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Mace - Triple Action Pepper Spray - Hard Key Case with Key Ring - Black - 1

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Color - Black
Weight - 18 gr
Dimensions - 4.5" h x 1.25" w x 1.5" d
Manufacturer Sku - 80012

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Manufacturer Mace
Manufacturer SKU 80012
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This triple action pepper spray features three powerful agents in one canister designed to disable your assailant. This defense product features OC pepper, Tear Gas (CS), and UV dye to invisibly mark your attacker to aide authorities in subsequent identification. The advantage of this product over standard pepper spray is that the tear gas will disable your assailant even if you hit him in the chest missing the face. This is Mace's largest key chain model and has been relied upon for over 20 years by law enforcement.

The OC pepper formula is designed to create an intense burning sensation to the skin, eyes, and throat causing a would-be attacker's eyes to slam shut upon direct contact while you can safely get away. The tear gas formula is designed to cause profuse tearing and disorientation. This is capable of firing approximately 10 short bursts up to 8-12 feet away and each unit is test sprayed by the factory prior to shipping to ensure reliability.

This spray includes an invisible UV dye which can aid authorities in later identifying your assailant and helping put him behind bars.

Please consult your state and local laws prior to ordering. Sales of pepper spray are not allowed to the following states: MA, MI, NY, and WI
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