I was browsing the Internet Movie Firearms Database the other day to find out which variant of the FN FAL Simon Pegg used in Hot Fuzz (it was the British L1A1 SLR, of course). As is always inevitable with that site, I was sucked into a link-clicking vortex and before I knew it, half an hour was gone. Anyway, browsing the IMFDB, I am always amazed at how its contributors are able to identify a gun in a film from a single blurry frame revealing half of a muzzle brake or some equally obscure detail. Not just the basic type of firearm, but the specific variant used in the film, in some cases identifying a blank-firing prop or airsoft version that would fool even most hardcore gun nerds. It’s really quite amazing what the online shooting enthusiast hive-mind can accomplish when they decide to be productive.

So I decided to see if we have any such keen eyes among our Lucky Gunner followers. We’ll start with a fairly easy one and if you guys get it pretty quickly, we’ll make it harder next time.

Can you identify the firearm below based only on what you can see in the photo? Be specific: brand, model, and caliber. First one to guess correctly gets a thousand Schrute Bucks… or something. The full photo will be revealed on Thursday here at Lucky Gunner Lounge!

Hint: It fires modern smokeless cartridges. You’re welcome.
Hint: It fires modern smokeless cartridges. You’re welcome.

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  • Matthew Berman

    sig p238 equinox .380

  • Joseph Lombardi


  • Jon Thommarson

    Wow Matt. That’s impressive.

  • Sandy Jenkins

    Walther P22

  • David Smith

    SIG Equinox

  • Kevin Loch

    Sig p238 .380 with blackwood grips

  • Patrick Crochet

    colt 1903 .32acp

  • Doug Plank

    absolutey AMBI SAFETY Sig Sauer P238 Equinox 380 ACP