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Water Filter - TivaWater 2.0 - Sand Media Emergency Filter - 1

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Quantity - 1 fitler system per box
Manufacturer - Tiva
Purification - 99.6%
Capacity - 30 liters per day
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Every family should have a plan for providing clean drinking water during an emergency. The TivaWater filter system in the solution to that problem.

The TivaWater filtration system uses a patented sand media filtration system, which can filter about 30 liters of dirty water a day (10 liters in 3-4 hours). This water filter has a patented filter cloth tray, which is cleaned out periodically, and can filter water every day for years before needing to be replaced.

This water filter is already being used by about 100,000 people in Africa, Guatemala, and Haiti on a daily basis. One of these filters will last longer than any disaster will in the U.S., and will be able to filter enough for several families.

Order your TivaWater filter today, and rest assured that you have all the clean drinking water you will need.

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