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Frangible Bullets

Frangible rounds are rounds in which the projectile is designed to disintegrate into small particles upon impact to minimize their penetration. This is primarily for range safety, to limit environmental impact, or reduce or limit the danger behind a potential target. These are often used by shooters engaged in CQC training (close quarter combat); to minimize the risk of ricochets. Typically frangible rounds are made of non-toxic metals, and frequently used on ranges where they want to reduce the use of lead rounds, outdoor ranges, or ranges that are transitioning to be "green" ranges (environmental friendly).

Frangible bullets are usually composed of composite materials that are pressed together with an adhesive material or formed under high pressure into a “solid” bullet shape. These rounds tend to be lighter and faster than standard ammunition as they are much less dense than a standard lead core bullet.

There are a growing number of frangible round choices for defensive use as more shooters look to avoid over-penetration and collateral damage. These defensive frangible bullets will also work very well for short range training and have the added benefit of not over penetrating soft targets.

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