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Surplus Ammo Can - 50 Cal - Green - Like New - 1

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Quantity - 1 Green Ammo Can
Caliber - 50 Cal Ammo Can
Manufacturer - Lake City

Approximate Dimensions: 12" Long x 6" Wide x 7" High

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Manufacturer Lake City
Quantity 1
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Surplus Ammo cans directly from the famed Lake City Manufacturing Plant now available!

Surplus Ammo Cans meet a broad array of storage needs and are ideal for transporting ammunition to the range.

This is also an excellent way to store your ammunition inside your home for longer-term needs, just keep your ammo inside of this can in a cool, dry location!

These "Like New" cans are in great condition with good seals! Please see some of the attached pictures for examples of their condition. Some of these cans have original military markings that have been spray painted over by Lake City and there are also some minor scratches on the exterior of the cans.
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