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Centurion Ammo Review

Centurion Ammo Information

Centurion Ammo is manufactured by Industrias Tecnos S.A. De C.V. who is known for developing the production technology used to manufacture 22 Long Rifle.  Remington established Centurion Ammo in Mexico in 1961.  Industrias Tecnos is well known for supplying quality ammunition and is currently sold under two well known brand names- Aguila Ammunition and Centurion Ammunition.

Centurion Ammunition has provided quality ammo to the military and police officers in Mexico for years.  In addition to supplying firearms to the armed services in Mexico, Centurion Ammo also is a main ammo supplier for areas in the Middle East, South America, and Europe. 


Where Centurion Ammo Is Manufactured

Centurion ammo is manufactured by Industrias TECNOS in Mexico. The plant was originally setup by Remington and the Centurion staff was partially trained by Remington.


Centurion Ammo For Sale:

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Calibers Offered By Centurion Ammo

As seen on the Centurion ammo website:

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