We’ve got a ton of killer content planned for the Lounge this coming Spring. So much, in fact, that there’s no way we can get to it all. And even if we could, the Internet is just not ready for that much awesomeness all at once. So we need you to help us out by choosing what topic you want us to cover next.

Vote on a topic in the poll below, and we’ll dig in deep with a multi-week long series covering as many aspects of the winning topic as we can think of. In-depth reviews of gun and gear. Practical advice and tips from subject matter experts. Whatever topic you choose, we’re throwing the full weight of the humble Lucky Gunner empire at cramming your head full of mind-blowing videos, articles, photos, interviews, and resources on that subject until you beg for mercy.

What if your favorite subject doesn’t win, or isn’t even on the list? Fear not! This isn’t a permanent change of direction for the Lounge, and we’ll keep bringing you reviews, advice, and information on a wide variety of shooting topics before and after the Spring series. We may even select your favorite topic to highlight in a future series.

So vote in the poll below. Share today’s post with your friends so they can vote too. Then leave a comment with your ideas for what kind of videos and posts you want to see about the topic you chose.

To help guide your decision, here’s an overview of potential topics that would be included in each series that’s in the running.

Concealed Firearms: A Focus on the guns we carry and store discreetly, both handguns and long guns. Compact pistols, take-down rifles, and hidden-in-plain-sight firearms storage solutions.

Practical Handguns: Pistols and revolvers in action. From practical competition like IDPA and USPSA to the evolution of training and tactics for Military and Law Enforcement sidearms.

Multi-Gun Competition: Tackling the rise of 3-gun competition, how it works, its history, and the unique gear and shooting techniques it has spawned.

Precision Rifle: Military snipers, backwoods sharpshooters, and bench-rest competition gurus. A study of the guns, gear, and knowledge required to hit targets “way out there”.


The poll will close next Wednesday, 2/19. One vote per person per day.

What topic should be the focus of Lucky Gunner Lounge this Spring?

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