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We Salute Our 3,715 Customers Below!

We want to thank you for the contributions you have made to our country. We also want to publicly recognize you on this page. Below you will see a list of current or former military personnel who also support us. We appreciate each and every one of you.

To add your name to our list and to receive an instant $10 off your next purchase of $100 or more, please enter your information in the form below. We ask that only current or former military personnel participate (including reserve units) as this is our way of specially thanking them for their services.



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  • By submitting this form, I attest that I am currently in or am a veteran of the United States military (including reserve units) and that the information I am providing is correct (it is a federal offense to impersonate a member of the military). I also hereby agree that LuckyGunner.com can post my information below as a public recognition of my service.

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Abbondi, D. pfc 1st air cav div
Abbott, R. Veteran 52nd Airborn
Abbott, S. pfc 119th transportation company
Abbott, J. Captain U.S. Army
Abbott, J. CPT Fort Campbell
Abd-Elmalek, G. PFC 422 ESB
Abd-Elmalek, G. PFC 422 ESB
Abel, G. Sgt 2-19SFG(A)
Acevedo, A. LneCpl Recon
Acosta, J. E-5 31ST N.C.R.
Acosta, J. e-5 12 psy
Adam, D. E5 USAF
Adames, J. E-5 6 AMXS
Adamo, B. Capt. 37 Bomb Sqd.
Adams, T. Spc. A Co. 1/6 INF
Adams, N. ssg 142 bfsb
Adams, D. Veteran US Navy
Adams, R. Colonel AFNSEP
Adams, S. SGT F. Co 2-104 AVN
Adams, S. O-3 US Navy
Adawag, T. WO1 1-145th AVN
Addis, B. E-4 2/5 1st Cav
Ader, S. LT US Navy
Adkins, J. L.Crpl AT TOW CO , 2ND TK BN
Ager, J. E-8 Retired
Aguilar, J. SFC 370
Aguirre, M. SrA 30 SFS/Vandenberg Police
Ahern, P. E4 Army
Ailiff, B. Cpl 75th INF
Ainley, A. veteran EOD MU1
Ainsworth, D. SFC US Army Retired
Aitken, M. Colonel 3rd Squadron, 38th Cavalry Regiment
AJJAWI, C. E-5 317 RCS
Akey, D. E-3 Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 135 (VAQ-135)
Akin, W. SSgt 236th IS
Alamo, L. SGT 489th CA BN
Alan, A. E4 46th Combat Engineer Bn
Alander, N. LT US Navy
Alaniz, S. OS2 U.S. Navy
Albertson, D. MSGT (E7) Retired 188th Fighter Wing
Albritton, Z. E6 70th isrw
Aldrich, P. ssgt USMC
Aldrich, J. Sgt MarCivDiv
Alequin, F. 1st Lt USAF
Alex, U. SGT HMLAT-303
Alexander, W. Corporal Hq Bn mp co camp lejeune nc
Alfred, D. SSG US Army
Alicea-Vega, A. SSG 1-5 IN, 2BCT
Allen, M. E4 40th Eng Bn
Allen, J. Lance Corporal 7th Comm Bn
Allen, F. E5 U.S. Navy
Allen, R. MSgt 4th ANGLICO, USMC
Allen, B. SSgt USAF
Allen, M. E-4/Specialist F TRP 3/227 AHB 1CD
Allen, P. Veteran Fort Knox
Allen, D. SSG 1/67 AR
Allen, N. LT Sector St Petersburg
Allen, W. E6 Navy NATTC
Allison, G. Major 3D Marine Aircraft Wing
Allman, S. E4 108th MP CO
Allumbaugh, B. CPT B/187th MED
Almada, M. e4 549th
Almaraz, C. E-4 2-11 FAR
Altieri, J. Captain Ist Armor Division
Alvarado, A. E-4 3/6 usmc
Alvarez, A. E-2 National Guard
Alvelo, C. SGT/E-5 NCOA Ft Lee
Amador, A. CMSgt 56 MSG
Amador, D. MCPO Assault Craft Unit-4
Ament, M. TSgt 27th CRS
Amon, T. SSgt USAF
Amory, B. E-4 3rd Bn 6th Marines
Analla, K. SSG 82ND ABN
Ancelin, N. E4 1/23 B Co
Anciano, F. Sgt 2/5
Anctil, D. LT USN
Anderson, M. SPC US Army
Anderson, R. Cpl VMO-2
Anderson, B. LCDR USN (Retired)
Anderson, T. SSG MTARNG
Anderson, S. SSgt 20 MOS
Anderson, C. SSgt 512 oss
Anderson, S. AD3 HM-14
Anderson, T. E-3 900 DIV
Anderson, J. Spc 155th En Co
Andre, K. E-7 Retired
Andre, R. Veteran US Army
Andrew, K. E4 AMXS
Andrukiewicz, J. E4 USCG
Anglin, T. SGT 90th ASB
Angmathsa, S. E-5/SGT 505th TC (PMT)
Angove, R. MMC(EOD) Ret Navy EOD
Annunziato, C. PO2 USN
Anny, J. SSgt 19 LRS
AnoNuevo, J. AR NAS Pensacola
Anonymouse, T. AIC 1SOW
Anson, R. Staff Sergeant Medic-22 CSG-March AFB
Answine, W. MSgt 55th Medical Group
Anthony, R. SFC 5/17 cav.
Anthony, W. Sergeant USMC
Anthony, C. E7 9th MXG
Antinozzi, A. E7 FRC West
Antony, C. Cpl B Co. 1/5
Anzell, B. Mk1 Uscg
Anzelmo, G. SGT A troop 9th Cal
Aque, V. Veteran (E6) USS Carl Vinson
Arcand, A. Radarman 3rd Class USS Spiegel Grove LSD 32
Archibeque, M. Maj 5th Combat Communications
Ardermacher, A. GS6 Sercurity Forces
Arezzo, A. E3 Navy
Argota, A. CW2 A Co 1/140th AVN
Arguello, T. E-5 Mayport Naval Station
Armento, T. sgt USMC
Armon, W. Veteran (E-5) 629th Ord US Army
Armstrong, R. SSG U.S. Army Retired
Armstrong, B. CDT USMA
Armstrong, J. LTC US Army Retired
Armstrong, R. FC1(SW) E6 Retired
Armstrong, M. MSgt 336 RCS
Arndt, R. Spc(P) HHC 3BSTB 25th ID
Arquette, T. SSG 2/127th IN
Arredondo, R. SGT E-5 Army security agency
Arroyo, J. Cpl WTBN
Arseneau, J. 1LT(P) 93D Military Police BN
Arzola, P. Veteran Usmc Scouts
Asanovski, E. E-6 11th acr mech inf
Asbury, J. SFC CSJTC
Ash, J. E7 A 120th engineers
Asher, R. E5 10 CASH
Askew, J. LCpl 1/6
Askew, L. E4 82ND ABN
Assisi, P. Lieutenant 94th BSB, 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division
Atterholt, J. Captain 10th Tactical Figter Squadron of 50th Tactical Fighter Wing
Attiq, M. hm2 1st bn 2n marines h&S copany
Atwell, M. sergeant e-5 2nd radio battalion
Aucker, L. Corporal Bravo 1/12
August, P. Captain VMFA 214
Auhll, R. SGT. 3rd Armored Cav
Aysse, J. Corporal (E-4) 3rd Battalion, 11th Marines
B, B. SGT 101st ARBN
Baader, W. Sgt Air Force
Babadalir, D. PFC C Co 1-102
Backer, C. SSG 309th En
Backus, M. SA USS Milwaukee AOR-2
Bacon, C. PH3 VF103
Bae, J. SGT HHC 1-224th
Bahus, T. sgt 1st ceb, veteran
Bailey, J. E-6 NAS Lemoore
Bailey, S. Col 37 TRG
Bailey, C. Sgt 3rd maw
Bailey, R. Msgt(e-7) Retired(USAF)
Bailey, M. MSgt USMC
Bailie, S. CPL V2/6
Baker, L. Pfc HHC 56
Baker, J. Capt USAF
Baker, R. E-4 928 Sapper Unit
Balagot, R. E6 USN Retired
Balchunas, L. LT USN
Baldwin, F. E7/Sergeant First Class BCO 2nd/319th 3RDBDE 104th Division
Baldwin, A. Sgt U.S.A.F. Viet Nam Veteran
Ball, K. E-6 43rd Support Brigade
Ballinger, J. CDR USN RET
Ballou, J. MAJ GSC
Balsley, B. MSGT/Retired MCCOG/USMC
Baltz, D. ATC (E7) Ret Navy Retired
Banaf, M. E5 Navy
Banda, R. HM3 WRNMMC-B
Banning, M. Sp4 1st Cav
Banta, M. E5 VF"A-106
Barahona, F. E-5 USCG AS Miami
Barahona, F. E-5 USCG AS Miami
Baranowski, S. TSgt USAF (Retired)
Barattino, M. Captain 232 OS
Barber, H. E-4 U.S.M.C.
Barbknecht, C. TSgt 122FW
BARD, M. E-7 VFC-12
Baretlo, S. SPC Army
Barettlo, J. SPC Army
Barger, T. MSgt / E-7 US Air Force
Bari, R. ETC USN Retired
Barker, S. Ssgt 109th AW
Barker, J. SSgt 89 APS
Barmer, K. E-5 Army-AVEL CENTRAL
Barnard, J. E7 US Army
Barnes, T. E-4 USAF
Barnes, J. E-4 USS MAINE (SSBN-741)(G)
Barnes, C. LCDR USN
Barnett, E. Veteran SGT 178th Maint Co
Barnier, E. SSgt US Army
Barr, C. Veteran US Army
Barrett, T. E4 Company A-131st Infantry
Barrett, Y. LTC US Army
Barrett, Y. LTC 1-364 IN REGT (CS)
Barrett, T. e5 131st Infantry A CO
BarriosPerez, E. LCPL MWSS472
Bart, M. MSgt 21st ommunications Sq (retired)
Barta, B. SGM JAG
Barthel, T. SrA 509 BW
Bartley, M. MSgt USAF Retired
Bartton, J. TSgt USAF
Baskin, E. Sergeant 1st Battalion 8th Marines
Bass, P. Captain CSC, 141, 1st Br, 49th Armor TXARNG
Bass, J. TSgt/Retired US Air Force
Bastianini, B. Pvt First Class 37 Field Artillery
Bastien, S. LT ohsu
Batien, B. SSgt 55th SFS
Battle, T. Retired Staff Sgt US Army Special Ops Command
Batye, S. spc 82ND AIRBORNE
Baucum, A. Staff Sergeant 480th ISRG, USAF
Baumgardner, R. SGT 101st Air Assault
Baumgardner, N. TSgt USAF
Bausano, J. SSgt 1st SOW/4th AMU
Baxter, R. SSG/E6 Veteran
Baxter, M. SSGT E-5 96th OMS
Beach, G. Veteran 353rd TC
Bealka, M. PFC 1-187IN, 3BCT, 101st Airborne
Beard, H. SSG 1 BCT 82nd Airborne
Beard, B. e-5 charlie company 1/3 IN DIV
Beard Sr, M. Sgt USAF
Beare, C. e-5 21297
Beatty, R. 1st Lt U.S. Army retired
Beaty, T. Speacialist 4Id 1bct 4sb
Beaulieu, C. CPL 3rd Bat 5th USMC
Beauregard, B. CPT USA
Beauregard, M. Retired Veteran 303rd M.P. Company
Beaver, J. CDR COTF
Beck, R. 1SG NVARNG Medical
Beck, T. CPT 2/327 IN
Beck, J. E-4 USCG
Becker, A. Staff Sergeant Detachment 2 Maintenance Company, CLB 453, CLR 4, 4TH MLG
Becker, J. TSgt 23 MXG
Becker, J. SPC 40th ENG BAT
Becker, A. E4 USAF
Beckner, G. HN USN
Becraft, R. SSG 3/502
Begley, P. LCPL 4CEB
Beile, J. E4 41 Infintry Brigaide HQ
Belcher, A. E-3 MRS-8
Bell, H. Msgt USAF
Bell, M. Cpl E-4 980th Engr Bn
Bell, S. SPC 249th General Hospital
Bell, J. corporal USMC 2nd AABN
Bell, J. SFC 96th Civil Affairs Battalion, USASOC
Bellitto, P. E-3 1/6 Bravo co
Bellitto, P. E-3 1/6 Bravo co
Bellitto, P. Lcp 1/6 b
Bello, T. Corporal 1/23 alpha company (Marines)
Bellon, A. TSGT 41ECS
Benally, L. Cpl MALS-12
Bender, D. CPL HMH-464
Benito, G. Captain HQMC-IOC
Benjamin,, P. Sergeant USAF - 51st Fighter Interceptor Wing
Bennett, J. SSG 2-210 AVN
Beno, J. CW2 B Co 3-158 ASSLT BN Germany
Benoit, J. SGT 5-158 Avn. Regt., 12th CAB
Bensch, M. SSG Veteran
Bentley, J. E4 USCG Mellon
BENTLEY, W. Master Sergeant, E-8 US Army Retired
Benton, S. PFC US Army
Berg, M. O3 FDCC
Berger, M. CPO CNMOC
Berger, D. Spec 5 174th Assault Helicopter 23 Inf Division
Bergeron, C. O1 Reserve
Bergman, K. Capt USAF
Bergmann, M. MSgt 366 MXG
Bergstrom, J. SSGT (E-6) 4th Force Recon (USMC)
Berner, K. E-4 1113th Qm
Berning, J. Cpt 1CAV, 1BDE
Berrios, S. 1LT 4-31 IN, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain DIV (LI)
Bess, A. SFC USA Retired
Besterman, W. ETC(SS) E-7 USN Ret SSBN's (3)
Bettison, B. Veteran !73rd Airborne
Beurmann, L. CDR US INDOPACOM Det 501
Bezerra, F. First Sergeant/E8 (Retired) 307th ENGR BN, 82 ABN DIV
Bhandari, A. Corporal (p) 2-503rd 173rd IBCT (AIRBORNE)
Bickel, A. TSgt HQ ACC
Bigelow, J. E-5 US Navy
Biggs, R. Specialist E-4 877 Quartermaster Company
Bilhaz, M. MSgt USAF Fire
Billings, M. LCDR USN
Bilotta, D. SPC/E-4 FSC 682d EN BN
Birks, M. SGT 248 ASB
Bishop, B. E4 USCG
Bishop, W. COL 101 Abn Div
Bishop, C. E-4 Coast Guard
Bishop, W. HM3 NHCL
Bixby, W. Lcpl Usmc
Bixler, B. MSgt USAF
Black, D. CMsgt-E9 USAF
Blackmon, E. sn uscg base portsmouth uph
Blackstock, J. CDR USN retired
Blackwell, J. SSG 1/6 INF
Blackwell, E. CPT C/1/116 Inf Reg.
Blackwood, T. TSGT AFSOC
Blahnik, M. EM1(SW) U.S. Navy Retired
Blair, E. Major US Army Retired
Blake, A. CPL 3/2 Wpns Co USMC
Blake, A. E6 911SFS
Bland, P. SGT E-5 2-27 IN
Blanke, A. SSGT USAF
Bledsoe, M. Colonel (retired) 96 MDG
Bloch, H. Smsgt Retired 191st Airlift Gp MIANG
Bloom, T. e-2 979
Blount, T. Captain (O-6) US Navy
Bloyer, T. SGT 2nd Bde 82nd Airborne
Blucker, T. SK2 Retired USCG
Blunt, N. W01 AV
Boatman, K. MSgt 182d ces
Bocskor, B. E-5 Disabled Gulf war vet
Boczkiewicz, T. E-7 Co A 366th Sig Bde USASC&FG TRADOC TC
Bodine, J. CPT 113 Engineer Battalion, 38th Inf Division
Boggs, C. A1C 509th CS, USAF
Boggs, E. Veteran 1/325 AIR
Bogue, N. Sgt MALS-26
Boisvert, E. CPL MARSOC
Boktor, A. Senior Airmen (E-4) 2SOS
Bolles, S. SSgt USAF
Bolo, V. SMSgt 92 MXS
Bomar, L. SPC 49th EOD
Bonilla, D. E-4 2/25
Boone, J. E5 162nd MP
Boonyodom, M. SPC 163rd Ord CO
Bordeaux, B. E-6 19 SF group
Borowski, D. TSgt 818 MSAS
Bosak, J. Staff Sergeant 910 AMXS, USAFR
Boscardin Mota, V. PFC 87th cssb
Boser, S. SPC D Co 2/147th AHB
Bostic, R. E4 4ID
Boswell, B. SSgt 20th MOS Det 2
Botwinick, R. SSgt 106th SFS/106th RQW
Boucher, R. 0-5 Navy N1-NTF
Boult, D. MM - Machinist's Mate Submarine Squadron 6
Bowen, S. PFC 327th Signal Co.
Bowers, M. E-6/TSgt 204th SFS
Bowman, C. Sgt 2d LAR BN
Boyd, D. SPC/E4 B co 4-17 IN 1/1 AD
Boyd, B. Maj 187 AS
Boyer, E. IC-2 USS Plymouth Rock LSD-29
Boyette, M. TSgt 31st IS
Boyle, R. Lieutenant USN
Boyle, J. 02 96 MDG
Brack, B. E-3 USAF
Bradesku, M. SSGT 78CES
Bradesku, A. SSgt 27 SOCONS
Bradfield, J. E3 Amxs
Bradley, J. Cpl 2MEB
Bradley, R. LTC 20th SUPCOM
Bradley, J. E-3 PFC 422 Military Police Company
Bradley, P. SSG UNC Honor Guard
Brady, W. Sgt U.S. Army
Brakbill, R. E-7 USN
Branam, T. E-8 uss harry s. truman
Branam, J. CW3 52d EOD
Brandon, J. CPO US Navy
Brandon, G. E-3 Npdb-6
Brandon, J. sp4 army
Brantley, R. CTN2 NIOC MD
Brassell, S. TSgt 163rd Attack Wing
Bratton, S. SGM Ft Lewis NCOA
Brauch, E. PFC 35th EN BDE
Braunshausen, R. Lcpl 1/4 A Co
Braydon, W. MSgt (First Sgt) 55 WSA
Breen, S. E3 US Navy
Brennan, M. Cpl. 1/5 Marines
Breton, J. E-5 53rd MAS
Brettel, T. Sgt 205th Eng Bn
Bridges, J. PFC 68th ECC
Briquelet, S. O-5 NETPDTC
Brisko, M. MM1 (SS)Retired Navy
Brissey-Dowd, Z. Senior Airman 366 Component Maintenance Squadron
Britner, R. Chief E-7 USN (Retired)
Broadwater, A. Veteran US Army
Brock, J. SPC 113th FA
Brock, T. E-6 US Army
Brockmeier, J. CPT USATDS
BROERING, B. Lcpl 2/2
Brooks, N. Retired MCMWTC
Brossman, L. SFC 939th MP DET
Brough, J. Veteran NETC
Brower, J. E5 86th &501st LCT
Brown, P. Sergeant 101st Airborne
Brown, R. l/cpl 2/4
Brown, C. e-7 Retired USAF
Brown, V. sgt 7th esb 1st mlg
Brown, D. MSG U.S. Army (Ret)
Brown, R. Lcpl 1/7 A CO (USMC)
Brown, S. E-6 Vf103
Brown, T. SPC 237th Military Police
Brown, W. E4 2nd CEB 2nd Mar DIV
Brown, C. SrA 738 EIS
Brown, A. Colonel USAF
Brown, D. SGT 4th force reconnaissance
Brown, B. Sgt USMC/ CBIRF
Brown, M. CPL US Army National Guard
Browning, M. Lt. HMH-461
Browning, C. SFC 100DIV
Bruce, H. MSG 20th-SFG
Bruce, S. ETC/SS (E7) USN
Bruce, H. MSG 20th SFG
Bruce, H. MSG 20th SFG
Bruehl, J. LT USN
Brumfield, L. CPL/E4 USMC- MSSG15/ AAV
Bruns, R. MU1 U.S.N.
