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300 PRC Ammo

“Make-long range mid-range” -- this is the promise behind the 300 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) which Hornady introduced in 2018. The Nebraskan manufacturer had wanted a superior cartridge with which to test projectiles at 1,000 yards with a heavy benchrest rifle, so they necked down a 375 Ruger Compact Magnum cartridge case to a 30 Caliber Magnum. They loved the result: A beltless and non-rebated round with optimum body taper, shoulder taper, and neck length that is as effective at hitting targets over a mile away as it is for all practical hunting applications.

The 300 PRC’s overall length permits its bullet to be seated farther from its body as compared to other 30 Caliber Magnum cartridges, and can accommodate either a long-range or traditional bullet. The round’s ability to assure consistent velocity and stable temperature as well as lengthen barrel life is unparalleled by any mass-produced 30 Caliber Magnum that has preceded it. Hornady is not the 300 PRC’s only fan, for that matter -- shortly after its introduction, the United States Department of Defense awarded a contract to Hornady to supply them with an undisclosed number of the cartridges for their long-range sniper program, in part because the organization recognized its performance as superior to that of the 300 Norma Magnum.

Hornady provides the 300 PRC from their Match line of ammunition with their ELD Match projectile, as well as their Precision Hunter line with their ELD-X, both with the patented Heat Shield tip.
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