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Black Gun Ammo - Information on BlackGun Ammo (BGA)

BlackGun Ammo (BGA) Ammo Information

Black Gun AmmoBlackGun Ammo LLC (BGA) provides affordable, high quality ammunition and ammunition components made right here in the USA.  

BGA has assembled the ultimate manufacturing team.  The ammunition is manufactured in an ISO 9000:2008 3rd party certified and DOD approved to Military Specification facility.  BGA specializes in measuring tight propellant tolerances.  The propellant measuring accuracy of BGA's production equipment is capable of up to +/- .015 grains.  

BGA utilizes all the best practices of ISO and DOD standards including qualified vendors, incoming inspections, in process inspections, final Lot Acceptance Tests, velocity and pressure measurements.  BGA has a team of quality control staff dedicated to ensuring only the best products are manufactured. BGA also utilizes top quality industrial grade automated loaders.    

Where BlackGun Ammo LLC Ammo Is Manufactured

BlackGun Ammo LLC ammunition is manufactured in the legendary Lake City facility by an established US DOD military contractor.

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Calibers Offered By BlackGun Ammo LLC

  • 5.56x45
  • 7.62x51
  • 7.62x39
  • 9mm Luger
  • .40 S&W
  • .45 ACP
  • Projectiles
  • Primed cases
  • Unprimed cases
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