Brunsvold, H. Cpl 2nd battalion 5th Marines
Brussell, B. Specialist E4 356th MP
Bruzeau, T. E-5 843rd En Co
Bryan, S. TSGT 137 IS
Bryant, A. E-5 USMC
Bryant, M. E-5 USS Shreveport
Buchanan, J. CPO / Retired USN
Bucher, R. CW4 1th Infantry
Buck, J. Sgt 2-502
Buckles, R. E5/Cadet Cardinal Battialion, Commisioning December 2018
Buckmister, K. Third Class EM3 USS Constellation CVA-64
Bufalino, C. Sgt. USAF/Ret/DAV
Buinicky, J. E-8 178th FW
Bullock, B. LTC 2-110FA
Bullock, D. E7/SFC ARANG
Bunge, K. E-2 USMC
Bunting, J. Sergeant Battery A, 1st Battalion, 10th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division
Burckhard, N. SSG 1st Infantry Division
Burdick, M. E4 Navy ID #1455241517
Bureau, J. SSgt USAF
Burgess, C. SSgt USAF
Burgess, R. GMG-2 US NAVY
Burgess, R. CPT-03 540th QM Bn
Burgess, R. E-6 USAF
Burgher, D. E3 USS RANGER CV-61
Burke, R. E5 1st Batt, 3rd Infantry
Burke, C. CPL USMC
Burkett, D. E-4 / SrA 461 AMXS
Burkett, J. E6 retired
Burkett, J. PFC U.S. Army
Burkhalter, M. Verteran 1/2 ACR
Burkins, J. CMCN MCB 5
Burks, D. 0-4 US Navy
Burks, D. E5 Frc west
Burmeister, B. TSgt 312 TRS
Burnett, R. E-6 retirde
BURNEY, D. E-5 Uss dewey
Burns, L. E1 Fort Polk Training
Burns, M. SSG (retired) HHC Dragon Brigade
Burrell, B. SGT B TRP 1-113 CAV
Burress, J. Cpl 1/7 USMC
Burris, J. Sgt USAF
Burton, D. SFC US Special Operations Command HQs
Burton, J. Ensign NASC
Busby, J. E-4 2nd Infantry Div
Buseman, B. Pv2 C 1/38
Bushart, J. PFC USMC
Bushman, C. E-3 USMC
Bushue, D. TSgt 167th ANG
Butler, D. E-4 Marine Corps
Butler, J. SGM JFHQ
Buttros, M. SGT Recruiting and Retention Battalion
Byford, M. E3 navy
Byrne, C. Sgt USMC
Byrom, C. SPC B Co 3/4 IN
Cabahug, A. E-5 MALS-24
Cacho, P. SPC A Co 1-178th INF
Cade, J. E5 US NAVY
Cahill, J. Lcpl USMC
Cain, S. Sergeant CNATT MARUNIT Cherry Point
Calamunci, R. Cpl. 1/2 A Co.
Calderwood, E. E-4 G-3
Caldwell, B. Staff sergeant SSG/E6 Co D, 2/151st MEDEVAC
Callahan, E. 1st Lt USMC
Callicoatte, D. PFC 551 EN MRBC
Callihan, J. E-5 NBPL
Calma, C. e5 vs31
Calzone, V. SSG (retired) US Army
Camacho, K. SSG 744th EOD
Cameron, R. CPT 12 INF
Cameron, R. E-5 SPC US Army Reserve
Cameron, R. Veteran U.S.M.C.
Camien, J. Veteran MWSS-373
Campbell, J. 1LT 133rd EN BN
Campbell, J. E-4 135th ID
Campbell, J. SPC 1-506 101 ABN Div.
Campbell, R. SPC 300th MP BDE, HHC
Campbell, J. MAJ TRADOC, KY
Campbell, J. Veteran USMC
Campbell, F. Major USAF Retired
Canela, N. E-4 177th Fighter Wing
Caponey, S. E7 retired
Cappellucci, S. E-5 NMCB/SRG
Carbajal, N. Cpl. Co. B 447 Signal 29th Signal BrigadeBn
Card, C. cpl 5th Battalion 11th Marines
Carleton, W. sgt. 344th D.P.U.
Carlisle, K. Lt Col Marine Corps 3rd Marine Div
Carlos, S. MSgt 62 AS
Carlson, J. E-3 USMC
Carmack, M. SPC HHOC STB 3ID
Carman, T. GySgt USMC
Carmazzi, F. SPC 5th class Rocky Mtn Arsenal CO
Carney, M. CPT 210 BSB
Carpenter, E. TSgt 660th AMXS Travis AFB
Carpenter, J. O1 USMC
Carr, R. LT SWOS
Carr, D. CWO4 Coast Guard
Carrasco, R. TSgt 926 Wing
Carruth, D. BMCM (E-9) USN
Carswell, A. PO3/E5 OPSUPP Louisville
Cartagena, J. Lt Navy
Carter, J. SFC 1-135th ARB
Carter, M. SFC 4th Ranger Training Battalion
Carter, J. HM2 USN/FMF
Carter, T. SSgt 19th AMXS
Carter, S. E4 Navy
Carter, F. A/1st class 494th bomb wing
Carter Jr., J. MSgt. 44 FG
Carver, D. Sgt 11th Marines
Carver, W. E-3 USN
Case, R. SFC 35th EN BN
Casella, R. LCpl USMC
Cash, A. Sgt. 552nd Air Wing SMF
Cassell, G. PFC 55th TAMC
Castellanos, P. GM1/E-6 COMLCSRON 1
Castilleja, P. SrA 22 MXS/MXMCE
Castilleja, J. Technical Sergeant 433 MXS
Castillo, M. E4 USAR
Casto, M. SPC 261st OD CO
Castro, M. Spc 112th Combat Support
Cato, C. Sergeant First Class Pathfinder, 4-101
Catrambone, J. Deployed US Navy
Catterton, M. LT US Navy
Cavanaugh, J. E-4 Commander Sixth Fleet
Cawley, J. E-6 Navy
Caywood, C. SSG E Btry RSP (RRB)
Cegledi, D. Cpl 1st batt. 503rd Inf
Celedon, J. SSG 217th FMSD
Cempa, A. Major US Army/1st ASW Grp/CENTCOM
Centeno, F. SSgt/E5 90SFS
Cerritos, L. SGT 841 ENG BN
Cerruto, A. Veteran E4 US NAVY
Cespedes, L. SGT Retired
Chaccour, F. CPL 3/25
Chacon, D. SFC Usa
Chambers, S. 2lt 1-73 CAV, 82 AB
Chambers, T. Sgt USAF 50th CSG
Chambers, M. am3 VFA-87 vetran
Champ-rodriguez, M. PV2 1-1 ARB D. CO.
Champion, L. Maj USAF retired
Chan, R. E-5/SGT IRR
Chan, T. 2 LT 40th ID
Chandler, L. sgt 811th od co
Chandler, C. Sgt USAF
Chaney, G. Sgt MATSG-21
Chappell, L. SP5 2nd General Hospital
Charette, J. SSgt 167th SFS
Charles, M. LTC USAF Ret.
CharlesKtBR, C. Sith Warrior Foxtrot
Charleston, D. SrA 88th SFS
Chau, P. Sgt USMC
Chau, P. Sgt USMC
Cheatham, J. e-4 8th engineering 1st cav
Chen, Y. E5 USS Topeka
Chen, W. E3 4th MLG
Child, C. SRA / E-4 2 AMXS, 96AMU Barksdale AFB
Childress, G. SSG HHC 230th BSB
Chin, R. SGT B CO 1-150th Assault Helicopter Battalion
Chmelik, J. 1LT ALU SPT BN A CO
Chmielowski, A. SSgt 1WS
CHO, A. CPT United States Army Medical Command HQ
Choe, D. E5 Navy
Choe, D. AT VAW-112
Choi, J. Sgt 2/23 Marines
Chris, C. e-7 cnatt det eglin
Christensen, D. CAPT USS George Washington
Christensen, E. MSgt 143rd Combat Comm. Sqd,
Christensen, M. Amn 91MSFS
Christiansen, C. 2LT 145th MMB
Christoff, T. Corporal US ARMY
Christopher, J. E-3 234TH IS
Christopher, J. Major 618 AOC
Christopher, D. SPC US Army
Church, R. Lcpl Hmla-267
Churchwell, J. E6 US Navy retired
Ciciulla, J. SSG US ARMY
Cioffi, D. Spec 4 3/8 FA
Clair, D. CW3 CoB 328 MSB
Clancy, P. 2Lt (0-1) 47th FTW
Clark, B. SSgt USAF
Clark, G. Sgt Operations Group Fort Irwin
Clark, N. Capt 310AS
Clark, M. CPT 504th PIR, 82nd Airborne
Clark, J. SP4 1st Armored Div.
Clark, N. E-3 ORARNG
Clary, J. E-4 55 AMXS
Claunch, E. W2 Bastogne 1BCT 101
Cleary, J. tsgt retired usaf
Cleland, J. sp/4 big red one
Clements, M. TSGT 113th AMXS
Cleveland, M. SPC U.S. Army
Cline, G. E-6 USCG Sector Sault Ste. Marie
Cline, W. SFC retired Army
Clodgo, S. TSgt 158 FW
Clow, M. SGT/E-5 Retired Army
Cochran, T. Sgt 1608 SPS
Cockrill, Z. E-1 97th
Coder, C. PO3 CGAS Clearwater
Cogliano, C. lcpl S3GE
Cohen, K. Sergeant 3rd Battalion 6th Marines
Cohick, D. LCDR HS-11
Cole, L. Sgt AFRTS
Cole, J. Navy Captain CSFWL
Coleman, J. TSgt USAF RET
Colletti, R. Cpl 2nd LAR
Collier, C. E6/TSGT 514 LRS/LGRV
Collins, A. PFC MWSS 272
Collins, C. SGT 3/325th ABCT
Collins, D. SSgt 437MXS
Collins, J. SFC 173rd Airborne Brigade
Collins, D. SSgt 14th Marines
Collucci, K. Senior Airman - E4 438th Aerial Port Squadron
Colluro, C. SPC HHC 136 ESB
Colom, J. Ssgt USAF
Colon, D. SSgt USMC
Colosi, R. E-7 USN Retired
Colvin, D. e6 705th EOD
Comas, R. E-4 USAF
Combest, A. E-6/SSG Retired
Combs, R. E-3 USAF
Combs, T. HT1(SW) USS Mcormick DDG-8
Comfort, C. MSG, USA Ret. Army
Concepcion, J. E-4 USS Iwo Jima
Connell, J. LT 2525M
Conner, R. SPC 2-2 SBCT
Connor, M. E-2 153 hhc
Conover, C. Lt Col 55 Wing
Contreras, J. E-4 45 IS
Conway, V. E-3 Fox Company 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines
Cook, C. Sgt. USMC
Cook, D. Sgt VMFA-312
Cooke, J. CPT Retired
Cooley, M. Veteran USMC
Coonrod, C. Sgt MSOR
Cooper, J. 1Lt 1-134 mech inf.
Coovert, N. E-5 US Navy
Cope, J. AG2 USN CVN 73
Copeman, D. E-3 110th CF
Coppage, K. ETCS, USN, RET Retired
Corbett, C. SrA 507ARW
Cordell, K. IT2 NCTSCU
Corley, R. E-5 USS Vella Gulf
Corley, E. E4 Army
Cornelius, T. CPT 2-2 AVN
Cornelius, M. SSgt USMC
Corraliza, J. GS-14 PLSO
Correll, A. ATCS USN
Corso, M. E-4 9th ID
Cortese, M. E-4 Air Force, 1881 Comm Sq
Cortina, A. E-4 1st Battalion 9th Marines 2nd Marine Division
Cose, J. 1SG Veteran
Costantino, K. SSgt Marine Corps
Costello, D. SSG Army
Costello, J. CAPT USN (Ret.)
Coughlin, A. A1C USAF
Couture, R. E-4 Navy USS Dixon As-37
Cowan, M. Major Marines
Cowher, M. E-5 US Navy
Cowley, M. SSgt 2d Radio Bn
Cox, J. SSgt 49 Material Maint. Sq.
Cox, J. SGT 10th Mountain Division
Craft, P. Spec 4 13 Coscon
Craft, J. SMSgt 149th Fighter Wing
Craft, B. E1 B43,Bravo
Craig, J. corporal f-2-1 1st Mar. Div.
Crandall, M. E7 CRS11
Crawford, R. Lt Colonel AFOSI
Crawford, R. Lt Colonel AFOSI
Crawford, J. A1C 325th AMXS
Crawford, R. A1C 23 EMS
Crawford, S. E-3 Veteran
Crean, S. Veteran US Navy
Credit, D. SSG 2ID
Creedon, C. 2LT Army Medical Corps
Crefasi, N. E5 VP 94 Air - Navy
Cremin, C. Major UAE SAO
Crider, P. Cpl 2/1 Echo Company
Crider, E. EM1(SW/AW) NPTU
Cridlebaugh, D. SSgt 125IS
Criscoe, C. Sr Airman 97th CS
Criswell, P. SSGT 144FW
Crockett, J. Corporal CLB-31
Crosby, A. SP-5 US Army Security Agency
Crouch, C. SGT US ARMY
Crowley, J. E-4 Army Security Agency veteran
Crump, P. Cpl 2/7
Cseke, P. Lt Col USAF
Cuevas, J. SGT 1-82 ARB 82 CAB
Cuevas, R. sgt b2
Culbertson, S. Sgt 8th Bn 40th Armor
Culbreath, H. Sgt E company 4th Av Div. Ft Carson Colo
Culpepper, A. E-6 6 AMXS
Cummings, D. MSG (retired) 116th IBCT
Cummings, B. E5 USS ESSEX
Cummings, P. E4 93rd Evacuation Hospital
Cunning, R. SSG US ARMY
Cunningham, F. SSGT USMC
Curl, D. Maj 72ARS
Curran, E. SSgt 57 AMXS
Currier, R. CSM US Army Ret. 1/116 FA
Curry, M. SSG US Army Retired
Curtis, G. Sgt 42nd OMS Loring AFB, ME
Curtis, T. SGT 3rd Recon BN
Curtis, T. SGT 3rd Recon BN
Curtis, C. E6 NBK SEC
Curtsinger, M. Major USMC, Retired
Cusick, J. E7 VAQ33
Cusimano, T. Captain APMC
Cusimano, K. Specialist 205th ENG
Cyran, E. Disabled Veteran Coast Guard
D, C. SSG 833rd TTTB
D, S. Active USMC
D'amato, J. Veteran E5 US ARMY
Dady, B. MSgt/E-7 USAF (Retired)
Dahl, A. CORPORAL 1/11 MAR
Daley, S. E-5 1st MAW
Daliege, B. Sgt 2/24 H&S Co.
Dalton, P. CWO4(RET) USN
Damewood, A. Disabled Veteran ARMY-Combat Medic
Dandridge, J. Captain 59th OD BDE
Daner, S. Captain HQAMC
Daniel, E. BGen USAF
Daniel, C. E-4 HHC 1-12 CAV 3HBCT
Danielevs, D. Deacon Staff Officer
Daniels, J. Captain USMC
Daniels, C. Sgt 2D Recon Bn.
Darbonnier, B. e-5 US NAVY
Dardeen, W. E-3 Alpha Co 4th LE
Darkins, M. E-6 NAS Jax
Darling, D. LtCol (Ret) USMC
Darling, T. E6 US NAVY
Darling, B. CPL HQ REG
Dascenza, J. Corporal MWSS-372
DAURIA, J. E-3 1/1 and 3/1
Davenport-Cook, T. E6 11th sig
Davey, P. MSgt 17 STS
Davey, A. TSgt 5 MXG
David, D. E7 Seal Team 18 (retired)
David, F. Captain 162 infantry brigade
David, B. Sgt. 101st Airborne
Davids, R. PFC 7768 AU
Davidson, C. LtCol USMC Retired
Davila, J. SGT 1-5 Cav Bravo Co.
Davis, S. SSG 1-17 CAV, 82nd CAB
Davis, P. Chief Petty Officer USN
Davis, C. E-4 Ft. Campbell 101st, 3rd Bde.
Davis, K. E5 1-22
Davis, J. Veteran USCG
Davis, P. LT USNR AO144
Davis, D. Cpt 7th SFG
Davis, R. E4 Army 4-31 INF BN
Davis, H. Major Army 04 Retired
Davis, L. E3 US NAVY
Davis, A. Sgt Retired
Davydov, S. LT 200th MP Command
Dawson, G. SFC US Army Retired
Day, D. E-5 23 rd dpu
Day, J. E4 Army Reserve
De Andrea, E. E3 US Navy
De Dios, R. E-4 4th Tanks Bn
De Jesus, J. E4 U.S Army
Deal, C. LTC 946th FST
Dean, J. E-4 633 Medical Operations Sq
DeAngelis, J. E3 NMCB 1 USN
Dearinger, G. Master Sergeant/USMC Military Police
Deason, J. 1LT 1-5 FA
DeAtley, D. SFC 138th FiB
DeBrosse, D. E5 1487th Trans. Co.
Deburkarte, K. LT Navy
Decker, M. Sgt 29th LRS
Decker, J. Command Master Chief NAS Atlanta
Declercq, C. e-4 NAVY
Deering, J. Specialist 6252 USAH
Dees, A. E-5 ACU-1
Deets, M. LTC USA Retired
Defenbaugh, P. E-4 5th SFG(A)
Deforest, T. Veteran 1st Battalion 10th Marines
DeGier, C. SSgt 180th Fw
Degrassi, W. L/CPL VMA 533
Degrassi, W. CPL USMS
Deguinion, R. SSGT 13 RS
Dehaan, J. sp4 3rd fwd support batalion
Deignan, C. Sgt Kilo 3/12
Deis, M. Maj USAFR
DeJesus, J. O3 US Navy
Delacruz, G. e-6 Navy-retired
Delacruz, A. E4 2/6
DeLancey, T. Veteran HHC 14th Combat Engineer Bn
Delanoy, K. USAF MSgt Retired USAF
DeLauro, C. Cpl USMC, 3rd LAR
Delgado, R. CW2 retired A co 1-229 ARB
DelleChiaie, D. SPC 5-5 ADA
Dellinger, W. TDC(E-7/CPO) Ret Retired
Delma, R. CPL 3/116 INF
Demarest, A. Specialist HHC 2/8 Infantry 4th ID
Dempsey, T. Veteran AMMO
Dence, C. E-3 3D Intelligence
Denison, T. 0-5 USS TRUXTUN
Dennis, A. SGT E5 B 2/121 st In
Dennis, D. E9 Retired
Denson, M. corpral 2nd battalion 8th marines
Denzine, K. SrA 55th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron
DePierre, L. Senior Airman 157 ARW
Derrick, W. SMS 134 ARW
Derrick, S. E-3 AFRC
DeShon, M. SMSgt USAF/819 RHCES
Detommaso, A. Ssgt 3MRSB
Dettmer, J. SGT F Co 425 INF (ABN) (LRS), HHC 1-125 INF, MED DET MIARNG
DeVine, T. CTNSN U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/Tenth Fleet
Devlin, P. CW3 1-126
Dewey, J. CDR USCG
Diana, S. SGT 4th ID Bco 1/68 CAB
DIAZ, A. E-5 Strike Fighter Wing Pacific Dettachhment Fallon Nevada, USN
Diaz, R. E3 2/6 (Retired)
Diaz, C. Lcpl 2ceb
Diaz, R. SGT 1-506 Currahee
Diaz, G. TSgt 4 AMXS
Diaz, J. E-7 Tulane NROTC
Dibella, C. Pfc Ft Campbell air assault!!
DiCarlo, A. Colonel 121 FS
Dice, J. Technical Sergent Air Force
DIce, J. E-6 224JCSS
DiCino, J. Sgt Med Lab Spec,Peterson Field
Didonna, J. Corporal 2/3 Marines
Diehl, F. Sergeant 3/5
DIEHL JR., F. SGT. 3/5
Diemert, A. SPC 2BEB
Dienst, J. Colonel 78MDG
Dietrich, M. CW4 EAATS
DiJulio, P. LtCol Retired
Dilts, B. LT USN
Dimaggio, T. Corporal 2/4 Magnificent Bastards
Dingels, D. e-3 100% disabled Medically Retired
Dingman, H. Cpl USMC Co L MarSptBn NSGA GTMO
Dini, M. Corporal USMC / VMGR-352
DiNicola, K. PO2 USCG Sector Puget Sound
Dinini, A. SMSgt 413th Flight Test Group
DiSarle, M. E-4 U.S. Army
Dixon, D. Veteran Navy
DIXON, P. Lieutenant Marines
Do, J. Specialist 66th engineer company
Do, M. Captain USAF
Do, K. E-6 USS Laboon DDG-58
Doan, V. SFC/E-7 IMA - Korea
Dobbins, A. E-4 USAF
Dobler, S. Lt USS Flying Fish
Dobyns, M. CPT USNR retired N/A
Dodson, D. Sergeant 2MAW, USMC, RETIRED
Dodson, JR, S. E-7 / SFC 11th Cav
Doggett, E. SFC US Army Retired
Doherty, R. MMC(SS) E-7 US Navy
Dolan, W. SSG C Co 151 ESB SCANG
Doles, J. Corporal 9th Comm Bn
Doles, J. Corporal USMC
Doll, S. SSGT USAF Medical Corps
Dominguez, N. SSG Dco264
Donald, W. PFC 1AD
Donathan, W. TSGT USAF Retired
Donley, C. E1 NAPS
Donovan, R. LTC 29th ID
Dooley, G. TSgt 142 Fighter Wing, Portland Oregon
Doran, R. SSGT U S Air Force Retired
Doran, R. ETCM(SW) US Navy
Doran, D. E-3 555 quartermaster detachment
Dorman, A. SSgt 20 AMXS
Dornon, J. Sgt 1st FSSG
Dottery, W. CPO Retired U. S. Navy
Doty, T. MSgt USAF Retired
Douglas, J. Master Seargent Pararescue (Ret.) Chief of 333rd, 334rd, 335th and 336th squadrons of ACC
Douglas, L. E-5 A Co. 1/24 4th Mar Div
Douglass, J. Capt 3AMXS Elmendorf AFB, AK
Dourand, K. E4 3/1 IBCT
Dowd, Z. SSgt 379 EMXS
Dowd, W. PVT Army
Down, T. E5 msrt
Downing, J. SSG 2/379 th
Doyle, C. Veteran E-4 7th ESB
Dragon, D. E-3 861st EN.
