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Ammo Can Caliber Label Stickers

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Length 3"
Height 1"
Quantity 1
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If you're storing a lot of ammo and have a closest or safe stuffed wall to wall with ammo cans, odds are good you're serious about it. We know what it's like to demand more than just a bunch bulk ammo cans stuffed into a closet and we're here to help you do something about it. Presenting pre-made ammo can stickers that clearly identify the caliber inside so you can quickly grab what you need and go. We offer high quality vinyl stickers in 9mm, 45 ACP and 40 S&W for handgun loads and .223, 5.56, .308 and 7.62x39 for rifle shooters. Each label is three inches wide and one inch tall, making them a suitable fit for 30 cal ammo cans and just about perfect for the larger 50 cal military spec. ammo cans.

If you're serious about ammo storage, these stickers are a great option to save yourself the hassle (and a lot of the cost) of printing your own while offering an attractive alternative that cleaner looking than a Sharpie marker.

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