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Steel Cased Ammo

Steel Cases are becoming increasingly popular due to the rising costs of copper and the advances in the coating used to keep the steel from rusting. The older lacquer coating has been replaced with a polymer coating that has solved any issues with the cases gumming up the cylinder. Modern Steel Cased Ammo is non-Corrosive and if the ammunition is Corrosive (quite rare now but found in older military surplus) it will be marked and can be used but the firearm will need to be cleaned after use. Steel cases do not cause any harm to your firearm due to the steel that is used is softer than the extractor it is coming in contact with. The savings over brass cases will pay for the cost of the gun over time.

Most of the steel cased ammunition that you will run across is manufactured in Russia or foreign military surplus, but American ammunition manufacturers are using Steel Cases now also. Steel Cases have been used by the US Armed Forces in training ammunition. Steel Cases are a great way to shoot more without having to pay the higher cost for brass cased ammo.

Steel Cased ammo is also easy to clean up; simply find an old speaker magnet and tie it to a rope or stick and you can pick up your spent cases on the range without having to bend over. Steel cased ammunition is not regularly reloaded due to the majority of steel cased ammo being berdan primed.

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