Drehmer, C. SrA USAF
Driggers, K. E-4 166th Maint Co
Driggs, J. 1SG 160th SOAR (ABN)
Drinkwater, M. 1stSgt TECOM HQ
Drinnon, G. SFC USAR Retired
Driscoll, A. Cpl MWCS-38
Driskel, W. E-3 5/16 INF batt FT Riley KS
Driver, T. O-3 NROTC UMN
Droog, L. LTC 912 FST
Drury, M. Sergeant 2D BATTALION 25 marines 4th marine division
Dryden, J. SGM 10th SFG
Ducker, Z. SSG 1-505th PIR 3BCT 82nd ABN
Dudley, P. AZCS(AW) E-8 US Navy Retired
DuLong, J. E-6 US Coast Guard
DuLowe, B. SSG 1-80th Training
Dum, B. TSgt 142 Medical Group
Dumas, T. SGT 4-42FA 1-4BCT
Dunaway, N. SGT 1-174th ADA
Dunbar, D. Veteran US Army
Dunbar, B. SSgt 436 OSS
Duncan, W. E-5 182 AW, ILANG
Dunckel, R. pv2 34th engineers battalion. US Army
Dunn, J. E-4 2/3 field artillary
Dunn, D. SrA 51SFS
Dunning, R. Captain HMH-466
Duque, S. E-7 Air Force Inspection Agency
Durbin, C. SGT B Co 15th MI BN (AE)
Durden, M. Sergeant 314th CBRN CO
Durden, M. Sergeant 314th CBRN CO
Duvall, F. LCDR CEC, USN (retired)
Dwinell, D. CPL 1st BN 5th Marines
Dyer, C. SGT C Co 1/21 INF
Dyer, C. Sgt 131 INF.
Dzikowski, R. RM2 USS Charles F. Adams DDG2
Eagle, J. E5 US Navy
Earl, J. Retired Togus VA
Earl, E. PFC 49th RCAT Det.
Earnest, K. SFC 1313th Eng Co
Earp, W. SPC 314 MI Brigade
Easley, J. GySgt MWSS-374, USMC
Eastburn, Z. SPC 2-151 INF
Easterling, J. SRA 608 Air Communications SQ
Eastman, B. CPL B-Trp 1/94 CAV
Eatmon, G. TSgt US Air Force
Eaton, R. Sgt E-5 1st Cavalry, 2/19th Arty
Ebell, R. spec 4 HHC VII HQ Stuttgart
Eberle, A. E4 US Navy
Echavarry, R. E7 NVA Atlanta
Echevarria, G. TSgt 70th APS 482nd FW
Ecklund, J. SSG Hhc 5 bn, 1 swtg
Eddingfield, B. Specialist 10th mountain div
Edge, J. E-5/Corpsman HSWL Base Seattle, USCG
Edmonds, L. spc Fco 4-31
Edwards, K. SGT A Co 5-101 Phoenix
Edwards, S. SFC 1st AD
Edwards, F. MSgt DAF
Edwards, B. SPC 1-187 101st ABN DIV (AASLT)
Edwards, A. E-7 375 AMW
Eellaval, P. 2lt USAF
Eisel, J. SSgt 6MXS
Eisen, J. SGT 377th SMC
Eklin, E. 2LT Dental Corps
Elder, K. Colonel USMC
Eley, R. CDR EOD
Elias, J. CPL Wpns Co 2/2
Ellefson, T. E-3 45th Ibct OKNG
Ellingson, B. E-4 VAW 111th
Elliott, R. spc A 1-118 fargt
Ellis, R. Corporal USA
Ellis, D. STG1 USN
Ellis, T. MSgt USAF 192 SFS
Ellison, K. E4 3/2 Usmc
Elmore, D. CWO2 219th BFSB
Elmore, C. E-3 1123rd en sapper companyj
Elrod, W. E-5 40/13th ASAR
Elston, J. SSgt 183rd
Elwell, T. Sergeant SOI East
Elzey, G. SSgt 103 RQS
Emanuelson, E. SGT USMC-2ndBN/5thMAR
Emelo, R. HM1 USN-RET Medical Clinic, Everett
Emert, S. E4 retired USAF Crypto
Emmenegger, J. Sgt VMAT-102
Enders, A. LCPL 3rdAABN E CO
Enders, R. HN medical logistics company
Engaldo, E. E-5 USS Cape St George
Engelken, T. E5 (Veteran) ACU-1/MCM CREW PERSISTENT
Englund, L. E-5 3rd Gun Battalion, 82nd Artillery
Epps, A. FC3 Retired USN
Erdman, J. E4 C co 57th esb
Erickson, J. Veteran USAF
Erik, B. CW2 USAAAD, 5th Aviation Bn
Ernst, C. SFC 80th TASS
Escobar, M. E-5 63rd Signal/Air Assault
Escoto, M. e-4 IMHG/ENG
Escoto, D. Spec C co 40 th bsb
Espinosa, E. TSgt 5th Combat Comm
Espinosa, J. Specialist Charlie 2nd of 503, 170th Airborne Brigade
Espinoza, W. SPC 1-200th Inf
Espiritu, K. E-5/Sergeant 12th MCD Recruiting Stattion Seattle
Essig, D. CSM/E-9 1st Squadron 94th Cavalry
Estes, S. SPC 82 ABN / 407 S&S
Estler, C. MM1 (SS/DV) USS Topeka
Estrada, E. Corporal H&HS
Estrella, G. SSG 301St MI BN
Eubank, J. Spc 5/7 Ada
Evans, W. E-4 USAF
Evans, K. Sgt. USMC
Evans, K. SPC Aco 2-508th PIR 4th BCT 82nd ABN DIV
Evans, G. MSgt / E-7 (Retired) 55th Special Operations Squadron
Exendine, M. SPC 1135th EN Co
Exum, G. Major Discharged October 1992
F, J. E7 USN
Fabbricatore, J. E-4 USAF Security Forces
Faber, K. PO3 USNR
Fabian, F. ABHC/E-7 USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN71
Fadeley, H. Cadet WestPoint
Fadeley, H. E4 101st Airborne
Fahlquist, S. e7 usn retired
Falduti, D. SSG Retired Disabled Vet Last unit, HHD 330th BN, 82nd ABN SUS BDE, Ft Bragg, NC 28310
Fandrey, W. TSGT Retired
Farmer, R. PO3 NMCB 11
Farrar, L. Airmen 272
Farrat, S. SSgt Cherry Point IMA DET
Farrell, R. SSgt 6916 ESS
Faulkner, J. Veteran U.S. ARMY
Fawks, J. E-7 US Army (retired)
Felde, A. Captain MCCC, Ft Benning
Felix, R. Lcpl 4th LAR battalion H&S company
Felten, D. SPC D Co 4-4 ARB 4CAB 4ID
Fenwick, J. E3 62APS
Ferero, M. E5 USN
Ferguson, J. SSG 381st MP
Ferrara, A. E5 USS Ortolan
Ferrari, A. Sgt USMC
Ferrari, C. E-4 US Coast guard
Ferrel, H. Spc. C co 1-18 INF
Ferrell, R. CW5 G3 Pentagon
Ferrell, R. Lt 1/502 Inf
Ferrell, R. Cw4 4-101st
Ferrell, R. CW5 101st Aviation
Ferrigno, M. E5 37th combat support group
Ferrin, P. MGSgt II MEF, G6, 2ndMARDIV
Ferris, C. CPT, MI, U.S. Army 100% Disabled Veteran
Ferris, S. Sgt USMC/ MCIA
Feuerbach, M. E-5 US Navy
Fey, M. Sgt 75th Ranger Regiment
Fields, S. SrA 184IW
Fields, D. LtCol (ret) USMC
Figgs, M. SPC 424 MMB
Figueroa, A. 1stLt USMC
Finch, W. Sgt. USMC
Finch, G. SSG 1-2 SBCT, 2-3 IN
Fink, Z. Spc/ E-4 2nd 107th Cav HHT
Finn, R. pfc B 3-29 FA
Finney, D. Sgt US Army
Fischer, J. Veteran KU NROTC
Fischer, A. E4 816 EAS
Fisher, A. SSgt 235 ATCS
Fisher, A. Spc 1/279
Fisk, J. E-7 USAF
Fiske, R. SMSgt USAF Combat Weather
Fitchett, D. SFC HHC 449th TAB
Fite, B. E-5 USCG
Fitzgerald, J. E-5 US Navy
Fitzpatrick, B. E 6 ASCC
Fitzpatrick, C. E6 ASU 1304
Fitzpatrick, M. CPL Ammo
Fizer, R. COL Dugway Proving Ground/ Army Test and Eval Command
Flaten, M. O-4 552nd AEW&C Wing
Flavio, D. E-3, Lance Corporal VMFA 531, MAG 11
Fleming, J. Major USAR Retired
Fleming, M. MSgt USAF
Fletesgarcia, R. E5 USNR
Flint, T. LT USS Daniel Boone (SSBN 629)
Flores, A. SGT 1st Bde 3/73 Cav
Flores, G. SGT 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Flores, E. MSgt 58 MXS
Flowers, T. TSgt USAF Retired
Floyd, J. 3rd class C USCGA
Foelix, T. Cadet USAFA
Foerster, A. E3 Navy
Fogleman, K. DC2 EODMU3
Fonseca, M. PO2 Schoo of Infantry East Camp Lejune
Fontejon, P. SSG 877th ENCO
Foote, T. HMC US Navy
Foote, D. SMSgt/E-8 49th CONS
Ford, J. SPC BCO 3-116 IN REG
Ford, S. 1Lt B Co., 1/12 1st Cavalry
Ford, K. E-4 ACU-5
Forest, C. SSGT USMC
Forester, S. Maj HQMC
Forgey, P. E-4 Fast company
Foskie, B. Pt 1st 101
Fosmo, T. 1stLt USMC
Foster, L. CW2 1/244th AHB
Foster, J. SSG 10th MTN DIV
Foster, B. Lcpl 3rd amphibious assault Bn.
Foster, J. E-4 (SrA) 60amxs
Fournier, D. CW3 101st Abn
Fox, L. SSgt 43 CPMS
Fox, B. E-5 U.S. Navy
Fox, M. Sgt E-5 1st Signal Brigade, 160th Signal Group
Fox, M. CPL U.S.M.C. Retired 2/4
Fox, L. e-4 3rd us inf.
Foxhill, C. Corporal USMC
Fraker, E. GSgt USMC
France, R. E4 82nd
Franchi, M. Veteran 388 AMXS
Francis, C. O-2 USCG Headquarters
Francis, C. LTJG USCG HQ
Franklin, D. E-4 LHA-6
FRANKLIN, D. E5 Elizabeth City Air Station
Franklin, T. E-05 USN
Franklin, S. SSgt 8th AMXS
Franks, J. E-4 VMFA-(AW)-224
Franks, D. Senior Chief US Navy Retired
Frantz, M. e-3 veteran
Franz, J. SFC 1-168th GSAB
Frazier, W. O1 USN
Frederick, M. Corporal Veteran 1/38 infantry battalion ,2nd infantry division
Freeman, M. Sgt 10st
Freeman, R. SSG vet
Freeman, T. PFC A 1-10 FA
Fren, D. 02 Sector St
French, M. PO1 USN
Fretta, R. E4 1 Inf. Div. 1/16 Iron Rangers
Fritz, J. LCPL HMLA-773
Frost, J. Cpl 2nd TSB
Frye, J. sgt B 426th BSB
Fu, H. A1C 69 APS
Fuentes, J. Sgt (USMC) MMMA-2
Fullen, D. SSgt 21st Special Operations Squadron
Furbush, T. AO1/E-6 Navy
Furlong, L. E4 USAF
Furnald, D. e-5 389th eng. bat.
Fussell, K. E7 Army
Gable, R. Major Army
Gacek, P. E-5 B 1-108 AR
Gaffney, R. SGT 772 FST
Gagye, B. Sgt. 3/4 (8541)
Gaines, K. A1C 19 AMXS
Gallagher, J. LCDR U.S. Navy
Gallardo, J. Spc E/6-101
Gallegos, M. CSM(R) SOCOM
Gallmann, M. SPC/E-4 BCO 501st FSB
Galloway, S. SGT/E-5 Caserma Del Din
Galloway, D. Pvt. WZ36A4
Galon, J. Lt Col USAFR
Galvan, N. Cpl 2/2 Golf Co
Galvin, J. E-5 Arctic Dustoff
Gamble, J. CWO3 USN
Gambordella, P. GMG3 USN
Gantt, M. Hospital Corpsman USNHS Mercy
Gaono, M. CPT 7th WMD-CST
Garbarino, A. Maj 800 MB BDE
Garcia, P. SGT 411th Military Police Company
Garcia, M. Spc U.S. Army
Garcia, T. SPC US ARMY
Garcia, A. E4 Fort Lewis Infantry
Garcia, R. E 6 1st Cavalry
Garcia, J. Corporal USMC
Gardecki, C. E-5 VR-64
Gardecki, C. E-5 VR64
Gardecki, C. E5 VR64
Gardner, B. E-4/HM3 Naval Health Clinic Corpus Christi
Gardner, M. E4 229th MI US Army
Garland, M. SrA 325 mxs
Garland, P. A1c 62 trans
Garris, J. Sgt Recruiting Station Fort Worth
Gary, S. E-4 US ARMY
Garza, J. Sergeant 10th Mountain Division, 1st BCT, B. Co. 2-22
Garza, E. SGT 2/75
Garzolini, R. E5 72ndATC
Gaspard, G. E4 5158
Gasser, C. SPC A Co 1-8 IN 3ABCT 4ID
Gastelum, C. Petty Officer 3rd class Sector San Diego
Gates, B. Lt Col Air War College
Gates, D. SFC-E-7 D Co. 101st Avn Gp. Ft. Campbell
Gattoni, D. Corporal USMC
Gaume, P. SGT HHC, 1/508 PIR, 82nd
Gaytan, R. SSG 4-10 CAV
Gazvoda, A. Sgt/E-5 1431st En Co Sappers
Gebhardt, B. CPO Navy
Geherty, J. Captain 3/5
Gehrer, J. MSG B 1/109th IN
Geiger Jr, W. O-1 USCG New London
Gensch, D. CWO3 U.S Navy
Gentry, B. E8 USCG TCY
Georgeson, M. Veteran/SGT 3662nd Maint Co.
Georgion, M. E-4 355 FS
Gerard Sr, M. Lnce Corporal 2nd Marine Airwing
Gerdel, J. JO3 NAS Dallas
Gerhart, K. CPT U.S. Army
Gerringer, D. SFC U.S. ARMY RET
Giacalone, T. PVT. Medically Retired
Gibson, N. TSGT 437MXS
GILBERT, R. Sergeant First Class C4 Camp Bullis
Gilbert, P. SrA 94IS
Gilbert, Q. E-7 Vaw-120
Gilchrist, K. E4 OSHU Camp Pendleton Det I
Gilliam, D. CPL 3rd Recon
Gilliland, E. Lt Col Air Force Operational Test Center
Gillispie, P. CMSGT USAF Retired
Gilmore, N. LCPL 1/5
Gilmore, B. E-4 152nd AW
Gin, M. Cpl 1/1 USMC
Giordano, L. Corporal 2nd Engs/ 1st MAW
Giovengo, L. E-4 HMM-268
Giraldi, C. E-4 469th EN CO
Girouard, C. E 3 29th English Battalion
Gisi, N. 2LT 34th MP Co
Givens, R. Ssgt 100 SFS
Gladfelter, P. E1 5-15 Cav
Glander, C. LT USS El Paso (LKA-117)
Glass, C. Maj ACC/A10
Glazzy, M. Sgt 1st Marine Air Wing
Gleason, J. sgt 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines
Glenn, J. LCDR USN Ret
Glista, A. E5 Seabee Diver
Gloss, J. SrA 22 MXS/MXMCF
Glover, K. E7 AC
Glover, T. TSgt 96 DS
Gmitter, G. Lt Col Med Com
Godfrey, R. SPC 152 MP CO
Godwin, R. Sgt E-5 Veteran
Godwin, R. e-5 veteran
Goe, R. Sgt 21st SPS
Goebel, C. AWC VP
Goering, H. SGT USA
Goforth, J. 1LT B TRP 1/150th ARS
Golab, J. Sergeant Bco 1-508 PIR 3BCT 82nd ABN
Goldberg, J. LTC USA ret
Golden, M. CPT A/1-145 AVN
Gomer, C. E-3 University of Cincinnati AFROTC - Contracted Reserves
Gomez, F. corporal hmh 464
Gomez, A. E3 US Army SETAF
Gommesen, M. SGT 321st PSYOP
Gommesen, S. LCPL US Marine Corps
Goncharov, D. SSG 1BCT 82nd ABN DIV
Gonzales, S. SPC 3CR RSS MNT
Gonzales, A. SPC 16th Signal Co. TIN
Gonzalez, J. SSgt 9CES
Gonzalez, E. Sgt. Marine Corps
Gonzalez, C. Ssgt Mwss473
Gonzalez, H. GM2 USCGC Raymond Evans
Gonzalez, R. Staff Sergeant 1/5 FA
Gonzalez, W. ens uscg
Gonzalez, A. Corporal 3/2
Goodin, R. CSM 163rd Field Artillery
Goodman, D. LT US Navy
Goodman, A. CW2 US Army Retired
Goodman, W. SSG SBIC 1-29 IN
Goodman, R. Cpl 9th ESB
Goodrich, J. AO2/E-5 NAVY
Gordon, J. CPT Fort Campbell
Gore, B. 0-1 USNA
Gore, N. E-6 Retired
Gorkowski, K. Sgt 1st LAR
Gottman, J. LCPL USMC
Gould, C. Lcpl-E3 MCSF CO
Goulden, T. SSGT 341 MSFS
Grable, T. E-5 39th AR Army Guard
Graff, A. 2LT N/A
Graff, S. EO3 RNMCB18
Graham, C. TSGT 159th MDG/CERFP
Graham, M. Sgt USAF
Graham, M. LCpl/E-3 4th Marines
Granados, J. Lance corporal 1st law enforcement battalion
Grant, J. Sgt MSG
Grant, A. E5 USN
Grant, M. e5 693rd Sapper Co
Grant, D. CPT A CO 2-2 IN
Granville, J. Sgt Clr17
Granville II, V. E-4 10 MTN DIV
Grasso, S. O-1 USAR
Graybill, Z. Sgt MCTSSA USMC
Green, P. SPC 392D AB
Green, N. SGT 2D AA BN B CO
Green, M. ADC VXE-6
Green, F. Sp 4 1st Cavalry Division, RVN
Greenbaum, J. SGT/E-5 1/320 Fa G co 2bn 101st ARB
Greene, S. E-5 1st LAR USMC
Greenwood, A. E4 Logistics
Gregorian, D. LT US NAVY
Gregory, K. SSGT USAF (Ret.)
Greve, K. Sgt CNATT
Griff, M. Sergeant 3/5
Griffin, C. CDR VT-9
Griffin, J. Sgt. HHB 2/10 FA
Griffith, W. Sgt III MAW
Grimes, B. SFC Retired
Grist, G. MSGT 116 Dobbins AFB
Grizzle, C. E-7/MSGT 103 JFH
Grobels, C. Corporal 1st Bn. 6th Regiment, 2nd Marine Division
Groman, M. SPC 1/506, 101st ABN
Gronke, B. SPC XVIII Airborne Corps
Grossman, J. SPC 339th General Hospital
Grossman, J. Lt. US Airforce
Grosso, R. Veteran US Navy
Grote, S. SFC 374 MP Company, PA
Grote, S. SFC US Army MP Corps
Grothe, C. SraA 13is
Groves, G. SGT USMC
Gruber, D. E4 US Navy
Gruetzner, B. SSG HHC 1-12 CAV Scouts
Grundvig, I. Sgt/Veteran 7th ESB
Gruttola, J. Veteran Frc west lemoore
GRYGIER, M. Captain A CO 345 MI BN (TS)
Grygier, M. 1LT 436th Civil Affairs, 350th CACOM
Guajardo, S. Private First Class 3rd ID
Guarino, J. corporal marines
Guerra, D. O3 USN
Guerra, D. LT Navy
Guerrero, Z. 2LT 855 MP CO
Guerrero, A. CMSgt USAF
Guetersloh, G. SSG C-co 1-11th Avn Regt
Guetter, J. TSgt 1 SOSFS
Guidry, R. Corporal USMC
Guiffredo, A. 2nd Lieutenant 315 TRS
Guiles, K. SPC 329th Chemical Co. 4th Platoon
Gullett, L. Spc. 57th MP Co. 8th MP BDE 728th MP BN
Gunderson, R. E-6 Paratrooper US Army
Gurney, D. E-5 USMC
Gursky, J. LT VFA-106
Guzman, J. TSgt 570 Global Mobility Sq
Guzman, J. TSgt 570 GMS
H, T. SGT 3BDE 10th MTN
H, R. SSG 3rd ACR
Haag, Z. Cpl USMC
Haag, B. E4 375 MDOS
Habeck, P. E-3/A1C 27 SOEMS
Habermehl, R. Sgt 2nd Ranger Bn
Hachey, M. MAJ Madigan
Hackmann, A. E-3 729 acs
Hagan, J. E-5 ANG Veteran
Haggerty, A. E3 MSO Jacksonville FL.
