2013 proved to be a remarkable, eventful, and sometimes frustrating time for ammo hunters all over the country. At Lucky Gunner, we can understand those emotions as the year proved to be a wild ride! Now, we’d like to give you a peek behind the curtain at Lucky Gunner and a look at some insider ammo stats and information.

You probably know Lucky Gunner Labs as a source of in-depth testing and insight into the ammo world. So, similarly to what we did at the end of 2012, we thought we’d give you a inside look at our biggest on-going experiment: delivering the most amazing experience possible to shooters who purchase ammunition online at LuckyGunner.com.

By now, you probably can tell how much we love data and feedback from shooters. It helps us make the best decisions about how to get shooters what they want, expect and need. With that in the back of our minds, we thought you might like a quick journey into the data and trends we noticed among shooters in 2013.

All of what we’re sharing comes from Google Analytics – we’ll admit, it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely good, consistent, and it’s considered the industry standard. So without further ado, let’s dive into 2013 in the ammo world:

Most Popular Caliber and Ammo Stats

9mm, .223 Remington are once again shooters’ favorites in ammunition

Most popular ammo calibers of 2013 at LuckyGunner.com

The hot 22 long rifle market hasn’t cooled so the caliber’s jump from near the bottom of 2012’s top ten to a much more significant chunk of Lucky Gunner’s sales probably doesn’t surprise you much.

Perhaps even more interesting, though, is that the .223 and 5.56 calibers, both of which were very hot early in the year due to the threat of more government regulation, make up a smaller chunk of the Lucky Gunner pie. Is that because of more competition? AR-15 shooters had sufficient ammo on-hand and weren’t worried about the government getting involved? Still, it seems doubtful that the black rifle market is cooling at all when you look at the top ten individual products of 2013.

The most popular ammo products at Lucky Gunner

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Texas, California switch top spots among U.S. visitors to LuckyGunner.com

Lucky Gunner visitors by state.
Once again it’s Texas, California, and Florida leading the way but in a slightly different order than in 2012.

In 2012, we received a ton of feedback from folks who were surprised California was where most of our traffic comes from. It seems most shooters expected Texas to sit atop the list of stats sorted by traffic. Given the political stereotypes of each state, that seems to make sense.

Well, in 2013 Texas took over the top spot and aligned itself with shooters’ expectations once again.


Other states of note are Michigan, where the state jumped from #10 on our 2012 visitor rankings all the way up to #4. (If you’re a Michigander that just joined us in the past year- thanks and welcome!)


Internet Explorer, Windows fall but still dominate among shooters

Browsers of visitors that come to LuckyGunner.com

If you’re into technology, you’ll likely find this interesting: Internet Explorer continues to be the top internet browser for shooters but it continues to see it’s share erode with Safari and Chrome gaining ground quickly on the Microsoft product.


It’s more bad news for Microsoft as it relates to operating systems. Windows continues to lose ground on iOS and Android users as shooters go mobile for both information and buying ammunition.

Shooters & Smartphones

More shooters shopping and visiting on smartphones

Table detailing mobile vs. desktop users at LuckyGunner.com

As you probably could have guessed, shooters continue to get more comfortable using their smartphones to shop for ammo and learn about it. As they make the move, we continue to see more and more mobile users at LuckyGunner.com. Are you a smartphone shopper? Is there anything about our site you’d like to see changed that would make it easier? If so, let us know below in the comments!


Thanks for a great year of serving shooters!

We’re honored to have served a lot of shooters in 2013. We’re passionate about shooting and just as passionate about offering up the best customer experience possible for our fellow shooters.

Did you see anything here that surprises you? We hope you found it interesting and if you did, please share this with your friends. The more we all know, the tighter we become as a shooting community and the better off we all are.

What do you think 2014 will bring? More of the same? No matter what, we wish you the best in the upcoming year and please know we’ll continue working hard and won’t stop pouring over data to make the best decisions we can to bring you more ammo delivered as fast as we can.

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  • Clint Long

    I would be very interested in seeing if the quantity of a specific caliber of ammunition adds up the same as revenue does. With the fluctuation of prices in some of these calibers over the last year revenue might not be the most accurate way to evaluate this.

    • Lucky Gunner Ammo

      Great point Clint. That’s definitely been a driving factor this year.

  • Marybeth Wilburn Crawford

    So, what are the top 10 calibers sold – Not in % of revenue but in number of rounds?
    Example 9mm had your highest % of revenue but was it the highest in number of rounds sold?

    • Lucky Gunner Ammo

      Hey Marybeth – great question. In terms of rounds sold that’s a tough one to answer because our record-keeping doesn’t account for things that way. For instance, you have how many different .22lr packages with varying round counts in them? We’ll see if there is a way we could figure it out and try to include it in the future.

  • Chip Hawkins

    Been a buyer for a number of years. Great service.

    • Lucky Gunner Ammo

      Thanks Chip, we appreciate you!

  • Barry Newman

    Mine didn’t even make the list

    • Susan Scheuermann

      lemme guess .380 it’s a good round cheaper then most and does the job imo

    • Barry Newman

      Susan Scheuermann 10mm

  • Jim Hall

    Great job and excellent Data.

  • Michael McLean

    Great Ammo, Great prices.

  • Restmod Bennett

    Kinda ends the 9MM vs .45 ACP debate!

  • Lincoln Dimmick

    I figured 7.62×39 would have been second or third!

  • Rick Hale

    % of Revenue might be an interesting statistic for Lucky Gunner, but not for the consumer. I want to know % of volume (bullets) sold.

    • Lucky Gunner Ammo

      Thanks Rick – good point. We’re going to loop around and see if we can figure that one out. Because of the different quantities sold in each caliber (just think of .22lr and all the different round counts you can buy) it makes it a little tricky for us to figure that out.

  • Mick Wood

    While all of this is very interesting, I suspect other variables aren’t reflected, first and foremost being availability. For instance, .22 LR is low in your stats, but is it due to demand on your site or because you can’t maintain a supply? Not your fault, but it would be a valid metric.

    • Lucky Gunner Ammo

      Very true Mick – if we don’t have it, there’s no way the caliber could be counted. I suspect you would have seen more .223 if that market hadn’t been incredibly scarce early in 2013. Great point!

  • Dominic Gallegos

    Lucky Gunner has not let me down so far, happy to purchase from them in the future

  • Kevin Kamer

    Have you looked at the data by supplier? Would be interesting to see what most shooters use by category (Federal, PMC, Winchester, etc)

  • Mike Bellofatto

    well im doing my part in south florida whenever i see someone at store making faces or sighing i tell them just to go to luvckygunner.com and they luckygunner i say yes you will have your ammo almost anything in couple days.e

  • Mike Moritz

    Love LuckyGunner! Only wish more CCI 22LR were more plentiful. Side note, my FedEx delivery guy wished me an enjoyable time with my “erotic package “. I said to him, why do you say that? To which he replies, “your package is titled “Lucky Fulfillment ” on the shipping label so i thought. ..i cut him off and told him to have a good one. Just wanted to share a funny story. LMAO

  • Max Nevill

    You going to do a 2014 version of these stats?

  • JT McFarland

    I’m curious to see # of rounds sold as a percentage of total rounds sold. I don’t care so much about % of revenue. That gives skewed results.