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Mil Spec Ammo Can - 30 Cal M19A1 - Green - Brand New - 1


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Quantity - 1 Green Ammo Can
Caliber - 30 Cal M19A1 Brand New Ammo Can
Outside Dimensions: 11" L x 4" W x 7" H
Material - Metal
Manufacturer Military Surplus
Quantity 1
Condition New
Ammo Caliber Not Applicable
Length 11.0000
Width 4.0000
Height 7.0000
Material Steel
Ammo Can Caliber 30 Caliber
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We’re all holding our breath until scientists finally figure out a way to make ammo grow on trees. Until that day we’d all better be very gentle with the ammo we already have – storing it carefully, so dampness and light can’t spoil its propellant and moving around doesn’t dent it.

We highly recommend brand a brand new .30 cal M19A1 ammo can for your ammo storage needs. This can is designed specifically designed for 7.62×51 ammunition, but it will easily hold several hundred rounds of any other type of ammo. Its walls, latch, hinge and handle are all made of resilient steel and painted green for resistance against corrosion.

This mil spec can’s lid has an integral rubber gasket. The lid closes super tight to help that gasket keep moisture and debris from contaminating your valuable ammo trove. Even when partially open the lid’s skirt serves to protect the can’s contents from rain or glaring sunlight.

This can hasn’t already been banged around by grunts in some uncomfortable part of the world. It is brand new, ready for stacking in your bug out location or toting around the woods until you find somewhere to plink in private.
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