and just angle the weapon to use the optic. I do hate the way the front sight is designed. I understand why the windage had to be built into the front but I wish they had used a more stable method. Red Lion makes an aftermarket front sight for the Gen 1 Sub2000 that addresses this issue but they don’t produce one for the Gen 2 yet, but I hope it’s coming. Here’s a picture of mine:

  • maxblockm

    How about an updated review with the Gen 2 Sub2000?

  • Chuck Haggard

    I bought mine for $300 some time ago. Have over 2000 rounds of various 9mm through the gun, ball and JHPs, 115-147gr, zero stoppages so far.

  • Capt.Steve Thompson

    “”Ugly” Uglier” There in lies your problem. I can do a 4″ group with the 9mm Hi-point at 300 yards without breaking a sweat. @ $250—please.

  • Ken

    it would be great if another manufacturer would see the demand for this and design their own version of it to fill the void created by kel-tec’s hesitance to expand production (incorporating some of the suggestions / improvements offered by current users). since the sub-2000 platform been around for years, it’s a shame that kel-tec didn’t go ahead with the production expansion – which the sales that this one weapon alone would’ve more than paid for.