Last week, we posted a poll to ask you guys what you wanted to see next here on Lucky Gunner Lounge. After collecting results for a week, the topic of Concealed Firearms has taken a landslide victory with 55% of the total votes!

So coming up this Spring, we’ll have several weeks worth of content devoted to all aspects of concealed weapons. We’ll look at the history of concealed carry in America, reviews of popular carry firearms from the past and present, and skills and techniques for carrying a self-defense handgun. We also plan to cover concealable long guns like take-down rifles and SBRs, as well as some interesting ways to hide firearms in your home or business.

We’re already working on some of this content now, but let us know what else you want to see during this focus on concealed firearms and we’ll try to make it happen!

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  • Tyler Bock

    Awesome! This is what I voted for.

  • Edward Betty Neff

    This is what I voted for.

  • Joe Ondish

    I certainly think this is the most practical for a wide variety of shooters. I love my Sig Ultra 1911 and if I did ever want to switch calibers, I’d be all over the Sig P938 without a doubt!