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Ulyanovsk Ammo Review

Ulyanovsk Ammo Review

Ulyanovsk Ammo Information

Located in Ulyanovsk, a city in Russia, Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works manufactures quality ammo in the Ulyanovsk Machine Tool Plant.  Production began in 1917 with a focus on sporting and hunting small arms ammunition.  Over time, Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works has risen to the top of the ranks among their Russian enterprise competitors.

Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works aims to please their customers so customer satisfaction is a high priority for their staff.  Ulyanovsk meets the highest quality standards with all of their products while also focusing on production speed and accuracy.  Citizens of the U.S. and well as customers in Europe and South America use Ulyanovsk ammo for their shooting and hunting needs.

The key location of Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works in Ulyanovsk, Russia is within close proximity to the bank of the Volga River which allows for easy transportation of their product by means of main roads, railways, and the international airport in Ulyanovsk.


Where Ulyanovsk Ammo Is Manufactured

Ulyanovsk Ammunition is manufactured at the Ulyanovsk Machine Tool Plant located in Ulyanovsk, Russia.


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Calibers Offered By Ulyanovsk Ammo

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