Hala, R. CW3 US Army
Hale, T. Col 807 MEDCOM
Hale, J. SSgt USMC
Hale, H. SGT 388th CLR CO
Halepeska, R. SGT USAF veteran
Hall, G. 1LT 1/3 US INF
Hall, D. Veteran 52nd Airborn
Hall, M. PO3 Navy
Hall, C. Sergeant USAF Veteran
Hall, M. E-6 U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Hallback, P. SGT USMC
Halley, D. E-5 71st Rescue Squadron
Hallman, L. Senior Airman 436 Medical Operations Squadron
Halloran, J. SPC 322nd Combat Support Company
Halloren, S. Spc retired A couple 429th
Ham, A. e-5 121 ACS
Hambrick, R. SSG C co 1-194 AR
Hamilton, R. E-6 187th Inf - C 2/54
Hamilton, A. 2lt 114 mp
Hamilton, J. OIF/OEF Veteran 506 INF CURRAHEE, FT. Campbell
Hamilton, R. GySgt Veteran
Hamilton, R. E-5 3rd ID
Hamm, D. LTjg Desron Ten
Hammond, E. Retired 333 MP Brigade
Hammons, J. SPC 3-227 AHB 1ACB
Hampton, Z. SGT 357 En Co
Hampton, M. veteran (former rank CPL) 3/6 Lima co
Hampton, S. E6 MWSS-474
Hancock, I. PFC Bravo Battery 2-218 FA
Hanft, G. spc 444 en co
Hanlon, W. 1SG Ret 1/151 AAHB
Hannan, R. Dr. CJTF-101
Hanosek, R. LTC NGB
Hansen, T. E4/ Spc 4-10 MTN 2-30 infantry battalion
Hansen, M. specialist 290th MP Company- MD National Guard
Hansen, K. E6 106th RQW
Hansen, S. SSG Retired
Hansen, K. Msgt 106 ANG
Hansen, E. Spec 5 315th ASD
Hansen, B. CWO4 USCG St. Louis
Hansen, T. Retired USAF
Hansen, D. E5 VP47
Hardaway, D. E4 5/8th Infantry
Harder, J. ADC HSC-85
Harder, S. SFC (R) MEDCOM
Hardin, A. E6 / CTN1 USN
Hardman, R. MSgt USAF
HARKEY, B. LTC US Army (Retired)
Harned, H. SP4 1st BN 4th ADA
Harnish, R. Veteran US NAVY
Haron, I. SPC 1-77 FA
Harper, D. SFC U.S. Army Retired
Harre, G. E-5 USMC & USNR
Harrell, R. SFC 1st SFG(A)
Harriott, P. E4 1st Bn 38 th. inf. EIGHT ARMY
Harris, T. PFC U.S. Army
Harrison, R. Lt. Col. O-5 USAF Retired
Harrison, W. corparl 663 ordance
Hartig, W. E7 CPO VR64 USN
Hartley, D. E6 US Navy Retired
Hartley, B. Cpl 1/116 inf
Hartmann, T. LTC 75th Inf Division
Hartsock, T. CW3 Eco 1-212 Avn
Hartwell, R. Staff Sargeant US Army Retired
Hartwig, T. E-6 SFLC Oakland
Hartwig, T. E-6 SFLC Oakland CA
Harvey, B. E-3/ Aviation Ordnancman USN
Harvey, M. CW4 U.S. Army Retired
Haskins, I. SSG 2/319th 104th Div
Haun, G. Cpl 3rd Bat, 7th Infantry
Hausam, M. E4 1/8 USMC
Hawkins, J. e5 NSW
Hawkins, M. a1c 117th arw
Hawkins III, J. E-4/MK3 CGC Greenbrier
Hawley, K. Sgt Reserve
Hayes, E. E6 437 AMXS
Hayes, M. sgt 24mibn
Hayes, H. E7 US Navy Seabees
Hayno, D. MSG 1 SFG (A)
Hayno, D. MSG 1st SFG(A)
Hayno, D. MSG 1st SFG(A)
Hayslett, H. MAJ USAR
Hazlip, B. E-4 mhg
He, R. SSGT 927th AMXS
Head, S. TSgt. USAF
Headley, R. PFC US Army 20th Special Forces
Headrick, M. E-3 US Navy
Heard, R. E4 3 ACR Fox Troop
Hebert, C. E-6 256th Infantry
Heim, L. LTC (RET) 5025 Garrison Support Unit
Heintz, T. Cpl 3bn 6th Marines
Heintz, C. CW3 704th MI BDE
Heising, J. E2 362
Heizer, T. Veteran (smsgt) USAF
Helfrich, R. E-4 US ARMY
Heller, C. E-6 138 SFS
Hellmold, P. Lt Col US Army Ret
Hemery, A. CPL 3/10 K BTRY
Hempel, R. Capt Ret.
Hendershot, R. LT USN
Henderson, S. 2LT 47FTW
Henderson, B. LT USN
Hendricks, C. veteran Marines 2 23 Fox
Hendricks, M. SGT Alpha BRTY 5/353 FA 162 IN
Hendrickson, J. SSG 6-8 can 3Id
Henshaw, J. MSgt 512 LRS
Hensley, G. E-8 US Navy
Hensley, R. Staff Sgt E5 67th Services Squadron
Herb, D. E5/ FC2 CSCSU Great Lakes
Herb, D. 1LT 108th ADA
Herbert, A. CPT PEO IEW&S
Herd, J. Cpl India 1/10
Heresh, Q. SrA 27 Special Operations Unit
Hermanson, J. Veteran US Army
Hernandez, H. E-4 12th chemical company
Hernandez, F. SPC/E-4 US Navy
Hernandez, F. Corporal USMCR 3/14
Hernandez, W. E-5 USCG STA VALLEJO
Hernandez, W. E-5 STA VALLEJO
Hernandez, T. E-5 USN
Hernandez, D. E-6 Submarine Learning Center DET San Diego
Hernandez, M. SSG HHC CTC San Luis Obispo CA
Herrema, D. E-4 (veteran) 1966-1970 507th HQ. ASA Avn Det.
Herriott, J. E-4 775 CES
Herrmann, C. Sgt. VMA-231
Herrmann, M. Lt 32nd IBCT
Herron, R. SSG US Army Retired
Hershman, H. SrA 92 MXS
Hess, J. SSgt ANG
Hess-Lohss, N. SSG 99th CBT SPT HOSP
Hester, R. SGM 30 ABCT
Hester, R. E5 491st MP
Hetherington, A. SPC 1/69th INF
Heusser, K. E-5 USN
HewsonHubbard, R. GySgt USMC
Heximer, M. e5 Ascc
Hibbard, R. E5 USMC
Hicks, D. Veteran USN
Hicks, J. E1 Infantry
Hiens, R. Cpl Maw3
Higgins, J. Staff Sargent US Army Special Forces
Higgins, D. Sergeant VMFA 314
Higuchi, M. E4 2D CEB MAC
Hilburger, N. Cpl MALS-14
Hileman, M. SGT 1st BN 4th MAR
Hill, G. Tsgt 7 OMS Carswell AFB Tx.
Hill, W. E6 USS Pegasus
Hill, M. CW2 U.S Army
Hill, A. First lieutenant 19th special forces group
Hillard, M. Major 4th Marine Division (G-4)
Hilliard, R. SGT A CO 1/415th
Hilliard, R. SGT 18th Military Police Detachment
Hilliard, R. SGT A CO 1/415 INF
Hinchee, M. SSgt 3as
Hineline, S. SSG/E6 Veteran /Army
Hines, J. E7 Center for service support learning site san diego
Hines, W. SSG 95th DIV IT
Hinkel, A. Cpl Vmm 161
Hinson, J. BM1 USCG Retired
Hinson, R. E4 Ky Air National Guard, 123rd Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron 2968-1974
Hipolito, R. E-6 VP-4
Hiscock, D. E-6 USAF
Hisey, T. Master Sergeant USAF (retired)
Hluck, G. LTC US Army, Retired
Hoang, D. SGT 1-66 AR, 4th BCT, 4th ID
Hoban, T. Sgt 10th Mtn Div
Hodge, M. E-5 Nosc Nashville
Hodge, P. E-4 CTARNG
Hodges, T. GySgt MWHS-3
Hoeffner, J. MSgt 372 TRS
Hoeppner, J. Pvt. 221 ordnance co
Hoffman, M. MSgt NGB
Hoffman, D. LT USNR
Hoffmann, D. SP4 801st Engineering Co
Hogan, M. E4 as a 12B first armored division combat engineers
Hogue, S. PFC A-co 1-325 2nd BCT 82nd Airborne Division
Hollaender, P. E-5 US Air Force
Holland, J. Pfc 5/5 ADA
Holman, S. Pfc 106
Holmes, H. E-3 2/8 Scouts 4th ID
Holsten, B. Sgt 218 MP Company
Holt, M. PFC 2/16th reg
Holt, J. SSGT air force
Holum, K. SPC 173 BEB, 32 IBCT
Holwell, B. CPL USMC
Hominick, W. Corporal 4th Division Marines
Hong, J. SFC 3/15th TPC
Hood, P. Sgt 2035 Comm Sq.
Hood, J. SSG 445th MDVS
Hood, D. Spc CCO 777
Hoover, R. MSgt Retired Veteran USAF
Hopkins, S. PFC USMC
Hopkins, C. Sgt 1221 EN CL CO
Hopkins, J. Colonel USAF
Hopkins, M. CW4 204th MI BN
Hopkins, R. CPT 3rd Special Forces Group
Hopper, A. E-7 901 SOAMXS
Hopton, J. SSG 3/69 Armor FT Stewart
Hoquist, K. Corporal MAG16/MALS16
Horn, C. ATR2 USN
Hornsby, A. colonel 101st
Horton, C. MTCM USN (RET)
Horvath, M. CPT IN
Horvath, G. Corporal E4 USMC VIET NAM 1968 1969
Hoskinson, E. TSgt 180th SFS
Hosmer, J. E-5 D360
Hotz, J. E-4 910th Airlift Wing
House, B. Major Armament Center
Houser, L. Sergeant 2nd MAW • MACG-28 • 2D LAAD • MCAS CHERRY POINT
Houvener, C. E5 USCG
Hovis, S. SGT 1-158th E Co
Howard, T. LCPL 4th LE Battalion Alpha Co
Howe, K. E-4 (SPC) 101st Airborne
Hrapla, M. Col 0-6 Ret HQ AFSOC
Hrehowsik, M. SGT 10th Mountain, US Army
Huang, J. HM3 WRNMMC
Hubbell, G. E-4 546 transportation Ft Bragg NC
Huber, R. E3 USCG
Huber, A. Spc 4th ESC
Huckaby, D. AT2(AW) VAQ-141
Hudgins, M. Sgt 2/6
Hudson, D. TSgt 90 CES
Huff, R. e5 25th inf div
Huffaker, P. Sargent E5 US Army
Huffman, T. CPT US Army 745th OIF VETERAN
Huggins, G. SFC US Army Retired
Hughes, T. PFC HHC 3rd BN 140th AVN REGT
Hughes, D. E6 USCG
Hughes, T. E-7 USA & USAF - Retired
Huller, D. Major U.S. Army
Humphrey, D. CPL U.S.M.C. Ret
Hunt, B. SGT 117TH Military Police BN
Hunt, L. SPC 580th FSC
Hunt, T. Lt Col 482 Fighter Wing
Hunter, A. Gunnery Sergeant USMC Bravo Co 1/6
Hunter, D. Commander Naval Hospital Pensacola
Hurley, L. E-5 PACAREA (PAC-11)
Husk, D. LtCol 258ATCS
Huston, M. MSgt AF Retired
Hutter, J. vet us army
Hutter, J. e-5 usaf
Huynh, P. SGT US Army Veteran
Huynh, P. SGT US Army Veteran
Huynh, W. SGT 157th MEB
Hylenski, P. SGT Hmx-1. USMC
Hysmith, J. SSG US Army
Ilisoi, D. Veteran US Army
Ioia, J. 1LT US Army
Irizarry, L. CW3 Army
Israel, T. Cpl Weapons and field training battalion
Iten, C. CPT 1-10FA
Ivester, C. SGT 101st ABN DIV
Ivester, C. Sgt 2d BSB
Jablonski, B. Col USMC
Jachimowicz, E. Lt Col (Ret) 25/74/75/81 FS
Jack, T. E7 US Coast Guard
Jackabon, B. CDR Retired
Jackson, P. E4 USAF ARRS
Jackson, P. e4 56 AARS USAF
Jackson, D. SPC 2-6 INF Scout Platoon
Jackson, R. SFC Vetetan
Jackson, T. 10th Inf Div Army (Retired) Spec E-4
Jackson, G. E5 FRC Det Mayport
Jackson, D. EN2 USS Milius
Jackson, A. E-3 NSW
Jackson, T. E5 USAF
Jackson, W. SP4 HHC 1st Bn ABN 509th ABCT
Jackson, T. Spc B Co 136th ESB
Jackus, S. E4 3 Combat Engineer Battalion
Jacobi, J. COL ASA(ALT)
Jacobs, W. E-5 282nd Black Cats
Jacobs, C. LCpl 7th comm
Jacobs, S. LCDR US Navy
Jacobson, S. Veteran Us army
Jaime, C. e-6 nmcb18
Jamell, D. LTC (Ret.) HHC I Corp, (1st Air Cav. Rep. of V.N.)
James, B. PFC USMC
James, A. AT2/E-5 USS George H.W. Bush
James, B. Major 101 St Airborne
James, M. E-4 USAF 8th Fighter Wing
James, F. ssgt usmc
James, J. E7 7th inf div
Jamison, J. Major USAF retired
Jarocki, J. E-6 173rd Airborne
Jarosz, G. E-3 US.NAVY
Jarvis, T. SPC 1/252 hhc 30th bde
Jaynes, R. CW4 US Army
Jedynak, J. Maj Retired
Jeffcoat, S. SSG US Army
Jeffers, S. SSGT 1st Tank Battalion
Jeffrey, S. HN CVN72
Jeffrey, W. Major Germany
Jennings, B. TSgt 4th CMS Seymour Johnson AFB NC
Jensen, B. LTC(R) 103 SC(E)
Jensen, J. MSgt USAF
Jensen, K. MT-2 USN
Jensen, J. SPC 1/211th ARB
Jensen III, R. Corporal (E4) 1st battalion 8th Marines
Jentgens, D. LTC 1st Air
Jernigan, G. Major US MARCENT
Jester, M. MAJ USA Retired
Jeswani, J. SSG Army
Jewell, A. SSgt/Veteran 89th APS
Jewell, J. PO3 NMCB 11
Jezak, K. maj 191st ARS
Jhant, J. Ssg 5th SFG
Jim, F. Sgt Scout Dogs
Jimenez, F. E-4 USMC Veteran
Jimenez, J. Cpl FAST Co, USMC
Jimenez, J. E-7 USN
Jimmie, J. E4 890th Eng
Jinkens, R. TSgt Retired
Joe, S. E-8 US Navy
Joe, P. Cpl 1st Maint Bn
JoebfonLawVA, J. Sith Master Charlie
Joellenbeck, D. SGT 101st ABN (Rakkasans)
John, R. e-3 122nd fw
John, S. SSg 82nd airborne
Johnson, S. spc US Army
Johnson, R. SMSgt/E-8 (retired) 16th SOS (AFSOC)
Johnson, J. SGT B 1/119th FA
Johnson, J. SGT 1/119th
Johnson, J. ENCS U S Navy Retired
Johnson, L. E4 SOES
Johnson, B. SSGT LRS
Johnson, C. E-7 CSDS-12 TAG
Johnson, M. SSgt U.S.M.C.
Johnson, C. SSgt 924th TFG
Johnson, B. Cpl E-4 B Co. 519th MI BN
Johnson, C. CPO US Navy
Johnson, J. SPC 1-108th AVN
Johnson, B. Captain 356 TFS
Johnson, M. PO2 / E-5 USN HSM-73/HSC-8
Johnson, E. E-3 USAF
Johnson, B. PO2 VPU2 Special Projects
JOHNSON, T. col 37as
Johnson, E. E3 MXMZA
Johnson, J. Corporal Motor T
Johnson, J. Lt us Navy
Johnson, M. Veteran SFS
Johnson, C. SSgt USMC
Johnson III, N. Corporal 3/5
Johnston, F. SRA 23 Amxs
Joliet, J. Spc 558th mp co
JomenkPymnZE, J. Deacon Staff Officer
Jonathan, F. E8 Airborne
Jones, M. capt. 3708
Jones, B. COL 167th TSC
Jones, R. STS2(SS) USN Submarine Service
Jones, G. SGT C Company 45th INF Div
Jones, T. LTC Army Ret
Jones, J. SGT 1/75 Ranger Regiment
Jones, J. SSgt A battery 1/10 2nd Marine Division
Jones, C. Lt Col DCMA
Jones, O. E-7 Fleet Reserve
Jones, R. TSgt 134 MXS
Jones, J. Lt Col 89AW
Jones, E. Commander USN (Ret.)
Jones, T. CSM (retired) GaARNG
Jones Jr, D. E-7 CLB-453
Jordan, T. CPL USMC
Joseph, G. SSGT 552 ACW
Joseph, G. MSgt 178OSS
Joshua, B. LTJG USN
Joshua, F. Staff Sergeant HHT 1-158 CAV
Jost, J. LCpl USMC 1/5 2/24
Jubie, R. TSgt RED HORSE/Civil Engineers
Juetten, A. E4 MFPU
K, A. SGT 3/75th
Kaiser, J. E-5 Lima 3/25
Kalkusinski, R. PV2 SAT
Kaminski, B. Veteran 8th Comm Bat
Kanadjian, Z. E4 MSST KB 91108
Kane, B. Cpt 19th EN BN
Kaneshiro, K. Major Fr. Sam Houston
Kania, L. E5 83 NOS
Kaplan, M. MSgt USAF Ret
Karnafel, M. Lance corporal CLR-15 1st maintenance bn
Karper, C. Sgt Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay
Katzenberger, J. E-4 858th Main. Det.
Kayser, C. SGT 348th MP CO
Keating, B. E5 EMF-15
Keck, T. MSgt USAF
Kelley, H. E-7 Navy retired
Kelley, T. 1st Lieutenant 282nd CBCS
Kelley, C. E4 Hsc 38th INF DIV DHHB
Kelley, C. e-4 spc 38th INF DIV HSC DHHB
Kelly, J. Ret. Usmc
Kelly, C. GM1 NSWG 2
Kelly, D. Captain 428 TFS
Kelly, G. GySgt Retired USMC
Kelly, A. Capt USAF
Kelly, J. e3 navy
Kelly, D. SSG Veteran U.S. Army
Kelm, J. e4 421 mcconnel air force base
Kenda, D. Commander US Navy (Ret.)
Kennedy, F. CAPT, USN (ret) USN Shooting Team
Kennedy, C. CAPT AF Med Corp
Kennedy, R. CPL USMC
Kenton, D. E-3 1st BN 8th MAR
Kepling, B. SPC 373rd Med Co (DS)
Kerschner, J. E5/Sgt Veteran
Kerstan, R. E7 NMCB 58
Kessie, G. ssg veteran e troop 28th cavalry
Kett, K. SGT 1/158 INF
Ketterling, J. E-4 760th en co
Kevin, R. SSG 169th Fires Brigade
Khampolngarm, P. SPC OKARNG
Khan, J. SPC 82nd ABN
Kielmann, A. E-4 specialist 3/365 ADA US Army
Killion, M. Lcp Mals-29
Kim, F. CPT (P) 1SFG(A)
Kim, Y. SrA 11th LRS
Kim, D. E-4 1st Intel Bn Camp Pendleton
Kimball, A. Lt/o3 Vp40
Kincaid, M. Pfc US ARMY
King, B. Sgt Major 2nd Batt 1st Spl Warfare Training Group
King, D. E5 325 LRS
King, S. Ssg Retired
King, J. E-4 USS Carl Vinson
King, J. MSgt USAF Retired
King, B. 1LT 396th CSH
King, R. LTC retired(Army)
Kinney, M. SFC Medically Retired
Kinsora, J. E-5 2d Ceb MAC
Kiper, C. Staff Sergeant Retired
Kirby, C. E-3 Navy
Kirk, C. E-5 Co d 109th AVN
Kirk, P. Sgt. 1st Class 3rd SFG (Airborne)
Kirk, S. CDR USN (Ret)
Kirk, J. E4 1-66 AR
Kirpekar, K. Spc E4 HHC 5th BDE (HS) 94th DIV (FS)
Kirwan, L. Captain Navy
Kirzner, A. E-4 U.S. Army
Kite, J. Cpl USMCR
Kitts, J. BM1(EXW) MSRON 12 BD B
Klaver, J. LCpl USMC I 3/11
Klein, J. Lt Col USAF (Ret)
Klemstine, T. AO2 US NAVY
Klinchock, M. Lance Corporal 6th ESB
Kloepper, J. Spc ARMY National Guard
Klug, M. Veteran 2-5 In
Klukas, J. MSgt 18 EMS
Knaperek, R. Bomb Technician EOD Cook County Sheriff
Knight, G. Sergeant MCESG
Kniskern, K. E4 4-4
Knotts, W. SPC 2-10 CAB
Knowles, K. E5 SEAL Team 5
Knox, K. MSgt 166th SFS
Knox, J. E-4 USAF
Knudson, D. capt mcces
Kodani, R. Veteran USAF
Koday, J. MSgt 419th FW
Koe, R. E-5 224 MI
Koehler, R. Sgt 2/7 USMC
Koehler, J. E4 VA-56, VFA-151, VAQ-34
Koehler, J. Veteran 2nd Calvary Regiment
Koel, R. E-5 124 MI
Koffler, E. E-3 USNavy
Kogin, R. spc5 330th rr vietnam
Kohl, G. E-6 USAF
Kohler, A. CPL 2nd Ranger Bn
Kohorst, T. LTC NGB
Kollmann, C. SGT 1221 Engineer Clearance Co
Komo, E. Col Fort Huachuca
Kondraski, E. E4 Marines
Konsen, A. LTJG USCG
Konz, D. MMC/SS USN Ret. Submarines
Koski, M. E8 HQ AMC TACC
Kosmo, M. 04 af
Koths, K. 1st Lt. U.S. Army
Kotula, K. Lt Col 12 OSS
Kovalenko, K. SSG 4th infantry division STB
Kozubek, T. SGT 486th CA BN
Krasowski, M. SP4/E-4 549th Military Police Co./236th Military Police Detatchment
Kraszczynski, S. E5 2 Bat.
