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Small Pistol Primed Ammo

Be sure that you reference your reloading manual before using any primers to ensure safe reloading. 

Small Pistol Primers are the most commonly used primer due variety of calibers that SPP are used in.  Any pistol ammunition that is equal to or smaller than the 40 S&W uses Small Pistol Primers.  The Small in Small Pistol Primers denotes the .175” diameter of the Primer.  Small Pistol Primers are less powerful than the rifle counterparts, due to the smaller cartridge used and the smaller amount of powder in pistol loads.  While Small Pistol Primers are the same size as Small Rifle Primers; they are not interchangeable with one another due to the stronger explosive power of the SRP.  Small Pistol Primers can sometimes even be seen in .45ACP. 

Small Pistol Primers

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