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Oregon Gun Laws

NOTE: The information listed below regarding Oregon gun laws is meant as a reference point only. Oregon firearm laws frequently change so be sure to consult your local law enforcment agency before making any final firearms related decisions.

Oregon Concealed Carry Laws

Issuing Authority: County Sheriff
Statute: O.R.S. ยง 166.291 through 166.297
Issue: Shall Issue
Cost: $65
Permit Term: 4 Years

Additional Oregon Gun Law Info

Only for those who are not licensed in Oregon to carry concealed weapons, persons may not possess a loaded or unloaded firearm in public buildings and adjacent grounds. This may include hospitals, all public or private education institutions, courthouses, city halls, or state officials' residences. Carrying a firearm openly in a belt holster is not considered concealed.

Official Contact

Oregon State Police
Firearms Unit
3772 Portland Road NE
Salem, OR, 97303
tel: (503) 378-3070

Oregon Shooting Clubs



Mr. Tim Pitzer, President

2815 South
Albany, OR 97322
tel: 5419282460
[email address]

Mr. Jerod Broadfoot, Vice President

tel: 5039304926

update this listing for Oregon State Shooting Association add additional Oregon Shooting Clubs

Oregon FFL Dealers and Shooting Ranges

Gun Laws In Other States

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