Krause, K. Colonel USAF
Kreamer, L. CPL USMC
Kroneberger, C. veteran 1-4 inf
Krossber, R. Veteran USMC
Krumrey, R. SSgt 72nd CES Tinker AFB, OK
Krusinsky, S. e-5 1st recon bt
Kubovcik, J. E-5 Army 82nd ABN DivArty
Kuhlman, G. pfc 472 chemical battalion
Kuhlmann, A. CPL 2/1
Kuhn, R. E-4 2nd Mar Div CJ, NC
Kumparak, R. Lance Corporal 1st Battalion 1st Marines
Kuntz, K. E3 2/24
Kuroda, M. e6 security forces norfolk alpha co
Kyser, M. E7 USCG
Lacayo, I. Veteran USMC
Lady, S. E-3/LCPL USMCR Lima 3/24
Lai, K. SrA 22IS
Lai, A. E5 USN
Lamb, J. E5 Air Station Traverse City
Lambden, R. 1st Lt US Army
Lambert, G. Master Sergean (MSgt) 366 Fighter Wing
Lancaster, R. MM3/SS US Navy
Lancaster, R. e2 USAR, Bowman field
Lancon, K. E-6 2-156th
Landreth, C. SSG 10th MTN
Landrum, R. E-4 SETAF - Turkey
Landry, C. E4 USMC
Lane, T. E-5 D Batt 2nd Bn 10th Marines 2nd Mar Div
Lane, W. Master Sergeant JSOC (retired)
Lane, D. Veteran USAF
Lane, K. TSgt Retired
Lange, K. ENS Navy Med
Langley, M. SGT U.S Army Vet.
Lannie, C. E4 HHC 8th Combat Eng. Bn. 1ST Cavalry Div.
LANPHAR, F. LTC retired
Lansford, B. Sgt 1st Space Bde
Lanzendorf, C. E5 usstratcom
Lappert, B. PVT 1-37FA
Larios, R. SPC 509th Forward Support Company, 504th BFSB
Larkin, B. E-7 Retired
Larkins, J. E-4 VMAQ-4
LaRose, R. E-5 AIMD
Larsen, R. PFC D co. 178inf.
Larson, N. MSgt USAF
Lary, J. E2 187 alpha co
LaSalle, C. Capt USMC (Ret)
Laster, R. Sergeant 3/5 USMC
LaTendresse, T. Specialist 1430th
Latimer, D. Lcpl 1\7 ALPHA CO.
Latorre, J. GySgt 2nd Force Recon Marine Retired
Laukhuff, D. E-5 1-505th PIR 82nd Airborne Division
Lautenbach, K. Major (Retired) USAF
LaVine, V. PV2 437th CA Btn
Lavrenz, J. PFC C Co 3/330
Lawniczak, A. TSgt 180 FW
Lawrence, J. SSgt 23 AMXS
Lawrence, D. TSgt Retired 388 TFW, 48 RQS, 49 TFW, 8 TFW,
Lawson, G. Spec. 3rd INF
Layman, C. SSgt 13th IS
Le, A. SPC US Army Reserve
Leaf, H. PO1 NMCB 18
Lear, W. E3 823 CES Red Horse
Leatty, R. SGT 996th ASMC
Leblanc, S. Specialist E4 1/102 C Company Infantry
Lee, K. Lcpl Cnatt mar unit
Lee, C. PFC 2nd Battalion 4th Marines
Lee, D. SSG 902nd MI GRP
Lee, J. 1stSgt USMC Retired
Lee, J. Msgt 2nd Space Wing SPS
Lee, J. A1C E-3 88 SFS
Lee, K. E4 HSL 48 Mayport FL
Lee, W. Sergeant 152nd MP CO
Lee, Y. SGT Fort Belvoir
Lee, R. LCDR NATTC Penacola
Lee, A. LT 416 SCMS
Lee, H. E-5 Sergeant VMA-542 Marine Corps
Lee, J. AT2 VFA-122
Lee, A. Lt 748 SCMG
Lee, D. CPT Med
Leff, J. E9 USN
Lefler, S. E-4 1931st Comm Sq USAF
Leinenger, F. E4 USMC 5811
LEITHER, J. CW2 478th Avn Bat. Hvy Lift
Lejarzar, M. E6 Army Retired
Lemaster, J. pfc delta Co 2-149
Lemay, G. CMSgt USAF retired AFSOC
Lemery, B. HM3(FMF) Ret.
Lemieux, R. Captain U.S. Army (Ret)
Lennox, V. CPT A/71st TRANS BN
Leo, B. Major USAF, 709th Munitions Squadron
Leon, S. E-3 HHC 24TH SIG BN
Leonard, J. E-5 Veteran
Leonard, W. E-4 Veteran
Leonhardt, J. Cpl Retired
Lester, T. Sergeant 3rd Light Armored recon bn
Leta, A. SPC 3-67AR
Lewin, C. PFC 10th Mountain
Lewis, D. SGT 985th QM DET
Lewis, K. SFC 142MI
Lewis, B. SPC Veteran (Army)
Lewis, K. SFC (E-7) US Army Retired
Lewis, R. E7/CPO Nuclear Submarines
Lewis, H. 2nd Lt USAF
Lewis, R. 06 445th medical
Lewis, A. Lt Col USAF Ret
Lewis, T. SSgt 164th AW
Lewis, S. Ssgt. 8th AF, Strategic Air Command Barksdale AFB, LA
Lewis, A. CPT 4-101 PFDR
Lewis, A. E-3 Air Station Sf
Lewis, K. Specialist C TRP 2/17 CAV
Li, K. High High
Liam, M. E-4 ROTC
Lichtenberg, E. 2LT 1/20 FA BBN
Lieberman, C. Airman First Class 355 OSS
Liebick, N. LCpl MALS-16
Lightner, J. LT NHGTMO
Lillibridge, S. Sergeant USMC 11th Marines
Lindsley, C. CPL USMC
Lintag, N. AMS/E6 Navy
Linza, J. CPT 329RSG
Lipsett, B. E9/MCPO NAVY
Liptak, S. Sgt USAF EOD
Liskey, J. E-6 HSM-75
Lissner, M. COL 99th Regional Support Cmd
Liszeo, S. E5mr South Carolina
Little, D. E-5 3/10 Kilo
Liu, T. E4 Navy
Liu, R. Capt. H&S Co 2/25
Llewellyn, S. sgt pws
Lloyd, B. E-4 131 Cavalry
Locke, A. SGT 2-17FA
Lockwood, J. Petty officer 3rd class JAC Molesworth
Lodhi, S. LTC JECC
Loeffler, S. E-4 US Navy
Loehman, B. E-4 Mineman/USN
Lomheim, M. E5 VP-16
Lomingkit, R. E4 US Navy
Long, J. Pfc/E3 123rd Sig BN
Long, K. E5 RT1-MACV
Long, D. SrAirman Veteran USAF
Longbotham, A. CW3 Retired
Lopez, N. E9 OPNAV N2N6
Lopez, X. Lcpl Fast
Lopez, J. E8 130th
Lostracco, J. E1 914th airlift
Lovik, A. E-3 Vmm-164
Lowden, J. Ssgt MALS 31 ORD
Lowden, J. SSGT MALS-31
Lowe, L. S/Sgt E5 855th Med.Gp.
Lowery, T. Staff Sergeant 56th Signal Company
Loy, W. E2 navy
Luadzers, P. SSG 2-18 FA
Luangrath, T. Spc 1-62 bn 69th ADA BG ft hood texas
Lubberstedt, S. LCDR U. S. Navy Retired
Lucas, C. PVT 232nd Medical
Lucas, C. Pvt 232
Lucio, R. Sergeant Army
Ludwig, E. PFC 1/501stABN
Luikart, J. SFC US Army
Luke, A. E-4 4th AMU
Luke, D. SPC 4/5 F/A, 1st Division Infantry, Fort Riley, KS
Lumanog, N. TSgt 374th
Lumbres, E. Veteran USAF
Lunde, K. LCDR USN Retired
Lundy, R. Capt 3AS
Lunn, H. Civ GS-12 MCAGCC 29 Palms CA G-6
Lunsford, D. SPC 338th TPC
Lusby, R. Veteran 3/2 Kilo
Luter, D. SGT 173rd Airborne 1/503 VN 69-71
Luter, D. Sgt 173 Airborne
Lutz, H. 2LT 710 BSB, 3/10 MTN DIV
Lwin, P. Sergeant 4th Force Recon
Lwowski, J. E-5 / AX-2 VP-8
Lykins, R. Major Special Forces
Lynch, K. Lt Col 334 FS
Lynn, J. E-4 82nd Airborne Infantry 1-504
Lyons, T. E USAF
Lyons, L. LTC 8th US Army
Lyons, R. E5 1st calvary
Ma, X. specialist A co 296BSB
Macconaghy, B. sgt 300 MP
Maciel, F. E-3 2/23 Mar 4th MarDiv
Mack, J. E-5 HHC 197
Macke, V. MM1Nuclear Retired
MacKenzie, D. Sergeant First Class 1BN, 3rd SFG(Airborne)
Macleod, J. LTJG HT-8
MacNaughton, W. MAJ Ft. Bragg DENTAC
Madrazo, E. HM1 Retired
Madrzykowski, W. TSgt E6 Retired
Madson, A. e4 377 smc
Magana, D. Tsgt 144thFW
Magana, D. Tsgt 144thFW
Magliozzi, M. 1LT 1-377FAR
Magniez, J. SPC NYAC MP Company
Magri, S. MA2 NSF-Key West
Maguire, M. E-4 381st SMS SAC 533rd
Mahan, K. E-9 908 AMXS
Mahfouz, J. MSgt WTB
Mahmoud, W. CPL USMC
Mahn, N. 1stLt HMLA-469
Mailloux, M. CPT b2-20
Maini, Z. SPC 2/3CR
Majewski, P. Veteran USAF
Majillo, D. Cpl Alpha Co 1st Bn 2nd Mar
Maldonado, J. CPL 215th En Co
Malkie, C. Veteran US Air Force
Malone, J. Cpl 2/7 FOX CO
Mancilla, D. E4 A Co. 2/156 Inf
Mangels, C. Capt 5 BW
Mankiewicz, C. sgt-e-5 82nd aieborne
Mann, R. Colonel USMC
Mann, L. E4 BAMC
Manning, J. e-5 299 NOSC
Mannix, G. SRA 27 SOCES
Mantia, C. E-5 CRS-8 NAVY
ManuelstIG, M. Infernal Seraphim Charlie
Marc, F. Capt 2nd FAST
Marcellino, J. LCPL 3/23 Lima Company 4th Marine Division
Maresca, J. LneCpl Recon
Marinos, J. CPT 3ID
Mark, M. SFC Soldier For Life
Marks, L. Ssgt 442
Marquez, M. E-1 57 trans
Marquez, I. SSG 1836 Trans
Marquis, S. Cpl MCB Quantico
Marsh, C. E-4 Retired
Marsh, B. SrA 334th AMU
Marshall, T. Master Sergeant MARFORPAC
Martens, E. LT NAVFAC
Martin, R. SSG 354th MP Co.
Martin, O. E-4 Marines
Martin, M. E3 USS Kittyhawk
Martin, L. CDR USN (ret)
Martin, D. Cpl MATSG-23
Martin, M. Specialist 3-25 ID
Martin, N. MSgt 217 EIS
Martin, W. E5 NMCB23
Martinez, K. SSgt 60 SFS
Martinez, S. SGT (Iraq) Veteran US ARMY
Martinez, B. SrA 910th mds
Martinez, J. PFC Army
Martinez, M. E-4 1-22 Infantry, 4th ID
Martinez, R. SSgt USAF
Martyniuk, J. SSGT - E5 362 TRS
Masbad, R. Captain Us Air Force
Masiak, B. SSG 344 ARS
Mason, B. Lt Navy Reserves Center Omaha
Mason, R. Cpl 37
Mason, B. SSgt 27 SOCES
Massillon, J. Pfc 758th
MASSILLON, J. E-02 758th en co
Mather, W. SP4 MACV
Mathews, J. E-4 Army Security Agency
Mathews, J. LCPL 3rd force recon
Mathison, C. Veteran B 5/20 Infantry Regiment
Mattasits, R. E-6 / SSgt USMC
Matthew, C. Captain 1st Marine Division
Matthew, D. Sergeant 314th CBRN CO
Matthew, N. CDT ROTC
Matthews, S. E5 USAF
Matusik, T. sgt 555th red horse
Mauldwin, J. MSG 7SFG(A)
Mautz, M. E-4 veteran 3/2
May, M. Corporal USMC
May, J. CPO RTC Great Lakes
May, L. A1C 509TH BWS
May, H. E-4 101st airborn
Mayberry, N. E4 4th ID 1-10 CAV
Mayes, M. E4 A co 2/67 armor
Mayeux, C. E 5 VP 94
Mayo, M. LT Col 6 ARW
Mays, S. 1SG 217th EOD
Mazerac, L. CSM (retired) 184th Ord Bn (EOD)
Mazurowski, B. Sgt Vmfa(aw)-224
McAlister, W. SSG 2nd Infantry Division
McAlister, J. SGT 18th EN CO
McAllister, P. Sgt USMC ATG
McAuliffe, D. E-4 DD-986
McBee, C. LT USN (Ret) Retired
McBee, R. RM1 USCG/Retired
McBride, K. LTC Army reserve
McBroom, C. Sargent E-5 1st Force Recon. 1st.Marine Div.
McCabe, M. Cpl 2/4 Fox Co. USMC
McCabe, C. PFC Alpha 1-44
McCampbell, R. Chief WRMMC
McCann, M. E5 VP-10
Mcclendon, A. GySgt 4th CEB
McConathy, S. Senior Airman Disabled Veteran USAF Security Forces
McCoy, D. CW2 1/150 AVN
Mccurry, D. CSM 14th Inf BDE
Mcdaniel, K. LCDR J35s
McDonald, R. sgt ret 2/2 First Inf Div
McDonald, M. GM1 / E-6 USCG
McDonough, C. E-3 34th MP Co.
