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#1 Buck

Buckshot refers to shotgun ammo that uses pellets that are considered to be too large to pour into the shell casing and must be added more carefully to ensure that each shell contains the correct number of pellets. Pellet sizes are numbered with lower numbers designating larger shot diameter.

For instance, #1 buckshot pellets are larger than #2 buckshot pellets. Pellets that are larger than #1 buckshot are designated using zeros, and the more zeros, the larger the pellets. For example, 00 (pronounced double aught) buckshot pellets are larger than 0 (pronounced single aught) buckshot pellets.

#1 buckshot pellets have a diameter of .30 inches or 7.6mm. The number of pellets that can be loaded into a shotgun shell varies depending on the shotgun gauge being loaded, the length of the shell, the size of the wadding used, how much powder is used, and other factors.

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