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Golden Tiger Ammo Review

Golden Tiger Ammo Review

Golden Tiger Ammo Information:

Golden Tiger Ammunition is manufactured by Vympel IIRC which was founded in 1976.  Currently, Vympel manufactures 18 kinds of military and hunting cartridges.  As the youngest cartridge plant in Russia, Vympel maintains its cutting edge reputation by remaining the most up to date enterprise among cartridge plants in Russia (and the only cartridge plant in the Far East).

The Golden Tiger brand is so cheap, many shooters have questioned its quality.  However, despite the fact that Golden Tiger ammo is very economical, it has been known to perform very well.  Golden Tiger has a reputation of being high quality ammo that offers great accuracy at a low price. 

Golden Tiger ammo has lacquered cases which some believe are of better quality compared to plymer coasted cases which can rust easily in some firearms.


Where Golden Tiger Ammo Is Manufactured

Golden Tiger ammunition is manufactured at the Vympel plant in Russia.


Golden Tiger Ammo For Sale:

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Calibers Offered By Golden Tiger Ammo

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Golden Tiger Ammo is rated 4.9
Based on 31 Golden Tiger product reviews on LuckyGunner.com
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