McDonough, C. E-4 34th mp Co
Mcdowell, T. E1 32nd Airborne
McElrath, N. E-5 USS Thach
Mcfadyen, D. E3 MRS8
McFarland, J. SSGT Air Force
McFarlane, E. PO1 Air Dept
McGee, J. Veteran USMC
Mcgee, N. SSG A co 1/179 inf
McGinnis, H. E-4 22nd Airlift Squadron
McGlothlin, R. e3 1/6 B Co
McGuckin, C. MM 2 (SS) USS COBBLER (SS-344)
McGugan, R. Lt Col USAF Retired
Mcintire, A. E5 NAS JAX
McIntosh, S. E-4 1-502
McKean, T. SFC A co 3-81AR
McKechnie, S. HM3 Oak Knoll Naval Hospital
McKee, J. O-1 U.S. Navy
McKee, J. LCpl USMC
McKee, G. LTC (Ret) U.S. Army
McKeehan, P. e-4 235th MP
McKelvey, J. E-6 745th EOD
Mckenna, C. PFC 2nd INF
McKenzie, J. E6 92nd Engineer Battalion
McKibben, J. E-5 Bravo Co. 1-8 Inf
McKinley, M. LTC CGSC
McKinney, C. SGT USMC 1st CEB, C. CO, 1st Plt
McLaurin, M. SSG HHC 106th BSB
Mclean, W. Sergeant 2D BN 2D Marines
McLeod, J. LCpl 3/2 USMC
Mcloughlin, R. Bm1 uscg shinnecock
McMaster, D. E-4 U.S. Navy
McMullen, B. Sgt Fsc 365th en bn
Mcmullen, B. sgt 365th en bn
McMurtrey, E. E5/Veteran ACU4/Navy
McNabb, S. SSG AirForce
McNeely, C. E6 USN
McNeil, P. Spec 4 1/77 arty 1st Cav Div
McSpadden, C. E-4 HSC22
Meadowsturner, J. Sgt CLB-8
Mears, S. Veteran Range Co. WFTBN, Camp Pendleton
Medara, T. LtCol USAF
Medina, M. E-5 Army
Medina, C. Veteran U.S. Army 13b
Medina Medrano, H. SGT 101st ABN DIV
Medrano, J. SSG / E-6 249th EN BN
Medrano, E. E-3 1/5 Alpha
Medsker, T. E-5 USAF
Meeker, J. COL Army
Meily, B. SSgt USAF 23 WING
Meinen, M. Retired 43rd C.E.C
Meister, J. PFC 832nd Ord
Mel, M. E-4 1/160 Inf
Mele, M. E-4 Veteran
Melendez, P. TSgt USAF
Melendy, F. E-7 CGC Heron
Melton, D. TSgt/E-6 USAF Retired
Mendez, P. E-4 3/6th marines
Mendez, R. Veteran 3rd ANGLICO, USMC
Mendoza, A. MSgt USAF(Retired)
Mendoza, R. SGT CLB 23
Mendoza, K. E-4 4th LSB Co. A
Mendoza, M. E6 vfa154
Menifee, A. SSgt 13 ASOS
Menji, D. E-6 USN
Mentz, J. Sgt E5 U.S. Army
Mercado, R. W01 Bco 1-145th AV
Mercer, S. SPC 632nd Maint. Co., Fort Stewart, GA. Persian Gulf Vet
Mercer, V. E-4 2aavbn
Meridith, M. E4 45TH SPACE WING
Merlino, N. Major Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group
Merriman, J. SrA 30th Airlift Sq
Merx, D. GMG 3 USS Richard E Byrd DDG 23
Meschke, E. E5 USMC
Messerly, K. SSG 101st Airborne Division
Messersmith, W. E1 Rm
Meye, B. E-6 USASA
Meyer, M. CPO (E-7) numerous (retired)
Meyer, C. LTJG VP-9
Meyer, J. E-7 1/186
Meyers, J. Major 124FW
Meyers, M. e5 uss seawolf
Meyers, J. SFC 2-2
Micha, G. SSGT 59th Aviation
Michael, W. Captain/0-3 USCENTAF
Michael, S. staff sgt. 160 th ARG
Michael, Y. E-3 Norfolk naval base
Michaud, A. SrA` 23 EMS
Michonski, C. SPC US ARMY
Mickle, J. E-6 NIOC MD
Mickle, J. PO1 US Navy
Milan, D. CPL. E-4 USMC 2d Maw Mass-1
Miles, B. Major USAFA
Miller, J. pvt veteran
Miller, K. MSG 96th SUS BDE
Miller, K. 1LT 2100th MI Group
Miller, A. Sgt USMC 4th MLG
Miller, J. E4 Uscg
Miller, R. CPO FFG-37
Miller, C. E3 22nd Medical
Miller, D. E-3 Air Force
Miller, B. e6 usaf
Miller, J. SPC 2BSTB, 10TH MTN DIV
Miller, M. PFC 1/3CR
Miller, L. TSgt USAFADS
Miller, W. SGT 3670th
Miller, D. E7 DDG 66
Miller, J. E7 veteran
Miller, M. E-4 1/8
Miller, S. E-5 565th Dental Detachment
Miller II, H. Cpl E-4 1/15th Inf
Millet, R. SSG MACV - US Army Vet
Milliere, W. SrA 56 SOIS
Million, W. SFC 128th AVN BDE
Mills, B. E-4 69th Signal
Mills, J. ATC US Navy
Minton, D. CW2 Signal Corps
Minton, S. SFC 1/35 AR, Army Retired
Miranda, T. sgt a.co 2-7 cav 4bct 1cd
Mischloney, J. E-4 3/1 USMC
Mitchell, M. E-6/SSG 48th CST
Mitchell, B. CPT Retired Army
Mixon, S. E-6 373TRS/Det6
Mixon, S. TSgt / E-6 23d Wing Moody AFB, GA
Mize Jr, W. SFC (R) US Army
Mock, D. E-4 SPC 1st batallion 5th infantry regiment 1-25 SBCT Arctic Wolves
Mohamed, J. E4 556 RHS
Mohan, A. E-4 A. 898
Mohling, S. E-4 IANG
Molina, J. Sgt 5/14 USMC
Mollenhour, M. Captain 101st Airborne Division
Mollett, Z. E6 EMF GL DET B
Molloy, G. Cpl USMC
Moncrief, T. CMSgt USAF, Retired
Mondoro, J. CDT UD ROTC
Moneypenny, S. E-7 USN Retired
Monroe, L. GS-12 81 TRSS/TSQ
Monsale, J. LCpl Co. B, 4th LAR Bn-USMCR
Monsalve, P. Spc MEDDAC
Monson, M. E-2/PV2 171st INF REG
Monson, D. Captain 1st Cav
Montanaro, M. Lance Corporal MWSG47 DET-B
Montenegro, D. E-4 957th
Montgomery, D. CPT 54th Arty Group
Montgomery, J. SSG Infantry
Moody, M. E-5 116 ACW
Moor, B. SSG 11b
Moor, B. SSG US Army (R)
Moore, N. MSgt 56FW
Moore, R. Major (RET) 53d Inf Bde, FLARNG
Moore, B. Veteran 463rd MP Company
Moore, R. SFC 93D SIG BDE
Moore, P. Sargent Headquarters
Moore, R. E-4 1/64 armor
Moore, J. E7 Retired
Moore, R. TSgt USAF
Moore, J. CPL MASS-1
Moore, M. E-5 Ste 1112
Moore, S. Cpl 2nd Force Recon USMC
Mora, F. LtJg Naval Medical Center San Diego
Mora, L. SFC U.S Army
Mora, A. E5 USA
Morales, J. SGT USMC
Morehouse, M. sgt vmgr 352
Moreno, R. CPL 1/149 AVN Recon
Moreno, A. SSgt USAF
Morgan, M. E-6 Co H 121 Airborne Infantry LRSU
Morin, C. Lieutenant USN
Morjal, P. Sergeant TAC
Morrill, D. E-5 U.S. Navy
Morris, S. E-5 (AT2) VQ-1/VQ-2
Morris, T. E/ C co 2/127INF
Morris, D. E6 Navy
Morris, K. STG3 CG 47
Morris, C. E-3 Motor Transport
Morrison, R. 2LT 464 QM
Morrison, R. Veteran/E-5 1/501
Morrison, R. E-5 119th FA
Morrison, K. SGT W907AA
Morrissette, K. veteran/sp4-P 82nd Airborne/325th
Mosley, C. E-3 Fort Irwin
Mospens, W. SGT Bco 4/6IN 4-1AD
Moss, J. SMSgt Air Force
Mountney, R. E-6 16 SOS
Movilla-Diago, C. Sgt 9th Comm Bn
Mowbray, C. MIDN 1/c Norwich University NRTOC
Mowery, S. Pv1 Retired
Moyer, C. Pfc 1st Cav 1-82FA
Mozeleski, R. O-3 USCG
Mucker, K. e-4 358 Fighter Squadron
Muhammad, N. SRA 27 SOAMXS
Muldoon, C. LCDR VR-1
Mull, R. SR. Airman Security Police
Mullen, K. Cpl MALS-16
Mullen, K. Cpl Mals-16
Mullen, C. Veteran VMFA-251
Mulligan, M. Maj 306 OSS
Mullins, K. PO1 USNR
Mullins, E. E3 Ang
Mungavin, R. TSgt 106th MXS
Murdock, M. Sgt 1sfg, gsb hhd
Murdock, R. PFC (Retired) 101st Airborne, 2nd 17th Air Cav
Murphrey, S. Cpl.E4 USMC C 1/1
Murphy, R. CSM/E9 Retired
Murphy, K. O2 amphibious squadron 6
Murray, B. MT3(e-4) Naval Submarine Support Command
Murray, S. Major U. S. Army Reserve Medical Corps
Murray, C. CPT 2-1 IN 5/2 SBCT
Murray, S. TSgt 120FW
Murray, E. IS2 ONI0287
Murry, S. E-5 NCHB-* Alpha
MURTLAND, T. Spc C trp 1-32CAV 101st abn (aaslt)
Musial, J. YN1 USN Retired
Musick, F. GySgt/Retired USMC
Musick, F. Sargent Parris Island
Muskalla, M. Captain 4th Airlift Squadron
Mutch, R. 1stLt. 3rd Battalion 9th Marines Khe Sanh 67-68
Myers, N. E4 343 CES
Mykal, B. Lcpl Mag-11
Nagle, C. E-5 HMH-362, USMC
Nahmens, C. Spc Veteran
Nakamura, E. E-7 Navy
Namart, J. CPL Army
Nance, K. Spc Delta, 2-4 Aviation
Napoli, J. Captain US Navy
Nast, B. E6 VP10, VP4, VP4 CAC
Naudin, M. Sgt 10th Mtn. Div. (MP)
Nauman, R. LCPL USMC
Nauslar, C. Ssgt 184IW
Nava, A. Spc 451 CA BN
Navarre, J. TSGT 72ARS
Navarro, D. E6 US ARMY
Navarro, R. WO1 4BCT 1st Armored Division
Navarro, S. SGT(RET) 1-5 Cav
Nelson, B. MSgt 304 RQS
Nelson, K. SSG 34ID
Nelson, K. RP3 USNR
Nelson, E. sgt 1/246 fa 29th Div
Nenni, P. CPL Marine ATC Unit
Nester, T. Veteran 207th Signal
Nevins, J. CPT Fort Knox
Newbauer, J. Veteran Na
Newberry, L. E-7 Navy
Newcomb, L. SPC hhc 2-1 GSAB
Newfrock, Z. SSgt 41st RQS
Newkirk, C. Veteran 31B
Newman, E. Sgt 28 MMS, USAF
Newman, D. 1Lt Retired
Ng, N. LT US Navy
Ngo, D. HM3 / E4 Wherever Marines need Silver Bullets
Nguyen, R. Veteran Army
Nguyen, K. SPC 5th Special Forces Group
Nguyen, D. e-4 19th arg (airforce)
Nguyen, E. 2LT 2-11 IN
Nibbles, E. E3 USMC
Nicholas, N. TSgt Det 665
Nichols, J. Veteran USAF
Nichols, S. SFC C Co 449th ASB
Nickels, T. E4 MCRD Parris Island
Nielson, J. E-4 19th sf gsb ACo
Niesche, J. Cadet 881st
Nihipali, S. Spc Veteran
Nikias, A. Corporal HMH-366, USMC
Niles, D. PR1 USN Retired
Nims, W. E4 NIOC
Nix, A. Specialist Bravo Company 1st 509th Airborne Infantry
Nobinger, J. MSgt (Ret) 48 EMS
Nolan, R. SGT E co 51st INF LRS
Nolan, J. LT MSU Texas City
Nolda, J. wo1 2-135
Noonan, T. E-4 USAF
Noonan, J. E-4 USAF
Nordhausen, W. Captain-USAF-1984-91 441st Bomb Squadron-Mather AFB, CA
Nordone, J. Sergeant USMC
Noriega, V. E4 90th SFG TRF
Norton, C. CW3 Retired
Norvelle, S. Sgt/E-5 1st Swtg
Notari, R. LT HSM-71
Novello, J. Sgt. USMC - 6th ESB
Noyes, J. E-5 358th En Co.
Null, M. PVT SP404
Nussbaum, M. CPT 6-52 ADA
O'Brien, C. AMT2 A/S Elizabeth City
O'Gara, G. CPL 34th ID
O'Neill, T. E-3 USS Point Loma
Obertance, J. SGT B4-42FA Fort Carson
Oborny, T. E6 Retired
OBryan, R. E5 Army
Occhino, J. SFC/E7 Retired U.S. Army
Ogden, J. SSgt USAF
Olaes, J. SFC F Co 16th OD BN
Oleston, P. E-5 SERE Instructor
Olivero, B. SPC 405th Field Hospital
Olivero, B. SPC 405th Field Hospital
Olomon, S. Sgt HQBN
Olsen, G. 3rd class petty officer navy
Olson, B. Corporal Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton
Oneill, D. Sgt 812th mp co
Oravitz, J. LCDR SDVT-2
Oravitz, J. LCDR SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team TWO
Ormesher, L. E-3/PFC D Co 145th 2/116
Orr, K. AWR3 HSM 46
Orsak, C. E4 1/220th
Orsini, E. CPT 3rd Branch, 1st BDE, Gulf DIV, 75TH TC
Ortega, R. SGT 758 eng co
Ortiz, R. E5 Blount Island Command
Ortiz, E. SSG Tradoc HQ
Orwick, Z. Sra 41 HMU
Osburn, K. SrA 355th WG/JA
Osmun, M. 1LT C Co 640th ASB
OSteen, S. E6 East Coast
Osteen, S. TSgt Det 10
Oster, D. O-3 USN
Osterfeld, J. SFC M co. 3/11th ACR
Ostovich, J. SGT 603rd, 3cab, 3id
Oswald, J. GySgt RSJPO
Oswalt, C. CW3 HHC/1-212th AVN
Otero, P. sgt 217 het co
Ovens, R. E-4 U.S. Army Veteran
Overall, M. Veteran II MEF
Overman, G. E-4 A-3-1 11th Inf Americal Div Viet Nam 70-71
Overmann, L. ADJ2 - E5 VA-115 off the USS Midway
Overmann, E. E-3 USAF
Owen, E. Sgt 1st Cav
Owen, J. MAJ 226th MEB
Owen, R. Specialist C co 72nd esb
Oxford, Z. E4 1-151
Oxford, Z. E-4 Army
Oxley, I. E-3 12 bravo
Paakonia, K. Sergeant Delta FSC 29th BSB
Pablo, R. SSgt MWCS 48
Pacheco, R. E-7 Retired
Pacheco, M. Sgt (Veteran) VMA-513 (USMC)
Packingham, E. E-4 USAF
Padilla, M. E5 US NAVY
Pagan, F. SSgt USAF
Paguio, L. E-5 US NAVY
Paige, K. Spc 1-41 4ID
Palaniuk, J. EO1(SCW/DV) USN (ret) USN Shooting team
Palladino, A. E-9 103rd Fighter Wing CTANG
Palmer, D. SGT HMX 1
Palmieri, J. CDR USN MSC
Pancoast, C. E4 30 OSS
Panella, F. Cpl USMC
PANGAN, F. E-5 555TH Red Horse
Panlilio, I. SMP CDT 1-184th INF
Pantelias, J. E-6 Retired
Pare, D. GySgt CBIRF EOD
Paredes, J. CPL Fort Campbell
Paris, A. Specialist 6-8 CAV
Park, N. E4 1IO
Parker, D. E-4 6th 11th Arty
Parker, J. PFC C Co 237 BSB
Parkhurst, W. LCDR VQ-4
Parrocha, J. Sgt C-co 2-325 AIR
Parton, P. E-4 USAF Sec. police
Patel, D. SPC US Army NG
Patrick, J. HMC(FMF) Retired Navy Corpsman
Patterson, G. MSgt 20 FW
Patterson, F. Spec 4 616 th Nd. Bn. (Army)
Patterson, L. E-4 5th Combat Engineer Battalion
Patton, R. LT US Navy
Patton, R. SSgt 179th APS
Paul, C. E-6 LEPSU 0269 Naval Station Great Lakes
Pavlovski, C. GySgt 3D Recon
Paxton, L. E-3 USNH GTMO
Payne-Moon, G. E-3 USCG
Peasley, C. Maj 124FW
Pecore, D. SPC 82nd abn div
Pedone, J. Major USAF
Pehoski, M. HT1/E-6 US NAVY
Pelaez, G. Sergeant 75th Ranger Regiment
Pelfrey, P. SGT - Veteran 5th BCD Hickam AFB
Pelfrey, W. Spc 4 255 Direct Support Maintenance Batt.
Pellet, C. PFC 17th FA
PELLOUSO, A. Veteran US Army Infantry
Pena (Michalek), J. E2 380th SAC, Plattsburgh AFB
Pendegraft, D. E6 1107th AVCRAD
Pendegraft, D. E5 Co B 311th BSB
Penny, B. ACC/E7 NAS Pensacola
Peraldi, A. Sgt Army
Pereira, A. CSM U.S. Army retired
Perera, A. Capt Retired Veteran
Perez, T. E-5 USN
Perez, N. SSGT 56 LRS/seymour johnson AFB
Perez, M. Corporal, USMC 2nd Marine Division
Perez, M. SSG C 1-143FA
Perez, R. CPT 314th CSSB
Perez, N. Sgt 368th MI BN
Perfetto, M. SSgt Army National Guard Military Police
Perkins, B. CW3 116th BDE, IDARNG
Perkins, R. Veteran 101st Airborne-Vietnam
Perkins, J. SSG 2nd Engineer Battalion
Perkins, R. AO2 VAQ-129
Perko, M. SSgt 64th Air Refueling Squadron
Perlot, S. Captain 5/33 Armor, 194th Armor Bde
Perreault, R. E-8 1 Special Operations Sq
Perry, E. Cpl 3rd LSM Plt, 1st BTO, A Co., 4th LSB, 4th MLG
Perry, J. LTC 1st BDE, US Army Cadet Command
Perry, L. Sgt 1-4 INF
Perry, M. Sgt 2nd Bn, 7th Mar, 1st Mar Div
Persky, I. E5 Seal Team 7
Pertubal, E. ADC, E-7 USN
Peschel, B. 1SG Fort Custer Training Site command
Petak, A. Capt/O-3 16th Special Operations Squadron, USAF
Peters, M. Col (Ret) USAF
Petersime, K. S/SGT 2nd Mob
Peterson, M. E-5 553rd Eng
Peterson, T. O1 Navy
Peterson, S. SSgt 934th SFS
Petrone, E. E6 CVN71
Petrone, C. SSgt 592 SOMXS
Pettid, T. Sgt 82nd Airborne 307engineers
Pham, W. Sergeant C. Co 2nd Battalion 23rd Infantry 2nd Infantry Division
Pham Vo, T. SPC US Army
Philip, M. 3-6 Cpl
Philipson, B. spc Veteran
Phillip, M. MSgt USAF Retired
Phillips, P. Cpl 6th ESB B Co
Phillips, B. E-4 US Navy
Phillips, N. A1C (E-3) 51MXS/MXMTR
Phillips, D. LT USS Kittiwake
Phillips, B. E-3 Ft. Bragg
Phillips, P. E-4 Retired
Philpott, E. SGT E 2-10 AVN
Phommachanh, J. corporal 3rd AABN
Piccolo, G. MAJ 256 INF BN
Piceno, J. E-4 Marines
Pichay, H. SSG 300 MP Company
Pickering, J. E6 Uscg
Pierce, P. MSG Division West
Pierpont, K. LCPL Marines
Pierson, D. Major Army Aviation
Pierson, T. E-4 USMC
Pinkerton, E. E3 Navy
Pinto, B. Capt 15 ASOS
Pinto, W. SGT B Troop 104 Cav
Pittman, A. SSG A Co. 2/112 INF (SBCT) 56th BAT
Pittman, D. Staff Sgt Charley Cmpy Special Forces 5th Batalion
Pitts, C. SSgt (vet) 19 AMXS
Platz, A. SGT 253rd
Pniower, F. SGT USMC
Podeszwa, J. SSgt USAF
Podewils, W. Sp/5, Veteran 11th RRU-Vietnam
Poggenpohl, P. Ret. E-6 U.S. Air Force
Pokorny, T. CPL VMA-211
Pollard, R. LTC(Ret) BRO
Pollarine, J. Sgt E5 USMC
Pollick, J. CPL USMC
Poole, L. Major U.S. Air Force
Pope, M. E7 USN Retired
Pople, K. Spc/E-4 4th Inf division
Porras, J. LCpl 52 area SOI
Porter, M. TSgt USAF CBCS
Porter, J. SFC/E7 3-518 Inf
Portmann, D. e-4 509 lrs
Posey, K. cpl 2nd battalion 1st marines
Potey, G. E1 1-67
Pottala, T. E-3 USN HN (3/3 Marines)
Potteiger, A. Corporal 2nd platoon D company 2-27 Wolfhounds 3rd BCT 25th Infantry Div
Potteiger, A. Corporal 2-27 3-25th Div
Powell, L. Major USAF
Powell, C. MSG (Ret) 5th SFG(A)
Powers, K. E-3 Hs-3
Pozun, Z. specialist 75th ranger regiment
Pratt, A. Colonel 19th Special Forces Group, 1st SF (ABN)
Pratt, B. Veteran VMGR-252 / HMM-262
Pratt, H. Lcpl 2nd Lar
Praught, J. E3 153rd battalion
Predis, D. 1st Lt 40th Flight Test Sq
PREISINGER, G. E-7 U.S. Air Force Retired
Preston, J. E-5 ATRC
Preus, M. Sgt 2-147 AVBN A Co.
Prevost, E. SSgt 96LRS
Price, G. E-3 Fox Battery 2/14 USMCR
Price, R. SN USS Rehobeth
Price, jr., T. CMSGT (E-9) 436 MAW Dover AFB De.
Priest, D. 0-4 U.S. Navy
Priest, D. CW2 300th SUS
Pritchard, G. SPC 216th MP Co
Pritchett, T. Lcpl V 1/3
Provalenko, M. SSG 2/100th military police
Pruss, A. SPC 724 EN BN
Psaros, J. 2nd Lt 47th
Pulley, N. SSgt 122FW
Puranen, R. E-6 Retired - 128TH Air Refueling Group
Purington, K. GySgt 6TH ESB
Purl, C. SPC 4/320 Field Artillery
Purtle, C. Sergeant II MEF USMC
Purvis, L. 1SG (Retired) 10 SFGA
Putnam, P. pfc 3/1 ad stb
Quarderer, D. Midshipman CU Naval Reserves Officers Training Corps
Quebral, R. Cpl veteran USMC 2FSSG
Quesada, D. E5 Navy
Quiambao, R. E-6 USN Veteran
Quick, B. CPO Navy
Quigley, M. SSgt 99th Field Maint. Sq.
Quinones, P. SFC 1-15 IN
Quintero, M. FC2 (SW) Navy
Quirk, S. AT3(E-4) Unit 53915(HSM-75)
R, M. SSG US Army
Rabideau, B. SPC 1-5 IN, 1/25 SBCT
Rabon, J. MSgt 331 RCS
Rachwal, K. Ssgt 108TFW
Radel, C. SSgt 49 AMXS
Radtke, G. E-5 MESRON 2
Ragon, J. 1LT 3-8 CAV
Ragsac, T. Cpl USMC
Rahmanzai, M. e-2 25IS
Raica, C. DAV CE
Ralph, F. CW5 G3 Pentagon
Ramage, C. Capt 161 ARW
Rambis, M. E-7 1 ACCS
Ramirez, E. PV2 536th BSB
Ramirez, S. IT2 (Disabled Veteran) USS Tarawa LHA-1
Ramirez, C. A1C 824 BDS
Ramirez, R. SSgt VMX-22
Ramos, A. E-4 HHC 1-327 INF
Ramos, C. SPC 1st Infantry Division
Randall, S. E-5 2nd batt 187th ab inf
Randolph, B. Master Sergeant U.S. Air Force (Retired)
Rangel, A. E-6 Army
Rangitsch, W. SGT E co 536th
Rankin, P. SSGT 130 MSG
Rapp, G. Cpl 2nd lar
Rasmussen, P. SFC US Army-retired
Rasmussen, R. Major HMH-465
Ratcliff, J. E-7 Logan Recruiting Office
Raubach, J. Capt AFOSI (Retired)
Raugh, R. 1SG Retired
Ravencraft, B. Sergeant 2D Reconnaissance BN
Ray, R. sgt 249th mp ascom,korea
Raymundo, E. lcpl 3/12 usmc
Razzaaq, S. E-3 22 Airlift Squadron
Rearden, J. SCPO US Navy Retired
Reddig, W. Cpl USMC
Redman, R. LtCol 235CEF MDANG
Reece, R. SGT 230th MP Co.
