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Blazer Ammo Review

Blazer Ammo Review

Blazer Ammo Information

Blazer is CCI's aluminum-cased line of ammunition that was first introduced to the market in 1981. In 1981, CCI introduced its first centerfire cartridge with the 38 Special 158 gr LRN bullet and since that time they have continued to build out the line with a full offering of affordable range ammo. At that time, CCI recognized that over 3/4 of the market did not reload their spent cartridge cases and that the market needed a lower cost option for non-reloaders which led to the birth of Blazer Ammunition.

Blazer should be distinguished from CCI's brass-cased centerfire handgun ammunition line, Blazer Brass which came into existence after the firth of the Blazer aluminum-cased line. Blazer ammo features non-reloadable aluminum cartridge cases which are ideally suited for shooters who do not wish to reload their cartridge cases and are looking for a reliable cartridge at a lower cost than traditional brass-cased ammo. Blazer's cartridge cases are made with high-end aircraft grade aluminum that is heat treated to form the cartridge case in their ISO certified facility. All Blazer cartridges are loaded with the same bullets that the highly regarded Speer Lawman ammunition is loaded with.

The CCI plant which produces several brands (CCI, Blazer, Blazer Brass, and Speer) is owned by ATK (the same company that owns Federal Premium Ammunition).


Where Blazer Ammo Is Manufactured

Blazer ammo is produced in CCI's production facility in Lewiston, Idaho along the banks of the Snake river.


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