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32 Gauge - 2-1/2" 1/2oz. #6 Shot - Rio - 250 Rounds


(28.0¢ per round)

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Quantity - 250 Rounds
Manufacturer - Rio
Load - 2-1/2" 1/2oz. #6 Shot
Manufacturer Rio Ammunition
Condition New
Bullet Weight 1/2 oz.
Bullet Type #6 Shot
Quantity 250
Ammo Caliber 32 Gauge
Manufacturer SKU RIOGL3226
Shot Material Lead
Shell Length 2-1/2"
Muzzle Velocity (fps) 1330
Attracts Magnet No
UPC Barcode R030420205934
Cost Per Round 28.0¢ per round
Use Type
Upland Game
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This 32 Gauge shotshell by Rio is loaded with half an ounce of #6 lead shot. #6 is considered the middle of the road as birdshot goes: slightly larger than the #7.5 that is so often used to hunt grouse and partridge, and on the small end of the spectrum for what turkey hunters most frequently employ. As such #6 is considered a jack of all trades in the bird hunting world, and its efficacy for taking squirrel and rabbit is indisputable as well. Even a goose is not immune to the effects of #6 shot -- especially when it has this shell’s 1,330 fps muzzle velocity -- but do bear in mind that hunting with lead in protected wetlands is against the law.

Rio is a subsidiary of MAXAM, whose explosive materials are implemented for every conceivable application throughout the world. Whether you’re mining, bombing, or shooting, MAXAM’s explosives are the one to count on. This shell’s hull and head are both designed to withstand the pressure caused by so potent a charge of propellant, and its wad delivers the tight spread that a half ounce of shot requires to stay effective downrange.
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