Reed, S. Cw3 1st air cav
Reed, C. E4 USN
Reed, R. LtCol AWC
Reed, A. E5 cadet command
Reed, N. PFC 52 eng
Rehder, K. Sergeant P/A Co, ISB
Reichelt, C. Ensign Coast Guard
Reilly, J. E7 97th Bomb Wing
Reilly, M. Sgt 7th Air Force
Rembrandt, J. A1C Security Forces
Remer, C. sfc army
Remley, D. SSG Army
Renard, P. 0-3 107 Airlift
Render, R. Lt Col 190th AREFG
Renegar, E. SFC Army
Renfrow, S. a1c amc 60 oss
Rennard, A. E6 USN Retired
Rentschler, B. Seaman (e-3) USCG
Reppard, S. 1LT 4-5 ADA
Resendiz, G. Sgt 3D MRSB
Restrepo, C. E5 NAVY
Retherford, C. MSgt 796 CES
Reuter, D. SSgt 92 ARW
Reuter, R. e-2 field artillery
Reyes, F. MSgt 23 MXG
Reyes, Z. Ssg 975th MCT
Reyna, M. Sgt US Miltary Police 519 MP Battalion
Reynolds, G. SSG US Army Ret
Reynolds, G. PFC USMC
Reynolds, K. Captain USMC 2nd/3rd Tank Bn
Reynolds, J. LTC US Army
Rhoades, N. SGT 1ABCT 1st Cav
Riccio, M. Sgt (ETSed in 2008) 2-8 Cav, 1CD; 249th Gen Hos, 44th Med Com; ASG-Kuwait, 3rd Army
Rich, T. Spc 10th Mountain, 1-87
Richard, P. Staff Sergeant 21st CS
Richard, H. SGT Army
Richard, B. E-4 US Air Force
Richards, S. CPT 2-34 AR
Richards, A. Sgt 5th Anglico
Richards, A. E-5 5th ANGLICO, USMC
Richardson, J. E-3 4th CEB
Richey, J. Specialist A 151 ESB
Richmond, T. SSgt USMC Aviation
Richter, B. E-2 Navy
Richter, B. E-2 Navy
Richter, J. spc c. Co. 426th bsb 101st
Richter, M. E4 822
Ricketts, D. Maj (R), Veteran Hoc Garrison, FT Knox
Ricks, K. Spc 2-6 Cav
RIDDLE, F. E-5 2/87 INF
Riddle, F. SGT 2 8/7
Rideout, C. Cmdr USS Alexandria
Ridgeway, D. SSgt USMC EOD
Riegert, E. A3cl Veteran
Riekens, E. QM3 uss Elmer Montgomery FF-1082
Riggins, D. LCDR USCG
Rigoli, M. 2LT 153rd Military Police Company
Riley, M. E6 NIOC MD
Rink, N. e3 NBHC Indian Head
Riofriocedeno, A. SGT retired
Rios, Y. Spc 870th Sapper
Rippey, T. E6 NRD MIAMI
Riseling, W. MSG, E-8 5th Army
Risner, J. Sgt 8TH MARINES HQ
Rist, S. E-5 34th Red Bull infantry
Ristagno, S. SGT E-5 1 st AIR CAV
Ritchie, C. E3 164th
Rittenhouse, G. Sgt 1st CAV
Rivera, S. SPC D.co 1-227 ARB
Rivera, F. E-4 Retired
Rivera, E. SrA 62 AMU
Rivers, B. LCDR USCG
Rives, J. E5 101st
Rob, K. CPT 1-330 Infantry
Robb, M. Cpl. 3/1 Lima co. - 2/9 Wpns Co. 0351
RobertOtRT, R. Probationary Member Alpha
Roberts, Y. CDR US Navy
Roberts, M. E5 Veteran
Roberts, P. Veteran US Army
Roberts, J. E-04 2/1
Robertson, B. Major US ARMY
Robertson, R. E5 ASA
Robey, D. LCDR Fleet Hosp. 15/20 USN
Robinson, J. Veteran us army
Robinson, J. LTJG Navy
Robinson, J. Sp 5 Third Army Headquarters Band and Chorus
Robinson, E. SGT E-5 9th AVN
Robinson, J. SGT 1SBCT
Robles, J. Pv2 6-52 ADA
Rockers, S. SFC 35 Infantry Division
Rod, M. CW3 C Co 3-101
Rodgers, F. SGT / E-5 USMC 12th Marine Regiment
Rodriguez, A. SPC C Btry 1/103d FA
Rodriguez, M. E-4 82nd ABN
Rodriguez, J. E-5 HSC-28 USN
Rodriguez, G. CDR, USN (Ret) USN Shooting Team
Rodriguez, D. E-4 SWMG(A)
RodriguezSanchez, A. 0-1 Cyber Command
Roe, R. E5 (Navy) Surgemain Tallahassee
Roger, R. O-5 USAF
Rogers, C. SGT Retired
Rogers, N. Colonel U.S. Army Retired
Rogers, R. O-4 5th SFG (ABN)
Rogers, N. SrA 614th AOC
Rogers, G. Cpl Mals-31
Rojek, D. SSgt 9 OSS
Rollins, J. E7 NED
Romero, M. SSG B 1-141 INF
Romero, J. E-6/Retired USN
Romero, C. E-5 USCG
Romo, F. SGT 226th Med Log
Ron, M. Sgt USMC
RonnieOlXJ, R. Probationary Member Echo
Rook, T. SrA 111 OSS
Rop, A. E-4 Coastal Riverine Squadron 2
Roque, R. SGT US Army
Rosales, F. Sgt MWCS-38
Rosales, P. TSgt USAFHosp
Rosales, E. TSgt USAF Hospital
Rosario, G. E5 NAS oceana
Rose, C. Veteran 10MTN
Rose, J. SGT 1CD
Rose, J. Major 47 MDG
Rosell, C. MSGT USN
Ross, J. HM3 MWHS-3
Ross, M. Capt 321st SMW, 4315th CCTS
Ross, A. SFC 53rd Artillery Brigade
Ross, R. CMA3 US Navy const. batt. SEABEES
Ross, J. E6 retired Army
Rotermund, D. LCDR US Coast Guard Retired
Roth, J. E5 256 Inf 2nd Div, E Co.
Rouleau, G. Sgt USAF
Rowell, J. Spc 'D' 1/168 AVN
Rowett, A. E-5 366 CES
Rowland, C. SGT Golf Company 703rd
Rowley, M. SrA 25Ows
Roy, C. CW3 Fco. 703rd Support Battalion
Roys, M. Sgt Bco 6MISB(A)
Roznajowski, J. 2LT 82nd ABN
Rued, P. E6 349th Sec Pol
Ruelas, E. SPC 11th BD 1-43 ADA
Ruggiero, G. LCDR USS Dewey
Ruggiero, J. Major Retired
Ruiz, J. SrA 27th SOCES
Runfola, J. SrA Retired 52 AS
Rupe, B. HM1 2D Med Bn
Rupe, B. HM2/E5 CLB-2
Russell, G. SFC U.S. Army
Russell, D. E6 NavFac Coosehead
RUSSELL, D. 1LT C Co, 1/69th INF
Russo, N. lcpl 3/6
Rust, M. sgt 173rd
Ruth, S. CDR USN (Retired)
Rutledge, E. SPC A Co 2-3 Infantry
Ryan, P. 0-4 Army Military Police Ret.
Ryan, P. e-7 subase new london
Ryan, N. E-5 USCG
Ryan, L. GySgt 2nd LAR
S, S. Vet 5 SFG(A)
Sabellico, F. SFC (E-7) 525 MI (Ret) US Army
Sager, C. SSG/ E-6 Army- Veteran
Saito, D. CMSGT 940CEF
Salguero, A. E-3 U.S Army RET.
Salser, W. SGT 1-12 IN 4/4 ID
Salter, K. TSgt 755 AMXS
Samaniego, E. SFC 244th EN BN
Sambrano, A. Cpl 1st battalion 6th Marine regiment
Sampson, W. sp4 24th field service co
Samuel, J. cpl 2nd aabn
Sanborn, N. E-4 USCG
Sanchez, A. Specialist 1st Infantry Division
Sanchez, R. SPC 968 QMC
Sanchez, R. E-3 184th
Sancillo, R. Capt Southcom
Sancillo, R. Captain US-SouthCom
Sanders, J. RM2 United States Navy
Sanders, C. E6 USN
Sanders, D. MAJ 711th HPW, Wright-Patterson AFB
Sanders, A. E-4 264th Combat Comm
Sanderson, D. E-6 U.S. Navy
Sandle, J. CW2 B, 2nd Bn, 1st ADA
Sandoval, H. CWO5 U.S. Navy
Sandra, F. SGT HMLAT-303
Sands, S. SSgt H&HS, MCAS Yuma, United States Marine Corps
Sanford, M. Corporal USMC
Santana, L. SGT 1106 TASMG
Santiago, O. Staff Sargent 46th AMXS
Santiago, E. E-6 USCGC Mohawk
Sapp, G. SGT 3-15 IN, Fort Stewart, GA - Veteran
Sarkissian, T. Gysgt. Marine Corps
Sartele, T. E-4 58 FS
Saunders, P. Private North Nova Scotia Highlanders
Saunders, W. A1C 178IG
Saxton, W. SFC 137th chaplain stant. Div.
Schaan, R. TSgt 99LRS
Scheerbaum, D. Corporal 2nd AA BN USMC
Scheerenberg, M. SGT A CO 2-87 INF 3BCT 10 MTN DIV
Scheerenberg, D. Sgt 173rd Abn Bgd- Vietnam
Scheidel, J. TSgt Retired
Scheitlin, M. E6 USN
Schillace, A. major US Army retired
Schippa, R. e-3 / lcpl 2d law enforcement bn
Schlager, T. Cpl MarForCyber
Schlotter, J. Captain US Army Veteran
Schmidt, A. SPC 977 MP CO
Schneider, R. E-3 173 FW
Schneller, D. Sgt VMA -121
Schoellen, J. E-5 ASA Ft. Hood TX
Schoening, E. Lt CVN 78
Scholten, G. WO1 1-214th GSAB
Schommer, B. E3 189th
Schonsheck, T. 2lt 71 STURON
Schott, C. Sgt USMC
Schrader, D. Veteran Army
Schrader, W. SPC 2-14 Cav, 25th ID
Schreck, K. AT3 VF1
Schreffler, R. LTC Retired
Schrepel, D. E-7 1/162 INF ORANG
Schroeder, R. snmsgt U.S.A.F./201 Red Horse
Schroeder, R. MSG 201st Redhorse
Schuhknecht, K. LCPL 4th DIV 1st bat 23rd MARINES H&S company
Schulte, A. LTC 1107th TASMG
Schultz, D. CPL 173rd
Schultz, T. E USAF
Schumacher, W. CMSgt 11 MDG
Schwab, M. O3 MMIRRG
Schwartzel, M. Captain US NAVY
Schwimley, N. Lt Col USAF
Schwindeller, P. SFC 193rd Mp Co
SCHWYTER, M. Spc 173rd ABN
Schwyter, M. Spc 173rd
Sckorohod, G. Cpt 728AS
Scoggins, S. SPC 1-5 IN, 1-25 SBCT
Scott, S. MSG 452 MXS
SCOTT, E. Major 81st Fighter Squadron
Scott, L. CW5 NGB
Scriven, G. TSgt 153 CACS
Sealander, E. Corporal 1st battalion, 1st Marines
Seegers, J. E-6 1st Batallion 1st Marine USMC
Seifert, R. Lt Col, Ret. SAF/XC, Pentagon
Seitz, M. MSgt 439 MSG
Sekerak, C. sgt hq service bn s-3 quantico va
Selander, P. S 1-12 2IBCT 4ID
Self, T. Sgt US Army
Selkirk, J. CDR USN
Sellars, J. E3 VMFAT501
Seman, M. E-4 82nd Airborne Division
Septon, L. TSgt Ret
Serino, A. Specialist 1-181 light infantry
Serna, F. CWO2 US Navy
Serrano, A. E-4 1-185th C co
Serrano, J. SGT 54th MP Company
Sessums, D. SSG - Retired 1st Bn Rangers Airborne 75th Inf
Seth, S. E1 U.S Army A701 MP battalion
Severin, R. SGT Florida Medical Detachment
Sexton, J. Major 504th BfSB
Shallenberger, T. Sgt 438 OMS, Air Force
Shank, A. MSG E-8 VaARNG (Retired)
Shannon, F. CWO4 USN
Shanty, J. Lt Navy
Sharp, J. SGT E-5 Army
Sharpe, B. CMSgt USAF - Retired
Shaw, R. MM2 US Navy
Shaw, L. SGT MALS 42
Sheaks, R. CW2 134th Infantry Regiment
Sheehan, T. TSGT USAF
Sheerin, K. MMC(SW) U.S. Navy
Sheldon, C. Staff Sergeant Fort Worth Recruiting Company
Sheldon, C. SSG Fort Worth Recruiting Company
Shelton, J. CW3 Retired USA
Shelton, T. Lcpl SOI AITB LARTC
Shepherd, J. Disabled Vet USCG
Sheppard, A. corporal Security company Camp Lejeune, NC USMC
Sherman, B. !00% disabled veteran USMC Hmm-164
Shick, A. Sgt. Veteran 295th US Army Combat Military Police Corps K-9
Shield, L. E5 Base Portsmouth
Shields, C. BG SCSG
Shields, B. E3 Base Miami Beach
Shields, C. BG SCSG
Shields, C. SGT U.S. Army Veteran
Shimko, J. GM2 USN
Shimkus, R. Lance Corporal 8th Engineer Support
Ship, J. Pfc 916
Shipek, D. Cpl USMC
Shipman, J. PFC 916th
Shipman, J. PFC 916 Batallion
Shipman, J. E-4 U.S. Army
Shipton, C. Corporal 2nd BN 8th Marines
Shively, M. Pfc 101st maint batallion
Shobert, M. LCpl USMC Honorably Discharged
Short, T. MSgt USMC
Short, R. E-4 USMC- 2nd Anglico
Shuey, R. EACN NMCB 1
Shull, E. e-4 3-1 usmc
Shuta, A. SSG Ret. Retired
Shy, R. CPT Joint Staff J25
Siddiqi, S. E 7 USAF
Siddons, T. E5 377th MP Co
Sides, O. AOC USN, Ret.
Sieber, S. CW3 U.S. Army
Siewert, N. E-4 3rd BN 8th MAR
Silcox, J. LTC US Navy/Army Retired
Silence, E. SGT 102d MPAD
Sill, P. MAJ(MDDF) 121st Engineer Regiment
Silsby, A. SrA 366 cms
Silva, R. E-4 USS Helena (SSN-725)
Silva, J. E-5 1st Infantry Div
Silveira, S. Sgt 640th
SIMPSON, F. sergeant 353rd TPC
Sims, B. Spc 741st EOD
Sinagra, L. E4 2/75 Ranger BN.
Singer, N. E-5 41st eng Nam
Singh, R. E-4 1-22 IN. 4 ID
Sisson, C. Captain USMC
Sistare, T. E-5 USS Nevada
Sitler, W. Major USA, RET
Sivohins, D. SrA 27 SOMXS
Skaggs, L. S4 3/4 Cav, 25th Inf
Skiles, L. EMC(EXW) USN Retired
Slavin, S. E4 US Army
Slay, D. LtCol MCAS Yuma
Sloane, M. Major Safety Officer
Slomke, M. LCDR (Veteran) MIUW 111 (last unit)
Smieja, G. MSgt USAF Retired
Smith, Z. Lcpl HMH 462
Smith, E. E3 96th lrs
Smith, P. E-5 120th Fighter wing
Smith, R. A1C 51 MUNS
Smith, R. Tsgt Special OPs
Smith, S. Lt Col AETC/3AVO
Smith, J. 2d Lt 125
Smith, P. SPC 8-229 ARB
Smith, C. E-3 509 MUNS
Smith, M. pv1 172nd arctic light infantry brigade company B
Smith, D. E-6 TTF
Smith, K. Sgt. 30th HBCT, NCARNG
Smith, J. Sgt 437 MAW, USAF
Smith, P. ENS US Navy
Smith, M. E4 4 CMS
Smith, A. Technical Sergeant 1st FTS
Smith, M. SrA 129th RQW
Smith, M. PO1 (SW) U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Smith, B. Cpl 7th Comm BN
Smith, A. E-7 US NAVY
Smith, P. Ssgt 20 amxs
Smith, L. TSgt 167th AES
SMITH, C. SGT 1-187
Smith, Z. 2d Lt USAF
Smith, M. Staff Sgt 147th Infantry Detachment A Company C 2nd Platoon
Smith, M. MSgt USMC Retired
Smith, J. E6 USN
Smith, J. Lcpl Echo 2/24
Smith, J. LT USN
Smith, A. PFC CAARNG 1/160th IN
Smith, C. SPC/E-4 909th HQ HR CO
Smith, D. SPC C Co. 224 MI BN
Smith, M. Cpl. 3rd Battalion 8th Marine Regiment
Smith-Cleveland, S. Specialist Army
Smyth, C. Cpl 1st Tanks
Snapp, J. Specialist 2-7 CAV 1st cavalry division
Snow, J. 2LT D 1-145th AVN REG
Snyder, R. e-4 vf-213
Sok, L. SSgt 325
Sokalski, B. SSgt USMC Reserve, 4th Law Enforcement Bn
Sola, M. E3 Ft Bragg
Solem, A. LCpl ESC, 6th ESB
Solo, S. 2LT 1775 MP CO
Solometo, J. CDR USCG retired
Sorace, J. E-5 USN
Sorrell, B. Sgt 4th Bn 14th Marines
Soto, J. CPT 200th Military Police Command
Soto, V. PFC Marine Core
Sourivanh, P. Sgt 22nd ecc,14th en bn
Sousa, F. Lance Corporal 3/5 Kilo Co. USMC
Southard, D. E-3 USCG
Souza, D. Sergeant HHQ 62nd Engineer Battalion
Sparks, D. SFC HSC, 227 ARB
Sparks, D. SSG/E-6 95B M.P. Retired
Sparman, W. MSgt E-7 555th TFTS, USAF
Sparrow, S. Sgt USMC
Spas, S. PFC 8th
Spaulding, S. E6 COMTHIRDFLT
Spaziano, E. Cpl Marine Security Foeces
Spearman, J. Sergeant FORT BRAGG
Spears, S. Staff Sgt. 149th Fighter Group
Spears, D. SSGT USAF
Spegnolo, F. Staff Sargent 82nd Airborne fort Bragg N. C.
Speidel, S. SPC 82nd ABN DIV
Speight, A. SFC USA Retired
Spence, E. Cpl 2/108th Inf
Spencer, D. Sgt 2nd Infantry
Spencer, C. 0-4 107 TFS
Spencer, J. Spc 4-6INF 1 AD
Spicer, D. Ssg 1638th
Spitnale, S. Chief Task Force 1st AD
Spitz, M. MSG (Retired) MACV J2 CI Dir
Spoon, P. SSgt 42 ACCS
Springer, K. E-4 / Veteran USMC
Sprott, R. SSgt USAF
Stacey, D. Veteran USN
Stahl, A. MM2 USS John C. Stennis
Stalcup, C. Ssgt 2dLE Bn, II MIG, II MEF
Stalnaker, T. e5 usaf
Stamps, C. AWR US Navy
Standing, A. E-4 756 AMXS
Standring, J. CAPT USN
Stanfield, B. Corporal 1bn 2d Marines
Stanley, J. E-5 Sgt. U.S.M.C. veteran
Stanley, T. e-5 usaf
Stanton, R. Pv2 143 Transcom
Stanton, J. MSgt 815 AS
Stark, D. MSgt 315th AMDS
Stark, C. E4 USAF
Starkey, J. SPC 2/8 Cav 1CD
Starns, S. E7/MSgt 16SOS
Startin, D. SM3 U.S. Navy
Stasiowski, P. Maj Army med corps
Stecz, T. SGT 1st CAV DIV HQ
Steele, J. E-4 890th Engineering Delta Company
Steele, M. A1C 59MDW
Steele, K. E-7 NIOC Maryland
Steiner, U. E-5 9th Comm
Stelzer, R. CW2 356th TC CO
Stephens, D. E-3 U. S. Army
Stephenson, H. S/sgt USMC
Sterling, Q. E5 USAF Retired
Steven, S. Master Sergeant 452 MXS
Stevens, T. E-2 Bravo 1-200
Stevens, J. Sgt/E-5 626 Det. 1
Stevens, L. SP/4 Veteran
Stewart, D. SGT 3-108 Cav
Stewart, P. SSG ( E-6 ) 15th MI BN. Veteran
Stewart, S. ET1/E6 USN
Stewart, I. PVT ACO 305 MI BN
Stiles, W. E-4 USCG
Stillings, G. SSGT 2nd Marine Air Wing
Stillwagon, K. Sgt. E-5 1st Cavalry (Infantry)
Stiltner, J. E-4 171first
Stiltner, J. e-4 171 sercurty forces
Stiner, F. E-7 Fleet Air Reconnaissance 4
Stiner, F. E-7 VO-4
Stinnett, T. Airman 1st 454 Transportation Div
Stock, J. E5 755 amxs
Stock, D. SSG USAR
Stockwell, S. SSGT US Army Veteran
Stofferahn, D. Spec- 4 4th ID 3/12
Stokes, J. E7 HQ AFPC
Stone, R. SSG C Co (LRS) 2-152 CAV R&S
Stone, N. CPT Rgr
Storm, K. SGT / E-5 NFDS
Strack, K. Lcpl Vmm-261
Strange, R. 1st Class Army
Strasser, S. SSG 561st Military Police Company
Stratton, M. Sgt. MWSS-374
Streeter, M. E-4 122 FW
Strickler, R. CPO LPD17
Stringfellow, B. E-6 US Navy
Strong, B. sp-5 159th med det. cui chi viet nam
Stroud, M. MSgt USAF
Strzelewicz, W. STS2(SS) Navy
Stuart, J. SPC 116MP
Stucko, N. E4 FWC_N SGOT
Sturdivant, G. Corporal 5/14
Sturgill, R. Sgt 1833
Sullivan, R. CW4 US Army (retired)
Sullivan, J. 05/CDR Aviation Training Center Mobile AL
Sullivan, P. MSgt 98FTS
Summers, S. Capt USAF
Sumner, R. Sgt E-5 1st Cavalry
Sun, R. LCpl Golf Co 2/25
Sun, X. Cpl HMH-464
Sutherland, D. Ret Navy VAW-122 Steel Jaws
Sutphin, P. Sergeant First Class(Retired) U.S.Army 10TH MTN
Sutter, W. SSG ARMY (Quiet professionalism)
Svoboda, W. E-8 ROTC
Swaby, C. Cpl 3D Marine Aircraft Wing
Swafford, D. e6 us army
Swain, R. E4 VMFA-314
Swain, R. PFC 4-4ARB, 4ID US Army
Swander, I. E-4 A co1-151
Swanstrom, K. Veteran U.S. Navy
Swartz, T. E4 H&MS 31
Sweetman, J. e-7 US Coast Guard Sector Boston
Swiatkowski, C. LCpl K Co 3Bn 3Mar
Swiney, B. Lt USAF
Swink, A. SSgt 1 FTS
Swope, R. SSgt USAF
Sykes, B. SMSgt AFCEC
Szczygiel, C. Sgt C Co 1/25 4MAR
Szente, J. SGT (Veteran) Co C 2/30 3ID
T, D. e4 uscg
Tahan, D. SGT Veteran
Tajima, J. E4 USN
Takahashi, B. SSG Public Health Command District-San Diego Camp Pendleton Branch
Tallarino, T. PFC 170th MP Co
Tallent, A. SSgt 56 LRS
Tallorin, C. E-6 Vp-1
Tamandong, M. E-4 Crashfire
Tamburri, J. SGT Marine STA plt
Tamburro, K. E4 2/8 USMC
Tapia, T. SGT 2-38 CAV
Tapley, A. Lcpl B co. 4th LAR
Tarrar, M. E-4 SrA 349 Security forces squadron
Tashima, D. 1stLt VT-9
Taveras, J. e5 acu2
Taylor, C. SSG USA Retired
Taylor, J. E-6 AirSta Clearwater C-130
Taylor, K. Veteran 2nd Med BN
Taylor, M. CPT Third Army
Taylor, R. LTC Retired
Taylor, J. WO1 2/5cav.
