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Nosler Partition Bullets

The story goes that John Nosler was hunting moose in 1946 and got fed up with ammo that either over-penetrated or broke up on expansion, failing to give a good kill result. So he set about designing the best expanding-slug hunting round he could, resulting in the Nosler Partition.

The bullet features 2 lead cores, one above the other, surrounded by a copper jacket and divided by a solid copper wall; the lead tip is exposed. The idea is that the upper half of the bullet mushrooms quickly, but in a controlled manner defined by the ever-thickening jacket, until it reaches the solid copper wall, where the expansion stops. The lower half of the bullet retains the kinetic energy to keep the whole slug moving, thus creating a maximum width and depth wound channel. The Nosler Partition is recognized world-wide as a fine hunting round and is available in many calibers.

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