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Shooter and Scribe

Shooter and Scribe graphic

Lucky Gunner is excited to announce our first "Shooter & Scribe" writing contest.

Please note: Submissions for this contest are now CLOSED. To see the finalists and the winning entry, please head to Lucky Gunner Labs.

Do you know something unique or novel that your fellow shooters would find interesting?  Is there some industry myth you’d like to set the record straight on?  Can you share some little known fact or history lesson that would surprise us?  Do you have a strong, well-articulated opinion about a controversial industry topic?  Do you have inside knowledge or “behind the scenes” access to something  the rest of us don’t?

And most importantly, would you like to win some free ammo?

Three lucky and skilled writers are going to win one of the following prizes:

Prize Package Description








All you need to do to win is submit your best article or essay in the form below. Here are the requirements you need to follow:

  • The essay must be roughly 250 to 2,500 words
  • It must contain at least one high-quality image. (Preferably 2-5, or as many as necessary to add value to the text. We'll reach out for photos after receiving your text submission).
  • It must be unique and an original work produced by you (no plagiarism, please)
  • It must be related to ammunition, firearms, or firearm accessories
  • It cannot be political in nature (or specifically name any particular political party or politician)
  • If you quote or use other sources, please quote and cite them (including a link)

Contest Timeline:

  • March 4th - Contest Launches! We'll start trickling out the submissions on LuckyGunner.com's Google+ account as soon as they are submitted!
  • March 25th - Submission Deadline
  • March 29th - We'll summarize the top contest submissions in a Lucky Gunner Labs post and invite the LuckyGunner.com community to vote on a  winner!
  • April 5th - We'll announce the winner and ship out the $1,000 grand prize!

Other Rules and Recommendations:

  • You can submit as many articles as you like. Yes, if you’re really that good you could win first, second, and third!
  • Please ask a friend (or two) to proof read your essay prior to submission for grammar, accuracy, etc.
  • You must be 21-years-old to participate in this contest and must comply with our Terms and Conditions to win.

By submitting your article, you are warranting and agreeing as follows:

  • The content is unique and an original work produced by you and is not owned or copyrighted by any other third party and will not be used, published, or submitted elsewhere.
  • LuckyGunner.com will exclusively own the content after you submit it and can edit and use it (or not) at our sole discretion (but we will cite you as the author)
  • We have your permission to cite your first name (or pen name if you so choose) and city as the author (i.e. Jeff from Houston)
  • We have the sole authority and discretion to decide whether or not to publish the content and to edit it for grammar, punctuation, spelling, length, and to remove whole sections at our discretion.

We can’t wait to see what entertaining, enlightening, educational, and downright interesting essays our community creates. We’re continually impressed by how much we can learn from our customers and expect this contest will put your knowledge on display to the industry – good luck!

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