Taylor, L. Major Retired U.S. Army,313MASH
Taylor, J. MSG USA Retired
Taylor, D. E4 112th CSSC
Taylor, R. LTC (Ret.) N/A (Retired)
Taylor, D. SGT 141 MI BN
Taylor, N. E-6 190th Ces
Taylor, D. SGT Retired
Taylor, D. E-5 Coast Guard base Miami beach
Taylor, M. LTC/Retired Army
Teague, C. Corporal 3rd LAAD, 1st Stinger
Tedford, J. E-5 / SGT O.I.F. Veteran
Tejeda, J. Sgt Marine wing communication squadron 38
Tellef, D. e4 MSST
Tellef, D. E5 Msrt west
Tenny, A. E-5 1/503PIR 173rd Airborne Brigade
Teran, D. E4 USAF
Terner, B. sfc us army
Terrebonne, P. Ssg Us army
Terry, B. Sergeant Company A, 131st Infantry
Testing, S. Sgt 52nd Airborne
Thaler, J. Corporal US
Thatch, L. E-6 USAF
Theis, C. LCPL V36 (USMC)
Thibodeau, S. AMCS VAW-120
Thies, D. TSgt 349th AMXS
Thomas, K. MSG 7th SFG(Abn)
Thomas, P. Sergeant 1st MLG, 7th ESB
Thomas, H. TSgt 355 EMS
Thomas, T. CAPT Landing Support Co, CLR-17, 1st MLG, USMC
Thomas, R. SPC E 1-44 69th BDE
Thomas, E. PFC 848th Engineer Company
Thomas, D. E4 18th airborne corps
Thomas, D. E3 ELMACO
Thomas, S. CDR, USN (Ret) U.S. Navy
Thomas, J. E-4 377th, 51st, 96th LRS
Thomas, S. E-6 ALC
Thompson, J. spc 988th MP
Thompson, J. W-3 U. S. Coast Guard
Thompson, S. EM2 USS Arkansas CGN-41
Thompson, R. E-6 NPTU Ballston Spa
Thompson, A. E5 1/43 ADA
Thompson, V. SP5 US Army Security Agency
Thompson, B. E-5 USCG Station Chetco River
Thompson, L. E5 Army
Thompson, C. SSgt HMM-268
Thompson, M. SSG 38th Sustainment Brigade
Thompson, R. SGT HHC, 123rd BSTB, 4-1AD, Fort Bliss
Thompson, O. E-4 VFA-81
Thompson, K. E-4 U.S. NAVY
Thompson, D. CMSGT (Ret) Joint Communications Support Element
Thompson, T. SGT 2/502
Thornton, J. Captain 108th BDE ADA
Thornton, N. E2 1132 MP co 105th MP BN
Thornton, J. TSgt 367 trss
Threadgill, T. Veteran 2-38th Cavlry(LRS)(ABN)
Thursam, D. E4 Air Force SFS
Tilbury, R. E3 Transportation Squad
Timothy, C. Veteran 70th iss
Tinoco, M. E4 1-44 ADA
Tinoco, M. E4 1-44 ADA
Tipton, R. E4 169th Engineers
Tirado, E. Spc 814th MP CO
Tissot, A. E3 FA Marine Corp
Todd, C. VETERAN 1st ID
Toledo, S. E3 71st AMU/ 723 AMXS
Tolgyesi, F. E5 863rd engineering batt
Tolkach, C. TSgt (E-5)/Retired 820th Red Horse (USAF)
Tolle, G. LCDR Navy
Tolstyka, B. SGT 595 Military Police Co.
Tomilson, D. LDO Captain / Retired USMC
Tong, R. SPC D Co 1-111th Avn
Tonkinson, T. SSgt 155 MXS
Torborg, J. SPC 1-508 PIR
Torres, R. SSG ACO,16th OD BN
Toscano, C. CDT USCGA
Toth, R. GySgt USMC Retired
Tover, J. lcpl USMC
Tow, D. CPO Navy
Townsend, L. SFC 10 Special Forces Group
Townsend, L. TSgt 23 AMXS
Trahan, B. Veteran 256 BCT
Tran, T. E-4 54TH Engineer Battalion
Tran, T. LTJG VP-30
Tran, J. E-4 NAVSUP FLC Bahrain
Tran, T. LTJG VP-30
Tran, T. SSG 528th SB (SO) A
Tran, T. ENS VT-35
Tran, T. LTJG VQ-1
Tran, L. SSG U.S. Army
Tran, Q. Sergeant 3rd Battalion 5th Marines
Tran, N. pfc 759 MP BN
Traner, J. E-4/Cpl 2/7 E Co.
Travers, J. SSG E6 us army
Traverse, M. E6 Navy Fire 312th
Traviglia, S. E-4 ATC Mobile
Traylor, A. e3 34theng519bit
Trejo, S. E-4 2/3
Trent, T. E-3 116th Air Control Wing
Trentham, T. SSgt 119CACS
Trentham, T. E5 119th
Trett, J. SSGT 1st Mar Div
Troke, C. 1stLt TRAWING-5
Trombly, G. e-4 416 AMS
Trosky, A. SPC 759th MP BN
Troy, P. Pfc C-co 4th ply
Truehardt, T. Fireman Johnston DD821
Trujillo, M. E4 Marines
Trujillo, J. E-6 21st airlift sqd
Trujillo, O. GySgt Recon & MARSOC
Trujillo, T. E6 NIWTG Norfolk
Trummer, F. Commander US Navy (ret)
Tse, S. MSgt 111 OSS
Tucker, A. E-7 SEAL Team 18
Turk, A. pfc 45 sig. company, korea
Turnbow, R. SFC(R) 82nd ABN DIV
Turner, L. SGT 778 CTC
Turner, B. spc 1/230th
Turner, W. Sgt PRP Co. USMC
Turner, S. SSG 2STB 2ABCT 4ID
Turner, M. LT NMCP
Uliano, R. Lt Col 103 AW
Urban, H. E-5 1/75
Urban, J. 0-1 USN
Ureta, R. Sgt Hhc 2-113
Urich, R. E-5 Navy
Vagnini, A. Sergeant Combat Logistics Regiment 2, II MEF
Vahovius, J. Capt 432 WG
Valdez, R. SSgt 1st Combat Engineers (USMC)
Valek, A. E-4 1stCAV, 1BCT, 91BEB, Dco
Valencia, J. Lcpl 6th Esb
Valencia Aguilar, G. E3 3/9 Marines
Valentin, T. E2 US navy
Valladares, C. SSG HHC 3/116
Van Zandt, D. L/CPL USMC
VanAllen, J. O-4/LCDR USN
Vanburen, J. E6/ SSgt RSS merced
Vance, E. Master Sargent Operational Test Command
Vance, T. SSGt 2nd Bn 3rd Marines
Vander Laan, K. CPL 1st BN 4th MARINES - ALPHA CO.
Vanderburg, P. E5 US ARMY
Vanderpool, M. SSG 133rd EN Co (SU)
VanDeusen, R. Veteran US Army
Vandusen, G. CSM Retired 1st Aviation Brigade
Varcoe, J. Sgt 2/2 & 2/6 Marines
Vargas, A. CPT 1-228th AVN
Varisco, J. E-5 B Co 769th BEB
Vasquez, U. Corporal 2nd AA Bn
Vasquez, J. SSGT USAF
Vasquez, J. E-3 1/36 1-1AD
Vaughan, O. SFC.-E6 HML-765 NAS Atlanta
Vaughan, L. SSG 96th CA BN
Vaughn, Z. Sergeant MARSOC
Vaught, Z. SPC USAR
Vazquez, A. E-6 USAF
Vazquez, F. E-2 294th
Vega, K. CPT 743D MI BN
Velazquez, O. E-3 USMC
Velez, B. SrA 96 SFS
Venable, T. E4 173rd
Venner, G. E6 1192nd Engineers
Ventura, D. E-5 60th SVS
Verbout, J. Lt Col 1 ERS
Verdugo, J. SGT 1-148th IN RGT
Vergeer, T. PO3 HSC-21
Verrill, A. SPC HHC, 4th MEB
Verstat, B. Sergeant 1/1 A Co. USMC
Vess, J. e-5 MGMC
Vestering, C. CSM 2218th MSB
Via, M. LCDR NavSta Mayport, Florida
Vieira, M. E5 Navy
Vieyra, M. Specialist 2-2 INF
Villa, G. E-4 USAF
Villalona, N. Sgt 1st CAV
Villapudua, H. MSgt USMC
Villareal, F. MSgt (Ret) HQ ACC
Villegas, R. CPL HHC 1-178
Vincent, D. LTC USAF
Vincent, W. Sfc Retired
Vinson, E. E5 MFPU
Viray, D. E-4 75th Ranger Regiment (A Co. 2/75)
Virgin, G. sargent usmc security forces
Viscarra, A. E-2 CA Azusa RSP
Vitelli, J. Lt Col Retired
Vitulli, J. SSGT Fox 2/7
Vivyan, J. SGT / E-5 B Co. 3-21 IN
Vo, S. E4 2nd ID
Volante, M. E4 US Army
Volk, J. Sgt. 5th FIS
Volker, P. Master Sergeant Marine Wing Support Squadron
Volz, W. CPL Marine Barracks, FGGM
Von Glahn, L. E 5 DLI, Monterey, Ca
Voulgaris, J. SSG 173rd Airborne Brigade
Vu, B. E-5 MWSS 471
WAGAMON, C. SSGT 134th Med
Wagner, R. EM3 (SS) USS Sterlet (SS-392)
Wagnon, A. TSgt 337TES
Walden, M. E-5 USCG
Waldmann, D. SSgt 17 SFS
Walerius, C. SSG 934 CES
Walker, J. Airman first class 4434 Air transport Sq.
Walker, S. EM2 USS Durham LKA-114
Walker, D. SMSgt USAF
Walker, D. SGT Army Security Agency
Wall, J. Sgt Tennessee Medical Command
Wallace, M. E5 MCSFBN
Waller, W. LTC Retired
Walter, J. PFC 332nd Transportation Battalion
Walters, M. Spec E-4 8th Inf Div Army
Walters, C. Lcpl USMC 3rd Force Recon
Walters, C. Airman United States Air Force Honor Guard
Waltman, S. SSGT USAF
Walton, A. CPL 1st Intel
Walton, E. Captain Army 3-66 AR
Walvatne, M. e5 base seattle
Wamsley, D. Specialist BAMC-Troop Command
Wanco, J. Veteran USA INF (Ret)
Wansing, J. E-7 USAF
Wansing, J. E-6 USAF AFSOC
Ward, W. SGT 307th BSB , 1st BCT , 82nd ABRN DIV
Ward, C. EM1(SS) USS Albuquerque SSN-706
Ward, J. E6 Navy
Ware, M. SPC 131 FHC
Warga, G. A1C USAF Hospital Andrews
Warner, W. MSgt. Retired 325th Fighter Wing, US Air Force
Warner, H. MAJ Retired
Warren, E. Veteran us army
Warren, T. E4 Navy
Waters, B. E-7 HS15
Waters, T. TSgt 179th Air Wing
Watkins, O. SPC Bco 3BSTB 3BCT 4ID
Watkins, J. E4 407 CA BN
Watkins, A. LT NMCB 1
Watson, W. Sgt/E5 204th MPC
Watson, W. E-5 525 BfSB
Watson, E. E-4 NNPTC
Watts, L. Cpl 1st 151 Sig
Watts, S. E-4 3rd ID
Weakley, A. SSgt 179 AW
Weaver, K. SGT 3rd Force Recon Co.
Weaver, C. CW3 B Co, 3-140th Avn
Webb, S. SSGT MWSD-273
Webb, R. SSG 832d Ord
Webb, J. MSgt 436AW
Weber, L. SrA 94IS
Weber, J. SGT Army
Weekes, C. ssg 2-377 PFAR
Weghorst, E. E-4 U.S.S. Carl Vinson
Wei, Y. E-5 2-327 inf reg
Weible, T. Corporal 30hth AG
Weinard, K. Sgt. E-4 USAF
Weintraub, A. SSG Retired. CO B 50th Support Battalion
Welch, D. Corporal 2ND MP BN USMC
Welch, P. Veteran U.S. Army
Welch, J. E6 311 hsw
Welch, T. Capt Vipers
Welch, T. Major First Battalion, Ninth Marines
Welch, J. SP4 1st Inf
Wellnitz, C. E5 USCG
Wells, W. e-5 vf-103
Wells, J. E-5 Recon
Wells, M. E-5 MCRC 8MCD
Welsh, J. SSG 350th Psychological Operations Company
Welsh, A. E-6 US Navy
Wendt, D. SGT, E-6 Det 1, Co E, 106AVN BN
Wenz, B. SMSgt 436 MXS
Werdann, M. MMW1 U.S. Navy
Werner, D. E3 Supply
Wesolowski, J. cpl 4th ANGLICO
West, D. Spec-4 187th Army
Westerman, M. Capt 22 OSS/IN
Western, J. Capt 318
Westfall, C. CWO3 Seebee Detach
Westkamper, M. MT1 SS DV SSBN-617
Whatley, J. veteran 1245
Wheeler, E. E-5 Navy
Wheeler, S. CMSgt USAF, Retired
Wheeler, T. E-8 US Navy
Whelchel, C. Sp4 643rd supply co.
Whigham, R. E-1 USArmy
Whisenand, D. E4 Navy
Whitcomb, P. Veteran 27th SOMXS
White, A. MSgt USAF Retired
White, M. E-7 U.S. Navy
White, D. MSgt ARPC
White, J. Corporal USMC
White, M. E4 USAF
White, V. SSgt 111th Pa Air Natoinal Guard
Whitehead, N. LCPL 3/23
Whitehead, T. Sgt USMC
Whitehurst, H. Msgt usmc 1st mar brg
Whitlock, B. E-5 BMU2
Whitlock, J. SSG U S Army Retired
Whitman, R. E6 HSWL-SC Norfolk
Whitmore, N. E-5 B. CO 1-8 Cav 1CD 2BCT
Whitney, D. SGT b 2/5 SFG (A)
Whitt, A. Spc 27th combat en bn
Whittaker, K. DP6 Navy
Whitton, N. Corporal 3/1
Whitworth, P. E-5/AM2 VFA-97 / U.S. Navy
Wick, J. 2LT 2-14 IN 10th MT
Wick, J. LT Benning
Wickett, B. SSgt MCSB
Widemire, J. E5 541st ETOE
Widemire, J. Sergeant 541st ETOE
Wiersema, V. E-6 NRD Chicago
Wilber, C. Lieutenant COMPHIBRON FOUR
Wilcox, J. SSG F Co 2-104
Wilcoxen, M. CSM/E-9 3/325 AIR
Wilder, J. E7 US Army Retired
Wilhelm, R. Spc 28th MP co
Wilken, M. E6 Defense Media Activity
Wilkins, W. TSgT 4th Fighter WIng
Wilkinson, B. Captain USMC
Wilkinson, A. Senior Airman 460 SW
Wilkisn, M. E3 3 APS
William, W. PV1 USAF
Williams, W. SPC 2/319th AFAR, 82Abn Div
Williams, R. SSgt (Retired) USAF Air Ground Operations School; US Air Force
Williams, J. SN SS409
Williams, W. SK3(SS) Submarines
Williams, R. Lcpl 1/6 C Co
Williams, J. E-6/ SSG A co. 2/7 CAV
Williams, S. E-5 G 58th Avn Pathfinders
Williams, T. SPC B CO 1-5 CAV 2BCT 1CD
Williams, G. LCDR (ret) USCG
Williams, R. A/1c 363 recon squadron USAF.
Williams, G. Ssgt 391st MP
Williams, Z. Sgt 3rd Radio Bn
Williams, M. CPT TRADOC
Williams, R. SSgt 1st & 3rd MAW - VMCJ-1 & 3
Wills, T. E-4 3rd FSSG
Wilson, G. Sgt 1st Combat Communications Group
Wilson, J. Sgt 1st Marine Division
Wilson, J. Cpl 3/2, 2nd Mar Div. FMF
Wilson, W. Airman First Class Squadron 326
Wilson, F. CW4 HHC 4-14 CAV
Wilson, B. SPC 3BDE 3ID
Wilson, J. SGT 2/6
Wilson, K. veteran 54b
Wilson, J. SSG IN RR BN
Wimert, Z. Major Project 404 -SF
Wingate, J. Corporal USMC HMLA-773
Winters, S. E-5 Navy
Winters, P. S/Sgt 321SMS
Wise, S. HT1 SDVT-2
Wise, S. HTC SDVT 2
Wise, S. E-7 SDVT-2
Wiswell, J. CPT WI Army National Guard
Witter, P. E6 277 Maint.
Wolf, D. E-4 HSC-6
Wolfe, R. TSgt 96 CS
Wolfe, H. Major USMC
Wolgemuth, J. E-5 A Co FSB 4th ID
Wondoloski, M. Corporal Lima 3/5 USMC
Wood, C. TSgt USAF
Wood, M. PFC 145th Maintance
Woodard, D. Sgt. E-5 1/10th Cav
Woods, L. SPC HHB 3/2 ADA
Woods, B. E-6 Naval Station Philadelphia
Woodward, C. SPC HHC 4CAB
Woodworth, R. Commander US Navy (Ret.)
Woody, D. E-5 Sgt Clb-22
Woolums, K. E3 Disabled Vet.
Work, C. SrA 721 SFS
Workman, H. PO2 NCWDG
Workman, M. E-6 USN
Worman, B. E3 MCCES
Wright, M. Cpl 2ndMarDIv
Wright, M. Cpl 2ndMarDiv
Wright, J. E3(cssn) vet 07-11 Ssbn 736
Wright, R. CSM/E9 US ARMY
Wright, M. Major 731st Airlift Squadron
Wright, W. E8 Navy
Wright, J. MMCM (SS) USN Ret Submarines
Wunderlich, J. Sgt VMU-4
Wynegar, W. SFC TRADOC
Wynn, E. SSG 2nd 111th FA, Farmville, Va
Wynn, R. MSgt/E-7 96 Security Forces Squadron, Eglin AFB, FL
Wynn, B. Corporal Weapons Training BN
No entries.
Yadon, L. 06 USNR
Yeaton, B. MSgt USMC
Yoe, W. E6 USN RET
York, N. MSgt 81 FS
Yost, J. SSG Vet US Army
Youn, S. CPT HHC/I Corps
Young, T. A1C USAF
Young, L. E-5 USS Buffalo
Young, Z. e-5 nfds
Young, H. sgt. hmh365
Young, T. SFC 6-1 Cav
Yudt, M. E5 846th
Yue, D. CDR EMF Bethesda
Yue, D. CDR EMF Bethesda
Yuen, B. Cpl USMC
Yukon, J. TSGT 146AW
Zackery, P. Msgt 80th Aps
Zaleskas, M. lcp kilo 4/13 marines
Zalewski, B. E-4 101st Airborne
Zamora, G. PFC U.S. Army
Zamudio, D. A1C 99th SFS
Zapata, J. 3rd Class PO MCM Crew Conflict
Zaun, R. SSgt MSG Bn
Zeiber, K. E-7 Aco 628th ASB
Zentek, B. Sgt USMC AAV
Zetina, E. Sargent 1sMarine Division,1stBattalion,1st Marines
Zettlemoyer, J. E5 4th Cav
Ziadeh, J. CDT USMA
Ziebarth, C. Cpl 2D MAW, HMH-464
Zike, D. SGT 1/504pir, 82nd abn div
Zimmerly, C. MMA1(SS)/ E-6 NAVY
Zimmerman, M. LTC US Army
Zimmermann, R. LCDR Navy VA-72
Ziprik, W. MAJ USAR Control Group (The Retired Reserve)
Zukoski, D. AMC (E-7) FRCSE
Zukovsky, A. BM1 U.S. Coast Guard
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