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Magtech Ammo Review

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Magtech Ammo Information

Magtech Ammo Review Magtech Ammunition has been producing ammo since 1926 and has earned a reputation for quality among serious shooters around the globe.  Magtech Ammunition is sold in more than 50 countries around the globe served through three distribution centers.  Magtech produces its renowned ammunition through its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Magtech Ammo is designed, manufactured, and tested in one of the biggest and most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world! The CBC (Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos) plant is vertically integrated producing its own primers, powder, projectiles, and brass which allows Magtech to keep a close eye on every step of the process ensuring high quality.  The main objectives at Magtech Ammunition are to provide shooting enthusiasts with a product that is both reliable and affordable round after round.  By combining high quality materials, the best manufacturing techniques, and highly advanced equipment, Magtech Ammunition is able to deliver on their promised high standards.


Where Magtech Ammo Is Manufactured

Magtech Ammunition is manufactured in the CBC factory in Brazil and is distributed in the US through their distribution center located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Magtech Ammo For Sale:

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Calibers Offered By Magtech Ammo

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Magtech Ammo is rated 4.67
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