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LuckyGunner's 2011 Memorial Day Blogger Shoot


Lucky Gunner coordinated a huge, invitation-only, weekend-long shooting event exclusively for online influencers in the firearms space. The event featured lots of cool Class III weapons, burning cars, free ammo from Magtech and S&B, our own Ammo Girls, all the BBQ one could eat, pounds & pounds of tannerite, and free hands-on training from RangeMaster. In other words, we think it was pretty darn cool - and it happened Memorial Day Weekend 2011 near Knoxville, TN.

Fun Facts:

  • Total Rounds Shot: 91,559
  • Pounds of BBQ Consumed: 124 lbs
  • Bottles of Water Drank: 684
  • Cinder Blocks Obliterated: 34
  • Ammo Girls Present To Keep Everyone Stocked-Up: 6
  • Home-Made Incendiary Tank Rounds Launched: 1
  • Working Civil War Cannons: 2
  • Round-By-Round Shot Breakdown:
  • Cicadas Smashed: Thousands
  • Refrigerator Fatalities: 14
  • Washing Machines Annialated: 9
  • School Buses Destroyed: 1
  • Wounded Veterans Honored: 2
  • Gunnie Awards Given Out: 9
  • Minivans Burned To The Frame: 1
  • Pounds of Tannerite Detonated: 42 lbs
  • Helicopter Fly-Overs: 14
  • Affiliate Programs Launched: 1
  • New Novels Launched: 1
  • Cars Set On-Fire: 4
  • Tanks & Armored Vehicles On Site: 3
  • Weapons Handled Safely: Hundreds

Cool Pics:

Roll Call - Who All Was Present & Accounted For?


Websites (cont):








Examples of class III weapons at the shoot
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